Saturday, October 3, 2015

Baby Shower #2

Friday (yesterday), brought me my second baby shower - this time with my current teammates. Even the guys participated this round. :)
Previously, one of my bosses had asked me to pick two possible dates for a baby shower. I picked the past two Fridays. (Hint #1 that a baby shower was going to be yesterday since the first Friday had already past.) The lady in front of me and the lady behind me were collecting money, but never asked me for anything. (Hint #2)
So even before going into work I was already suspecting today was the day. I was nervous once more, but again, it was for nothing. I had a fun time celebrating with everyone. Everyone seemed to have a lot of fun as well.

Back to yesterday... I arrived at work to find my entire workspace decorated in blue and 'It's a Boy'. I was touched! Very sweet of them!
By lunchtime, Subway platters had arrived, cake, soda, chips and fruit.
And by 11:30, about 20 people had gathered around my workspace.

We played two baby shower games - a word scramble and guess how big my belly currently is.  
Next up, present time! They even allowed me to stay in my seat and brought the gifts to me. This is the part were I am always a bit shy/nervous. And this time, I had an even bigger audience. 
 Check out everything my son scored:
Not pictured is a gift card from my immediate group. My family has been very blessed by the generosity of the people around us once more. I am extremely grateful of my fellow co-workers and all they have given us. And to think, I have only worked with these people for a year and for them to be so kind with us is just truly amazing. I hope they know how much I appreciate them.

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