Tuesday, September 15, 2015

We Made Our Own 3 Day Weekend

Friday I had my doctor appointment to re-check my blood pressure and urine due to Tuesday's results showing slightly elevated blood pressure levels and protein in my urine. Well, good news, my blood pressure was taken twice and appeared normal and my urine only showed a trace of protein which is also normal.
Thank goodness! Talk about a relief! My next appointment is on the 22nd and I am hoping to have positive results again. I'm trying to eat a little better (no everyday M&M's for me) to help this process. Had my Tdap shot while there... can honestly say I didn't feel it even go in my arm. It did bleed and bruise though. And it became sore within 30 minutes which is CRAZY fast!
I had intentions of getting my eyebrows waxed and a pedicure done after my appointment, but I opted to go home. I had been stressing all day and felt a bit tired. I just wanted a bath and my iPad to read a good book. Mission accomplished. To 'celebrate', we went to Kroger and each got a pint of Ben and Jerry's. I had yummy Chunky Monkey!
Saturday, Matt and I did some cleaning around the house and mostly just hung out with a lazy day. The weather was gorgeous outside so we had several of our windows open to allow the cool breeze inside. I love this type of weather! (We had almost 3 days like this - it reached 75 degrees yesterday afternoon forcing me to turn the air on.) It wasn’t until dinner time that we even left the house. We went to Chick-fil-a to use our calendar cards and then headed to Toys R Us, Target, Sam's Club and Kroger.
At Toys R Us, I inquired about exchanging our crib because of the scrape on the headboard... long story short... no stores within 200 miles had it in stock... they could not do an exchange therefore I would lose my sale price of 15% off... I inquired if a manager could order another and just exchange it... was told no... in the end, we received an additional 15% off. I assume this is because she got sick of me complaining. I don't care why, I'm just glad I got it.
I am a satisfied customer. I do think it is stupid they couldn’t exchange it, but had she not of given me the 15% off for the damage, I would have bought a new one and returned the damaged one with the non-discounted price. WAY too much work when they should just be able to exchange it out though. Not my fault it came to me damaged.
At Target, among a few other things, I bought my Medela Pump in Style Advanced breast pump. Our insurance (Blue Cross Blue Shield) is supposed to reimburse us for the cost as long as I fill out the paper work and fax it in with a copy of the receipt. Which I did this morning from work. They should be happy... cost was $269, but I price matched it at for $214.74 AND used my Target card to receive my 5% off. Total after tax was $216. Fingers crossed I have no issues getting my refund. I better not after I saved them about $70. I have no intentions of opening the box or anything until I know my reimbursement has been processed. I'm not expecting any issues though. Prior to buying it, I called twice to make sure I knew the correct process and what all needed to be filled out.
BIG shout out to Target... I had NO issues price matching. I inquired about the process with customer service when we first got there and was told to find the item and bring it to customer service. If they found it on like I had and it met all the expectations, they would price match it. The lady found it right away. Good deal!
I hate that shadow!!
Sunday we decided to spend the day in Cincinnati to make up for the fact we were originally going to spend this weekend in Pensacola, FL. (I cancelled because I was concerned with spending a few hundred dollars before our little guy gets here. Hopefully we get to take him to the beach next summer. I'm going to start saving for it now.)
For lunch we decided to try out a place called Terry's Turf Club based on a blog posting I found while searching things to do/see in the area.
We both thought the atmosphere was fun what with all the neon signs.
The burgers were good although a bit pricey if you added anything extra to yours. ($8.75 each - Matt wanted egg $2 and guacamole $2, but settled without them in an effort to save some money.) Extra $3.50 for onion rings and I only got 6 (yummy batter though) and $2.75 for fries which tasted like they came out of a freezer bag. Cost was $30 but left a little to be desired at that rate. To be fair, Matt and I are very frugal and any $30 meal seems a bit steep to us.

As to what did we do while in the area, we went to the Cincinnati Museum Center which is inside an old train concourse.
Extremely beautiful! I loved the openness of the place.
For about $30 (for us both), we had admission for all three museums - Cincinnati History Museum, Museum of Natural History & Science and the Duke Energy Children's Museum (would have been awesome if we had a child with us, but since we didn’t, we just walked through this museum quickly). We also got admission into the current special exhibit where we got to see one of the original copies of the Declaration of Independence. This particular copy was only signed by John Hancock.

Our last stop of the day was to Jungle Jim's. We had wanted to go to the other location, but our GPS could not find the location so we went to the same store as last time. We spent $25 on junk food to include these yummy cheesecake Kit Kats which were delicious! Japan sure makes some good candy!!!
We would have spent more time here, but 1.) my feet were killing me and 2.) we were starting to feel bad about Wyatt being locked up in his kennel all day.
Once home, I took a bath/read, read in bed, received a lovely foot massage and went to sleep. I was pooped!
Monday, we were both off because we thought we would be on the beach. We did some organizing in Matt's TV room/now the guest bedroom and actually got a bag of stuff to donate out of there. Another day filled with a little cleaning and a lot of relaxing.
Matt did put together our son's crib!!! Told me I was his special little helper!!! And let's be honest, I just sat there and handed him some screws. And when I thanked him for putting it together, he gave me credit for helping even though I really didn’t do anything. He's sweet like that.
I ended my lovely weekend with another bath and good book. The only thing I'll miss once my little guy arrives - reading in the bathtub.  Maybe for a special treat after he's a few months old I can have one night a week in the tub with a good book? I can’t imagine my husband saying no. Perhaps I should ask him now before our baby is here???
Today is Tuesday and I was forced to go to work. Blah! I was about 15 minutes late today. Ahhh!!! I hate when that happens! It's not something I do often because it drives me nuts! I only have myself to blame and the stupid 3 closest lights to my office. I got stopped by all 3! How does that happen? If I hadn’t gotten stopped by all those lights, I would have only been 10 minutes late. Hey, those 5 minutes do make a difference.

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