Thursday, October 1, 2015

35 Weeks

How far along: 35 weeks
Fruit-size comparison: Coconut (Looking up these fruit-sized comparisons are a waste of time... I'll continue on at this point, but never again.)
Length is: You will no longer grow taller; you will now be concentrating on gaining weight.
Weight is: Somewhere around 5.5 pounds and you will continue to gain about half a pound each week.
Developmental milestones: You have completed all your basic developments for survival outside my womb with the exception of your lungs. Your lungs still need some more time to fully mature. You are having intense brain growth learning movements and correlation skills. I read I should make sure I am keeping up my DHA intake. I will eat some salmon this weekend to help add even more. I want you to be a strong and healthy baby boy - both physically and mentally.
Weight gain: Haven't been weighed this week. I'll know more on October 8th at my next doctor appointment. This is also the start of me having weekly appointments.
Sleep: Sometimes good and sometimes bad. Prior to pregnancy, I never really remembered my dreams. Now, I am remembering several a night. One I had on Tuesday night was SCARY! I dreamed I had to walk barefoot from next door to my house and the ground was covered in snakes. Oh, and I was holding Wyatt Earp in my arms and I realized he would not be going outside for a long time (why this last part was important, I don’t know). I think I made it, but I am unsure. I was scared to fall back asleep afterwards. I assume I did eventually because I did wake to my alarm going off. When I told daddy about the nightmare, he told me I should have thrown Wyatt and ran for it. Ya, I would never do that. You are my first human baby, but he was my first fur baby and we have been through a lot just the two of us before I was even married.


Best moment of the week: I am enjoying you moving around in my tummy while I am at work. It is a nice distraction from my boring tasks that I would much rather ignore.
Movement: You move all the time, little guy. Luckily, you seem to sleep through the night with me. Maybe this is an indication of how you'll be once born? Would be awesome if you are a good night sleeper. Just saying!
Cravings: Sweets - ice cream and candy. Yum!
Gender: You're a BOY!!!
Belly button in or out: In
Wedding ring: On
Anything making you queasy/sick: No, but I felt a bit ill on Wednesday morning. Not sure why. I am thinking I was mostly tired. Plus, I had forgotten to take my vitamin and fish oils the last few days... maybe it was affecting me and you? I was sure to start taking them again on Wednesday evening. Oops!
What I miss: I miss my feet not being in pain due to tightness from the swollenness. I miss not having to pee a million times a day. And I miss being able to sleep on my stomach.
What I'm looking forward to: At the moment, sleeping on my stomach. Of course, I am still looking forward to meeting you. That’s the number one moment I am looking forward to.
Labor signs: None and I hope it remains this way for at least a few more weeks.
Symptoms: Swollen feet, frequent peeing, weight gain, stretch marks, tiredness and shortness of breath. All normal signs of pregnancy. I haven't had any of the acid reflux I experienced last week which makes me inclined to believe I might have ate something that didn’t agree with my stomach.
Nursery: My goal is to accomplish a bunch of items on my to do list this weekend. Of course, that is contingent on how badly my feet hurt. With only 5 weeks (assuming you come on time) until your arrival date, I am starting to feel the pressure of getting everything completed. I want you to come home to a move in ready nursery even though you will be staying in our room in the beginning. Which, for the record, I did order your bassinet today.
Emotions: I'm all over the map - I feel overwhelmed one minute, tired the next, happy over your impending arrival and then tired all over again. I guess my number one emotion is being sleepy all the time. I feel like I never get enough. It is getting harder and harder to wake up and go to work. However, I hate to use any of my vacation or sick time prior to you arriving unless I have to (such as doctor appointments). I would much rather use my time off with you opposed to doing nothing at home on a random weekday.

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