Monday, September 7, 2015

Baby Haves, Wants and Needs

My mom recently asked me what we already have for our son and I decided what better way to share what we have then make a blog post about it since she already claims I barely blog as it is. Besides, I have to be accommodating to my readers... especially considering she is like 33% of my reader base.
LOL! It's true though!
Here's what we have already purchased/been given:
Miscellaneous Samples
Pampers NB Diapers - 1 Pack of 80
Up & Up Size 2 Diapers - 6 Packs of 172
Up & Up Size 3 Diapers - 8 Packs of 160
Up & Up Size 4  Diapers - 5 Packs of 144
Huggies Size 4 Diapers - 1 Pack of 192
Wipes, Giant - 1 Pack of 648
Wipes, Small  - 91 Packs of 56 or 72
Johnson & Johnson Shampoo/Wash - 1
Aveno Shampoo/Wash - 2
Bottles, Small - 7 Dr. Brown and Advent
Bottles, Med - 2 Dr. Brown
Bottles, Large - 3 Dr. Brown
Pacifiers (0-3mo) - 4 (hoping to not use)
Night Light - 1
Hangers  - 80
Clothes - Bunches
Little People Toy Sets -3
Giraffe Toy - 1
Hit Pegs w/ Hammer Toy - 1
Stuffed Animals - Several
Pack n' Play - 1
Car Seat Canopy - 2
Books  - 10
Bumbo with Tray - 1
Bouncer - 1 (Just bought - haven't received yet)
Crib - (Thanks to my mother-in-law)
Car Seat - 1 (Thanks to my friend Kathy)
Cart/highchair Cover - 1 (Given to us, plan to use as a backup, but would like a different one for daily use)
Swing (need cord) - 1 (Given to us)
Carrier - 1 (Given to us)
Carrier Base - 2 (Given to us)
Collapsible Baby Bath - 1 (Given to us)
Diaper Bag (I'm planning on using my gray Vera Bradly bag
Jumperoo - 1 (Soon to be given to us)
Walker  - 1 (Soon to be given to us)
Mattress will be coming from my mother-in-law once I pick one out
Jogging Stroller will be coming from my mom.
Baby monitor will be coming from my brother.
Breast Pump I will be getting for free from our insurance.
We have a good selection of items already. I know we still have a bunch more we want/need. This is why we keep buying a little at a time... makes it seem like we aren't spending as much money. Works out well for us. Plus, this is how we have been getting some good deals.
List of what we still need/want:
Newborn Pampers Swaddles Diapers
Size 1 Pampers Swaddles Diapers
Any size/brand Diapers
High Chair for Seat - 2 (One for home and one for on the road)
Bassinet - (To use in our room at first)
Ergo 360
Kick and Crawl Gym
My Breast Friend Nursing Pillow and Cover
Receiving Blankets
Burp Clothes
Wash Clothes & Towels
Cart/highchair Cover
Bed Sheets - 4
Crib Mattress Protector - 2
Mirror for Car
Bottle Drying Rack
Milk Storage Bags
Bottle & Nipple Brush
Bottles - 5???
Baby Shampoo/Wash
Baby Care Kit
Diaper Rash Treatment
Car Seat - 1 more
Monthly stickers
Swing cord
Our list looks long, but keep in mind, we don't really need all of these items before our son gets here. And maybe I have items we will never need and maybe I am forgetting stuff...
I have an Excel spreadsheet with all the items we need/want and I have a * next to the items we need before our bundle of joy blesses us with his presence. I am FULLY organized and prepared with my list, don't you think?

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