Saturday, October 3, 2015

Mini Cold Day Photo Shoot

Spoiler - these were the best 2 pictures out of the nine my husband took today. It was cold, cloudy and windy. But I didn't want to waste the balloons from my baby shower. Sadly, epic fail with the weather cooperating and somehow the lightening as well. Go freaking figure!
I did get a nice picture of me and my favorite little furry guy.
Too bad the balloons are overexposed. This picture will probably look better in black and white. I'll have to find out later when I am more motivated.

Here's me and my baby boy at 35+2.
I'm looking HUGE!!!
I'm wearing the one and only sweater I have bought for this pregnancy. I got it at Kohl's for $6 which was 90% off. I purchased it when I first found out I was pregnant in hopes that I would be able to wear at least once or twice before my baby boy graced us with his presence. I simply could not pass it by at that price.
Next weekend, when I have my mom take some  maternity pictures of me and my husband, I think I'll wear this sweater. This will be along with another outfit or two which I have already picked out. I have also thought of the locations I would like to have these pictures taken. I am thinking an open field, an old barn in the woods and maybe near a cave. Maybe not the last place though. We'll see.
Today was a good day to wear the sweater what with the cooler temperatures. Tomorrow, the temperature is supposed to go back to the low 70's. I'm gonna miss the cooler weather but I am looking forward to having normal fall temperatures for a little longer before we get to the actual cool fall weather.
We have a list of outdoor items to accomplish that neither one of us want to do while it is cold.

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