Monday, October 19, 2015

All Last Minute Items Have Been Purchased

17 more days until my little guy's expected due date! I am doubtful he will come on the exact date (in fact, I hope he doesn’t come early in the day because I just scheduled my husband a doctor appointment on this day - he can come any day before, in the evening of this day or any day after), but it is a nice feeling to be counting down until we might get to meet him. Now that I am getting towards the end, it feels like time is going by extremely quickly. Too quickly. Almost. I keep thinking 'next time we are here we will have a baby' and 'next time we do this we will have a baby'. It's very surreal at this point for me. And as each weekend passes, it is possible this is our last weekend just the two of us plus Wyatt Earp.
I can't help but wonder how Wyatt is going to react to the newest person in our family. Will he even notice him? If he does notice him, will he act out because he is jealous? I have a hard time believing he will be jealous since he is so high maintenance and needs us for everything therefore will still get plenty of attention, but you never really know. I realize he is just a dog, but he has been my baby since the 7th grade when my mom brought him home. Sure, he latched on to our other dog and by default latched on to me, but we have still been through so much together. Every first in my life since that moment has been experienced with him. The scariest thing I ever did - moving 3 hours away for a job - was just me and him. He was my comfort through it all. Lots of history between us two. I'm probably overreacting. It will be okay. Tell me he will be okay?
This past weekend Matt and I accomplished a whole bunch of stuff while spending way too much money. Whoa! I don’t even want to scare you with the amount of money we spent. Very unlike us!
Friday, I picked up Papa Murphy's for dinner on the way home - a craving I had been having for a few days. On Fridays you can get certain one topping pizzas for $5.
Before leaving work I had made a somewhat expensive purchase on Amazon consisting of several baby items with my 15% off completion coupon. Once home, I organized my little guy's room some more by filling up his dresser and we FINALLY got the blue dresser sold for $45. Glad it is gone and out of my house! To relax, I took a long leisurely bath and continued reading afterwards in bed. If I am remembering correctly, I read the entire book front to back (so to speak) on my Kindle app. It was a very peaceful evening!
Saturday, Matt made omelets with potatoes for breakfast. I LOVE when he adds potatoes! Makes everything taste better. We waited around all morning for the Safe Lite guy to come fix the crack in my windshield. We were quoted a time range of 8-12PM. He called or texted Matt 30 minutes before his arrival and showed up just after noon. At least he was done in like 30 minutes. Window looks good too. I could have gotten some stuff done while we waited, but I chose to be a lazy bum. I am rationalizing it by telling myself I won't have many more morning where I'll be able to once our baby is born.  
After eating lunch and showering, we headed out to look at a few vehicles. We ended up buying one. We bought a new to us 2009 Ford Escape. We were a little hesitant buying an 'as is' vehicle, but price was a giant factor in making this decision. We didn’t want another car payment and this will be a good vehicle for us as long as it lasts 5 years. With our trade-in and the cash we had been scrimping and saving, no financing was needed. YAY! Was a great feeling to walk away knowing we owed no one anything. The inside looks very well taken care of... the outside had a bunch of dents and dings... part of our purchase agreement was they are going to buff out and re-paint the back bumper. Matt dropped it off today after work. Hope it comes back looking new. We will still need to get the front bumper fixed or replaced (paint is chipped badly), but after that, the vehicle will look great!
After Matt dropped it off today, he called to tell me about the rental vehicle they gave him... they brought around a Mini Cooper, but Matt couldn’t drive it because it was a stick shift. So he tells me they brought out a different vehicle.
Conversation went something like this:
Matt: So they bring out a Chevy Silverado Truck....
Me: Okay.
Matt: ... a red Chevy Silverado Truck.
Me: ...ooookkkayyyy.... (not really knowing why the color was important).
Matt: Our truck!
Me: Ohhhhh!!!
LOL! His rental car for the day is the truck we JUST traded in. I think that was lucky! At least he is already familiar with the vehicle AND we were both just 'complaining' about trading in the truck with an almost full tank of gas. Now is Matt's opportunity to use a little bit of it. How crazy is it that he got his old truck to use though? I think it is kinda funny.
Because we spent several hours at the two different dealerships, dinner was a quick meal at Chick-fil-a. YUMMY! My favorite!!! I will never complain about eating here. :)
We rushed home right after because we had left Wyatt loose and had been gone much longer then we had anticipated. Oops! (He isn’t very good at holding his bladder these days.) We fed and hung with him a bit before heading out to Walmart to make a return and Kroger to grocery shop.
Sunday I purchased all last minute items online from Target for our little boy. Bought him nine size 1 boxes of diapers along with everything else we needed to purchase. Was a very good deal since they were giving gift cards after spending over $150 in baby products and $20 gift cards for each set of 3 participating boxes of diapers purchased. I figure if I over bought on the sizes I can always exchange them for the next size up as needed.
I wanted to rest before my Monday appointment which made it important for us to do all our running around earlier in the day. We went shopping at Target, Trader Joe's, Sam's and Kohl's. More groceries were purchased and Matt desperately needed some jeans. Because we had a coupon for buy 1 get 1 sub at Penn Station (unlike us to eat out so many times in a weekend), we chose to eat there opposed to somewhere else. Again, I wasn’t complaining... this is our favorite sandwich shop.
We were back at home with plenty of time for us to relax, meal prep, cook dinner and clean the kitchen. I took a 1.5 hour nap - very wonderful - and another long bath with a good book. At this rate, I am going to need some more bubbles ASAP.
Today has been a VERY busy day! Not to mention I barely got 2 hours of sleep last night. I alternated between tossing and turning and having to pee all night. And I was tired before getting into bed! Not sure why I couldn’t sleep. Kept looking at the clock thinking about how much sleep I could still get if I fell asleep right now. *Sigh*
I had to be at work by 6:30AM opposed to 7AM today since I was getting off at 12:30 for a doctor appointment. Those 30 minutes make a HUGE difference.
My appointment was at 2PM and I got lucky... arrived at 1:20 and was on my way home around 2. Always nice when I don’t have to wait around wasting my time. Blood pressure was normal this visit at 130/80, lost 2.2 pounds since last Thursday, no protein in my pee and no change with my baby's progress in reference to dilation and my cervix. All in all, a great visit! She wants me to still come back on Thursday though and I am hoping my good news continues.
And now, here I am at home blogging and getting a few things done around the house until it is time for me to leave for my girl's night out painting project. More on that tomorrow.
Oh... look what was waiting for me when I got home:
Our stroller! (Thanks mom!)
Because I am posting this on Tuesday opposed to Monday when I mostly wrote this post, you can see while I was gone, my wonderful husband assembled the stroller and the bouncer. Everything is now put together waiting on our baby boy.

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