Monday, October 5, 2015

Preparing for Baby

Let me start off by reminding you I am due one month from today! One month!
Wow! Can you even imagine??? I'm having a hard time believing our little baby boy is almost here. Finally!
Good thing I got my butt into gear this weekend and started crossing off a bunch of items from my 'to do before baby arrives' list.
Since it's Monday, let me bore you with another weekend update. (I think that’s all I'm really providing these days.... weekend updates and weekly bump updates.)
Friday it rained and rained and along with the rain came a wonderful cold front. I LOVED it! Please come back soon! Today the high was 82 and I hate these warm temperatures. My body already feels overheated due to pregnancy... I don’t need more heat to make me feel worse. And that’s what it is going to be all week long too. Blah!
Because of the rain, Friday we stayed home and I read and ordered some items online. We bought our baby boy a new dresser online from Toys R Us. It was $650 - on clearance for $100. I'm hoping it is nice. Supposed to weigh 200 pounds which makes me think it must be real wood. I ordered 2 additional ones for our bedroom. I figure if they aren’t nice I should be able to either return them or sell them for the same price. I am already trying to sell the one I bought him which I painted blue, but so far, no takers. Maybe $75 is asking too much? I'll give it a few days before lowering the price. I was hoping to recoup what I paid plus what I put into with paint and time.
Saturday, I spent the morning organizing my son's room. It is starting to come together. Because I know we are moving, I haven’t hung anything on the wall even though I would love to do just that, but I figure why put the hole in the wall just to take it down soon. Besides adding personality on the walls, I actually feel like it is almost done which is a wonderful feeling when before I just felt overwhelmed when I looked in there.  It's looking great now!
That evening we went to Blaze for dinner. Yum! Followed by shopping at Target and Kroger. I had wanted to go to Target to get some of the baby items I need right now in case baby boy comes early. So I printed a 15% off registry coupon meant for a friend or family member, pulled my registry up on my phone and headed to the baby aisle. I already knew what I was buying so I figured this would be quick. Nope, I was wrong. The first three items I looked at were cheaper online. I kept looking at my phone and then the item ensuring I was looking at the same thing. I was. Because of this, I decided to just do my purchase online that evening when we got home. Why waste my coupon on a few items when I could get them all online? I don’t understand how the store is more expensive than their own website. Yes, I could have gone to customer service and had them price match, but I simply couldn’t be bothered. It was easier just to order online. I should have known better. The only downside is now I have to wait for them to come in the mail. And as of this exact moment, only one item has shipped.
Side note - having a Target card is WELL worth it between the 5% off all purchases and free shipping. Just make sure you remember to pay it off each month if you get one. Interest rate is HIGH!
After walking around Kroger I was exhausted. I noticed my movements kept getting slower and slower as we shopped for food. This part of pregnancy sucks! I'm not even sure how I drove us home. I should have asked Matt to drive. But I am stubborn and always prefer to drive when I have the opportunity. But guess what? Once home, I was up until midnight searching the web looking for the best deals on everything I needed/wanted. At least I was able to get my Target purchase completed.
Sunday I woke to the intoxicating smell of cooking bacon. No wonder Michael Scott cooked it on his George Foreman each morning. You know, until he burned his foot.  LOL! (If you don’t watch 'The Office' you won't get the joke.)
The number one goal of the day got accomplished - bases/carrier got installed into both cars. Whoo hoo! In the event our little guy decides to grace us with his presence a little early, at least we can now take him home from the hospital. The directions were a bit confusing... thank goodness for YouTube videos. The lady in the video was very informative and to the point. After watching the video, Matt had both those suckers installed in no time. We are keeping the carrier in my car in case we need to just leave one day or if while at an appointment they make me stay. At least we are 100% ready on this front. I have a mirror for my car... too bad my headrest doesn't accommodate it. I am going to see if they have a different one I can exchange it for. Without it, I won't be able to see my baby boy while driving. I jokingly told Matt I would need one of those creeper mirrors you see on TV that's on a stick and used when a guy is looking under the bathroom stall at some poor unsuspecting woman. Ha ha ha!!! I have no idea where you would buy one though. Let's hope I can find what I need without resorting to that method.
Because we were both feeling lazy and I needed to go to Wal-Mart for more thank you cards (I wrote about 25 - talk about a cramped hand!), we decided to eat dinner at Arby's. Those stupid curly fries are delicious! And Wyatt sure enjoyed the roast beef we gave him. He gobbled it up! Before last week, why had we not ate there for years? I have no clue. It is yummy!
Afterwards, I took bath number 2 of the day and finished up another book. I will miss reading once our baby boy is here, but he is well worth the sacrifice.
As for today, while at work, I logged into our insurance website and noticed they are going to reimburse our breast pump at the full amount we paid - $216. YAY! I am extremely happy with this news. Yes, I had called twice before buying it to verify it would be covered, but I was a little hesitant. I was thinking I would be even more happy once I have the check in hand ready to be deposited into the bank. And guess what? I got home and there it was on the table. Awesome!
I also ordered our baby 2 giant boxes of Huggies size 1 diapers. They are for size 8-14 pounds. I bought them both on for a steal of a deal of $10 something on my account and $13 something on Matt's account. Thank you Amazon Mom for the 50% off deal and the $3 off coupon on my account. I'm all for a good deal.
The bad news of the day... I forgot my phone at home. It was brutal! Keep in mind I am from the generation where I have had a cell phone since the age of 16. That’s almost half my life! I can't remember a time when I didn’t have one. I was bored out of my mind without having access to check my email and the websites I frequent throughout the day. I did look at a lot of stuff on my work computer, but I don’t feel comfortable reading blogs there. Plus, I missed my few texts with my husband. I felt like I hadn’t talked to him all day (with the exception of our usual 10 minute chit chat on his lunch break). Sure made my day drag. I will be double checking I have it with me tomorrow.

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