Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Baby Shower #3 (aka Tennessee Baby Shower)

My mom's friend and her daughter sure know how to throw a festive baby shower. Red wagon themed and all.
Check out some of the decorations:

No games (thankfully - those get old quick to me), but we did decorate some onesies which I loved and will show you in just a minute.
There are more, but I am not revealing my son's name so I can't show you those ones.
Guests were:
My mom
My grandma
My mother-in-law
My sister-in-law
Amber (friend from 6th grade and on)
Maggie (friend from my first 'real' job)
Karen, my mom's BF (she hosted at her house)
Amanda (co-hosted, daughter to Karen)
Honestly, I am glad it was small and intimate. Those are always better since you have more time to talk to everyone and I don’t feel anyone gets left out. At least, I hope no one felt left out. I really did try talking to everyone. And I think I did a decent job at introducing everyone. I'm not usually good at that part of things.
Can I just say our little boy is beyond spoiled?
He got so much stuff once again! We are very fortunate. I know not everyone has such caring family, friends and co-workers as we clearly have in our lives. I am very grateful for everything given to us and all the love shown to us and our baby boy.
Check it all out:

I couldn’t even fit everything into one picture!
This doesn’t even include the clothes Amanda gave me from her son (he was born last November).
My mother-in-law quilted the blanket and changing pads & my friend, Maggie, made the giraffe stuffed animals and burp cloths. Very unique gifts my son will hopefully get a lot of use out of and enjoy.
I am very happy he received so many books. I am hoping he will love being read to when he is a little guy and then hopefully he enjoys reading as he grows. I want him to be a little book worm like his mommy. If he is, I will have a hard time denying him books when we are at the store. I need to get him hooked on the library as soon as possible. Don't worry, I already have big plans. Too bad I won't be able to take him to story time during the day. Stupid bills forcing me to work. :(

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