Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Baby Shower #1 Was Great!

I had my first baby shower today with the ladies from my old office (I still work in the same building).
Prior to going, I was nervous. Not really sure why since these are people I worked with for four years and still see to this day. So really, it was a dumb feeling to be feeling. I just hate being the center of attention. But once I was there and involved, it no longer bothered me. I had fun! I think it helps that it was such a small group and they are all ladies I feel comfortable with. No shyness! I might have been overwhelmed if it had been my entire old team which would have included the guys.
When I showed up in the conference room where they had it I was amazed with all the beautiful decorations. My friends went all out!
Not just with the decorations though, but also with the food and gifts.

We started off with three baby games:  
(Spoiler - I didn’t win any of the games)
The first one had us blindfolded and we searched in a bowl of rice for safety pins. Whoever found the most safety pins won a prize. I had never played this game and it is actually harder than it sounds/looks. The rice and the safety pins all feel alike if you can believe it. I'll have better strategy next time.   
For game number two, we all choose a letter out of a bag at random and whatever letter you selected, you had three minutes to come up with as many baby related words as you could think of. I had the letter 'D' and I only came up with 6 words... and that's with fudging it with the words 'drink' and 'duck'. One of my friends had the letter 'B' (she won) and I did tell her she better win with having the easiest letter. LOL!
Game number 3 is where you cut a piece of ribbon trying to guess the circumference of my belly. My friend who won this round was spot on. (She's also the winner of game 2.)

After the games, we ate some yummy food. I'm sure my son was thrilled with all the protein! He LOVES his protein! At least that’s how it seems. In my first trimester, the more protein I ate, the less I was sick.
Next up were the presents:

Look how thoughtful my co-workers were with us:

After bringing it all in the house, showing it to my husband and then taking pictures, I was ready for dinner and then laying in bed to prop up my feet (which I am still doing while blogging). I'll put it all away soon.
I had a wonderful experience!
Everyone was more than generous with us and I am beyond grateful for everything we received. I know my little boy will enjoy everything he received. If not, I will enjoy it all for the both of us. :)
I was/am shocked with how much thought and consideration went into every small detail. Nothing was overlooked. Made me feel very loved.

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