Thursday, October 8, 2015

36 Weeks

How far along: 36 weeks
Fruit-size comparison: Honeydew
Length is: Roughly the same as the last 2 weeks.
Weight is: Somewhere around 6 pounds... no wonder my stomach feels so heavy!
Developmental milestones: If you were to be born today, you should be able to breath on your own. Just a slight chance you might not be able to do this though. However, you could have issues with feeding and sucking. (Wait at least 1 more week to come greet us I'd rather you not be on a feeding tube.) Your sense of hearing, touch and taste have all become much clearer. You should know mommy's voice by now and maybe daddy's since you hear him often. I talk a mile a minute most the day so I would be shocked if you didn’t know mine.
Weight gain: Ya, I'm done answering this question. No comment.
Sleep: Off and on. One night I'll sleep great and the next I'm up 12 times to pee and some of those nights I have issues falling back to sleep. On those nights, I usually get up and rock in my chair. It soothes me. Maybe it will sooth you too. Good thing we already have a swing for you. I just need to replace the cord that I accidently gave to Goodwill. Good things they only cost about $16 online.
Best moment of the week: Last Friday was pretty great when I saw my office desk all decorated and then we later had a baby shower luncheon. Let's not forget how excited I got when I saw your bassinet had come in the mail. And then I put it together last night ALL BY MYSELF!!! Okay, truth... daddy helped with one screw because I couldn’t get it lined up correctly. But besides that teeny tiny amount of help, I followed the directions and got it together myself. I am still proud of my accomplishment. I KNEW I could do it! And it is even cuter then it had looked on the internet. We are gonna keep it in your room until you actually get her and then we will place it beside my side of the bed for easy access to you. You dresser also came in today. Poor daddy had to get it (and two others) out of truck and into the house alone.
Movement: All sorts of movements. Much more intense, but not painful. You sure know how to push down on my bladder and make me need to pee instantly even if I had just gone pee - that part is a bit annoying... especially while I am at work. You continue to have the hiccups about twice a day. Daddy had felt you several times too.
Cravings: Still all things not healthy for me. *Sigh* I want to lose weight after your birth so hopefully I quit having all of these cravings.
Gender: You're a BOY!!!
Belly button in or out: In
Wedding ring: On
Anything making you queasy/sick: I only feel slightly ill when I feel hot.
What I miss: Sleeping through the night - on my belly - and not having to constantly pee.
What I'm looking forward to: Being done with pregnancy. Although I enjoy feeling and seeing you move, I am just ready to be done with this part and have you here with us.
Labor signs: None... when I was checked today, I am 0 cm dilated, my cervix is high but you are definitely head down.
Symptoms: Swollen feet, constant need to pee, TONS of stretch marks on my stomach especially on my lower stomach where you seem to be laying.
Nursery: I FINALLY made progress in here last weekend! I hope to have it all done in 2 weeks. That's my goal and I think I can accomplish it with no issues. I almost have everything you need. I am going to order the last of the items we need either on Sunday or Monday and then just sit back and enjoy seeing everything. Very exciting!
Emotions: At the moment, I'm hot which makes me feel a bit annoyed. I'm torn between wanting you here now and going until closer to my due date. Did you know elephants are pregnant for 2 years? Poor elephants!

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