Monday, September 28, 2015

KY Kingdom 2015

Another weekend has come and gone... and very quickly too if I might add.
Story of my life I suppose.
Doesn’t ever seem to change.
I imagine my weekends will go by even quicker once my little guy is here and I am back at work. *Sigh* Trying not to think of THAT yet.
I have a list of things to complete before my baby arrives and I don’t seem to be checking anything off. Adding to it, yes. But not really removing anything. Maybe I can do something about it  this weekend. I'll make myself a small list of things to do this weekend and maybe a smaller list will allow me to actually get some stuff done. I need to stop procrastinating. It also doesn't help that my feet get swollen and then feel painful. This is when I quit doing everything and lay down in down or take a bath or sit in my chair with my feet propped up.
Enough about that though... I want to discuss this past weekend.
Friday, at work, we had our company organizational day. Always nice to have a free day away from work. Plus, it doesn’t hurt my feelings when they allow us to go home a few hours earlier than normal. In fact, for me, it is my favorite part of the whole thing. Afterwards, I went home and relaxed in the tub with a book. Hey, in my defense, my feet were very swollen. Besides, who wants to pass up the opportunity to relax in the tub? Not me. I bet not you either if given the opportunity. Am I right??? Hmmm??? Admit it!
I was in bed reading by 8 and I think I fell asleep by 8:30. My husband woke me right before my mom and her husband were expected to arrive at our house. I'm sure I wasn’t the most polite person. But, it was after 10 when they arrived. They really can't expect a very pleasant pregnant person at that hour. Don't you agree?
Yes, I am a goober!
And yes, I thought this was funny!
Saturday was Kentucky Kingdom Day! My mom got us all tickets and we had some fun in the park. My husband got to ride some rides while I watched. We did manage to ride the Ferris Wheel together. (Was the only ride I rode.) He found that to be the scariest ride though. LOL! At some point, my mom and I had our feet in the wave pool. I wish it had been a bit warmer to go swimming. I love swimming. One day I WILL have a pool... just not in this house.
I managed to eat a yummy bowl of Dip n' Dots and shared a plate of loaded nachos with my husband.
Because my feet were swollen and my husband claimed he was done riding rides after being beat up by a wooded roller coaster, we left around 3:30. I took a much needed nap once home. My mom brought us back a funnel cake. Very sweet of her!
We finished the evening off with dinner at Tumbleweed where we had terrible service and mediocre food (Matt's piece of chicken was tiny and hidden under a bed of onions - in hindsight, should have sent it back). Very few tables were occupied in the place so not sure why we had such slow service. That was my first and last time going there.
Sunday, after my mom and her husband left, we went to Wal-Mart and Kroger for everything we needed for the week. I bought and filled out my 'Thank You' cards for the people from my baby shower and the people who have already given us gifts. It took me a long time because I wanted to make sure I wrote a small personal messages thanking each person for their generous gift(s). I messed up one card which annoyed me. I kept it though and figure I'll just put it in his baby book along with the list of items he received from everyone. They are very pretty cards after all. Too bad they only had one pack of 20 available. I'm hoping to find another pack of the same ones. I love the sparkles on them! Very pretty and very me!  
And now we are back to Monday. Blah! At least at this point the work day is over and I am now posting this from my bed with my little Wyatt Earp next to me. He's sleeping - big surprise there I am sure. After work today, Matt and I decided to head to Target (good deals were to be had, but sadly they were all sold out on what I was wanting) and dinner at Moe's. I don’t plan on going anywhere else this week (besides work, of course, and only because I need to make some money). And this upcoming weekend I need to get a few things done so hopefully we spend a giant chunk of time at home. In fact, I'll make sure we do. We have church and then we can get all our running around done afterwards. Let's hope my feet swell less though. Won't be able to accomplish much if they don't.
Oh - baby boy received a gift from one of the guys on my vanpool... he received a baby outfit and some sippy cups. He did tell me his wife picked out the outfit and he picked out the sippy cups. Very thoughtful of him and his wife!

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