Tuesday, September 22, 2015

How Am I Supposed To Live With No Air

Previously written on 9/15
Around 6PM last night I heard the air conditioner make a weird noise. I didn’t think anything of it until I realized it was kind of warm in my room (I was lying in bed reading). When I walked by the thermostat in our hallway, I noticed it was 2 degrees warmer in the house then what we had it set. Thankfully, Matt hadn’t left for the gym yet and I was able to point it out to him.
Poor guy checked the inside part of the unit. He checked the outside part of the unit. Moved back to the inside unit. Couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t turning on after doing whatever it was he did. He even resorted to asking me to help him by pushing in some black button. Not sure what said button was supposed to do though. Not that it even matters to me.
Sometime around 9 he thought he had it fixed. No such luck. Stupid air conditioner wouldn't turn on.
He needed a HVAC store to get a part. But he has never bought in KY therefore he can't buy the part here. He could either order it online or drive to Tennessee and get it. Neither option looked very good. Neither option gave us air quickly. Plus, it was too late to do anything this late in the evening - pitch dark outside by now. (My husband used to do HVAC work.)
After having the windows open for a few hours, the house still hadn’t really cooled down. We decided to sleep with our bedroom window half way open with an oscillating fan in front of it. (And to think, I had recently wanted to get rid of the fan because it was taking up too much room - good thing we didn't.) We also had our ceiling fan on to further help circulate the air. Thankfully, we both stayed cool throughout the night. The noise of the fan woke me several times and at one point, I think around 3AM, I turned it off.
Needless to say, I am tired today. I didn’t sleep well last night. I think Wyatt got cold at some point because he was snuggled all up against me. Nothing new. Just thought I would mention it.
Before Matt left for work this morning, he tried getting it to work once more. No luck.
I turned the ceiling fan on for Wyatt before I left the house to ensure he had some air circulation at the very least. The temperature outside said it was currently 55 degrees with a high today of 85. The house temperature said 72. I hope Wyatt stays cool. I feel bad for him. If it's hot when I get home I will take him on a cool car ride. He will like that.
(The above was written while I was at work.)
Previously written on 9/16
Day 2 without air conditioning has gone better than expected on one hand, but not so great on the other hand.
When Matt got home from work, it was only 74 degrees in the house which meant Wyatt never got too hot. That’s a relief. We were both a bit worried about him. When I got home a couple of hours later, it was 76 degrees in the house. To be fair, Matt was using the stove to cook taco meat so that might have upped the temperature some.
After dinner, we decided to head to Wal-Mart for a window air conditioner unit for $150. Well, we got there and found the sign for air conditioners and of course they had heaters there. We asked an employee for help and he couldn’t find them either. Even asked another employee. Wal-Mart's website claimed it was in stock though. We asked if he could look it up, he couldn’t without the UPC which is not given on the Wal-Mart website. Evidently only the Wal-Mart number is given. What the heck is a Wal-Mart number if not a UPC? Since we had to go to customer service to pick up an item (baby boy now has a bouncer!), we inquired about them looking up the item. We were told the same thing by the associate and the manager. Epic fail on Wal-Mart's part - either publish the UPC on your website or allow your associates access to view items based on your Wal-Mart numbers. You lost a sale because of it.
On to Lowe's we went where we spent $260 on a unit. *Sigh*
Matt started it for me while I was in the bath reading. He shut our bedroom door (my bathroom is in our bedroom) with me and Wyatt in there so we could be cool. He should have joined us, but claimed he wasn’t hot out in the living room. Doubtful! He always complains about being hot! He just wanted to watch TV. (No TV in our bedroom.)
It did work very well, but that thing was so loud and never seemed to reach the desired temperature even though our room is less than the 250 sq. feet it was supposed to cool down. Therefore we returned the device after it didn’t work out to well for us.
P.S. Matt ordered the parts he needs.
Previously written on 9/17
Today is day 3.
I plan on staying in our room with the ceiling fan and oscillating fan running the whole time. I have blogging, web surfing and reading to occupy my time. Wyatt is content just to sleep next to me in bed.
Today is his 18th Birthday! Isn't he cute?
Oldest dog I have ever known. :)
I should be celebrating his birthday but I'm not. He no longer plays with toys, he already eats our food every day and doesn’t need a new bed. Nor is he one for celebrating.
Now if I can just convince my husband to join us. He can easily watch Amazon Prime on his iPad in the bed with us. Easily.
Previously written on 9/18
Air is fixed! Yay! My husband is wonderful!
Too bad we are gonna have to eventually hire an electrician to fix the wiring. Blah!
It's always something!
I'm gonna focus on the positive... THE AIR CONDITIONER IS FIXED!!!
*I meant to post all the above a few days ago, but I never got on my real computer except for Wyatt's birthday. I hadn’t wanted to post until the air conditioner was working again. Excuses, excuses!
The rest of Friday was spent doing a whole lot of nothing. I think I took a nap if I am remembering correctly.
Saturday, we stayed home all day which is something I am trying to make as a new normal for us - especially with our baby boy on the way. We did still go grocery shopping in the evening. Saturday nights at our Kroger are THE best! Just saying. Oh - and we ate dinner at Arby's since we both had coupons for a free roast beef sandwich. I forgot how good those curly fries are when stuffed into my mouth! Yum!
Sunday, we went to church, lunch at Moe's, Target, Whole Foods and to get my eyebrows taken care of since they grow in like a man's.
I had meant to go home and apply 2 coats of primer to another dresser going into my son's bedroom, but I got lazy and ended up taking a bath. I figure there is always next weekend. Plus, I got annoyed with myself because I had previously placed my boxed breast pump on top of the dresser I had already painted and when I removed it Sunday afternoon, some of the white box stayed on my dresser. Great! Now the top needs to be re-painted. I don’t know what I did wrong and I do NOT want to make the same mistake twice.

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