Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Another Weekend Gone By

Have I mentioned how much I enjoy Mondays when I am off? I'm sure I have. Because why wouldn't I like a Monday off? Yesterday was one of those Mondays. My poor husband had to work, but that allowed me time to get some stuff done around the house without being distracted.
I am getting ahead of myself on this weekend recap though... Let me start at the beginning...
Friday evening - I am drawing a blank. Yep, no clue what I did.
Saturday morning we woke, ate breakfast and hung around the house waiting on the mail. My husband said the mail usually comes around 11AM so I didn’t mind waiting around for my Target packages before leaving for Tennessee. (Didn't want to chance leaving them on the front porch all weekend.) Only, 11 came and slowly turned to 12 and then turned to 1PM and now I was getting annoyed. I drove around the neighborhood in hopes of finding her and asking for my packages.  Found her in the very back of the neighborhood and she gave me my packages after looking at my id. Well guess what? I went back to the house to get Matt and next thing I know, there she is. *Sigh* I could have saved my gas and time looking for her had I of waited another 15 minutes. But how was I to know she would be coming around the corner within minutes of me hunting her down?
While we had waited we went and bought a $5 changing table from a lady who was having a yard sale. It looked like it was in better condition online, but I figure it is nothing Matt can't tighten (the screws) and a can or two of spray paint can't fix. I'm still debating on the color. We also treated ourselves to one doughnut each. Yum!
Once in Tennessee we just hung out with Matt's mom and sister while watching 3 (yes, THREE) football games. I'm sure you can imagine how much fun that was for me. Thank goodness for my iPad. Dinner was Popeye's which I picked. I was craving some mashed potatoes with gravy. (Maybe craving is the wrong word. I was hankering for some mashed potatoes and gravy.) Matt's sister brought dessert/snack from her home area which was a Reece's caramel apple. Delicious! I'm going to be putting in apple requests each time I see her. This place has a whole page of different apples available. (We also had an apple pie apple.)

Sunday we had breakfast at my mom's house. My mom was nice enough to meet us at a local park afterwards to take some maternity pictures of us. I am WAY too frugal to pay someone else to do this for me. Easy enough to edit them to my liking.
Once picture time was over, Matt  left with Wyatt to go back to his mom's house and my mom and I had a few places to go before my baby shower. While out, I had heard from my friend, Amber, who was stuck in traffic on the interstate (for 4 hours in the end!) and then we heard from my grandparents who ended up being in the same traffic. Luckily, they were able to get off the interstate so we went and met them where they were in order to lead them to my mom's house.
I won't write about my lovely baby shower in this post, but my baby shower was from 2-5PM and was great!
Right afterwards, Matt came to my mom's to pick me up and move everything to our car. We took a few quick pictures with everyone since it isn't often we see my grandparents and then we were on the road home. We needed to leave because my husband had to work on Monday. We didn’t even get home until 9PM and by the time we ate dinner and had the car unloaded, it was close to 10 before we were in bed. My poor husband was very tired yesterday since he has to wake by 4AM in order to get ready and be on time to work.
As for me on Monday, I had a list of things I wanted to accomplish. Ya, I barely put a dent in that list. Stupid swollen feet and slow moving body! And that was with me waking at 6:30AM for some unknown reason. I think I couldn’t sleep because I knew how much I needed and wanted to get done. Oh well. I had intentions to take a nap but never felt sleepy enough to do it.
I started off my morning watching Pitch Perfect 2 - it was due and I hadn’t gotten around to watching it yet. Let me just say, the first one was SO MUCH BETTER! I won't watch this one again. I almost feel like I wasted 2 hours of my time.
I got all the laundry washed and put away.
Vacuumed the whole house.
Mopped the kitchen, living room and hallway floors.
Fully cleaned one (my) bathroom.
Cleaned kitchen.
Started organizing our son's room.
Downloaded pictures from my camera.
Marinated pork chops for Matt to grill.
Doesn't sound like a whole bunch, but it really was. I even had time for a bath while Matt took an afternoon nap.
He cooked dinner and I delayed him going to the gym because I had someone coming over at 6 who was purchasing a dresser I was selling (I bought our son a different one). Keeping in mind I am pregnant, Matt and I removed all the drawers and we got it out front around 5:30... he did most of the lifting (it's a very solid wood dresser). 6 came and went and the guy emailed me saying he was going to be 20 minutes late. Okay, no big deal. I didn’t hear from him again until 6:40 asking if someone was here to help load it. I ignored the question and asked him if he was almost here. He said it was going to be another 30 minutes. I wrote him back and said I was moving on to the next person since he didn’t show up at our scheduled time of 6 and then 6:20 and I didn’t have time to wait around all evening. That guy had the nerve to ask me if that meant I was not selling to him and then proceeded to tell me he was in traffic. Ya, I don’t think so. And if that was the case, we could have told me that from the beginning. At this point, it was 7PM. Matt carried that entire dresser by himself back up the stairs and into the house and not a minute too early... it started POURING! I highly doubt that guy would have even shown up. Side note - I had lowered my price by $10 for him from $50 to $40. What a jackass!
I have already emailed the next person waiting for it. Hope she comes and gets it today... I want it out of my house. Plus, she never asked for a lower price so I should get my asking price of $50.
This is why I hate selling anything! Always ends up being a pain!
At this point, I felt a little bad because Matt decided to skip the gym because we still needed to grocery shop since we weren’t home over the weekend to do it. Skipped the gym for nothing! *Sigh* He claims he wasn’t mad, but I hate derailing him when I know he tries very hard to work out. Kroger was a quick trip at least. Still spent more than I wanted, but what you going to do? Groceries are not cheap!
And now we are back to Tuesday. At least I only have a four day work week. I am in the process of making a new to do list for everything I want/need to accomplish this week. We are getting closer and closer to our little guy making an appearance and I KNOW I won't have time/motivation to do anything once he graces us with his presence.
Only 23 days left until his due date! I am beginning to get a little nervous about the labor part.

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