Monday, September 28, 2015

KY Kingdom 2015

Another weekend has come and gone... and very quickly too if I might add.
Story of my life I suppose.
Doesn’t ever seem to change.
I imagine my weekends will go by even quicker once my little guy is here and I am back at work. *Sigh* Trying not to think of THAT yet.
I have a list of things to complete before my baby arrives and I don’t seem to be checking anything off. Adding to it, yes. But not really removing anything. Maybe I can do something about it  this weekend. I'll make myself a small list of things to do this weekend and maybe a smaller list will allow me to actually get some stuff done. I need to stop procrastinating. It also doesn't help that my feet get swollen and then feel painful. This is when I quit doing everything and lay down in down or take a bath or sit in my chair with my feet propped up.
Enough about that though... I want to discuss this past weekend.
Friday, at work, we had our company organizational day. Always nice to have a free day away from work. Plus, it doesn’t hurt my feelings when they allow us to go home a few hours earlier than normal. In fact, for me, it is my favorite part of the whole thing. Afterwards, I went home and relaxed in the tub with a book. Hey, in my defense, my feet were very swollen. Besides, who wants to pass up the opportunity to relax in the tub? Not me. I bet not you either if given the opportunity. Am I right??? Hmmm??? Admit it!
I was in bed reading by 8 and I think I fell asleep by 8:30. My husband woke me right before my mom and her husband were expected to arrive at our house. I'm sure I wasn’t the most polite person. But, it was after 10 when they arrived. They really can't expect a very pleasant pregnant person at that hour. Don't you agree?
Yes, I am a goober!
And yes, I thought this was funny!
Saturday was Kentucky Kingdom Day! My mom got us all tickets and we had some fun in the park. My husband got to ride some rides while I watched. We did manage to ride the Ferris Wheel together. (Was the only ride I rode.) He found that to be the scariest ride though. LOL! At some point, my mom and I had our feet in the wave pool. I wish it had been a bit warmer to go swimming. I love swimming. One day I WILL have a pool... just not in this house.
I managed to eat a yummy bowl of Dip n' Dots and shared a plate of loaded nachos with my husband.
Because my feet were swollen and my husband claimed he was done riding rides after being beat up by a wooded roller coaster, we left around 3:30. I took a much needed nap once home. My mom brought us back a funnel cake. Very sweet of her!
We finished the evening off with dinner at Tumbleweed where we had terrible service and mediocre food (Matt's piece of chicken was tiny and hidden under a bed of onions - in hindsight, should have sent it back). Very few tables were occupied in the place so not sure why we had such slow service. That was my first and last time going there.
Sunday, after my mom and her husband left, we went to Wal-Mart and Kroger for everything we needed for the week. I bought and filled out my 'Thank You' cards for the people from my baby shower and the people who have already given us gifts. It took me a long time because I wanted to make sure I wrote a small personal messages thanking each person for their generous gift(s). I messed up one card which annoyed me. I kept it though and figure I'll just put it in his baby book along with the list of items he received from everyone. They are very pretty cards after all. Too bad they only had one pack of 20 available. I'm hoping to find another pack of the same ones. I love the sparkles on them! Very pretty and very me!  
And now we are back to Monday. Blah! At least at this point the work day is over and I am now posting this from my bed with my little Wyatt Earp next to me. He's sleeping - big surprise there I am sure. After work today, Matt and I decided to head to Target (good deals were to be had, but sadly they were all sold out on what I was wanting) and dinner at Moe's. I don’t plan on going anywhere else this week (besides work, of course, and only because I need to make some money). And this upcoming weekend I need to get a few things done so hopefully we spend a giant chunk of time at home. In fact, I'll make sure we do. We have church and then we can get all our running around done afterwards. Let's hope my feet swell less though. Won't be able to accomplish much if they don't.
Oh - baby boy received a gift from one of the guys on my vanpool... he received a baby outfit and some sippy cups. He did tell me his wife picked out the outfit and he picked out the sippy cups. Very thoughtful of him and his wife!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

34 Weeks

I just woke from a nap and am NOT feeling great. I did manage to take a quick shower before having my husband take my picture. Notice the outfit is the same as yesterday's (from my baby shower)? I wanted to start the week in this shirt (in my 34 week picture).
How far along: 34 weeks
Fruit-size comparison: Butternut Squash
Length is: Somewhere around the same as last week... remember, your length will barely change at this point since you should be about as long as you will be when born.
Weight is: Anywhere between 4 and 5 pounds.
Developmental milestones: You lungs still have a little more work to do before they are perfect. If I was to go into labor today, they would give you medicine to help mature your lungs quickly. I fear you would still be placed in the NICU at this point so I hope this is something neither of us have to experience. The lanugo which is/was soft, downy hair covering your skin is starting to disappear. Your testicles are migrating down from your abdomen into your scrotum. And you are now really good with opening and closing your eyes. I read you are practicing focusing on whatever it is you are seeing (I have no idea what this could be). They also say you are probably closing your eyes every time you see bright light - you simply aren't used to it. Don't worry, I'm not one of those moms who has shown a flashlight into her belly. I don’t want to frighten you in any way. That would be mean!
Weight gain: Uggg.... If the scale said what I fear it might of said on Tuesday while at my appointment, I gained almost 5 pounds from my last visit. Meaning, I am up 32 pounds total. *Sigh* I'm not going to stress over it. Nope. Won't be something I do. I am determined to lose the weight after you are here safe and sound.
Sleep: I'm starting to have issues with getting comfortable. Not a huge deal since I do eventually fall asleep, but add in my many nightly bathroom breaks and you have one sleepy pregnant woman. Daddy suggested I start taking naps after work - short ones opposed to my occasional long ones. Good in theory, but I'm either not tired by the time I get home (despite being sleepy all day while at work) or I am concerned with taking a nap and then not being able to sleep that evening. I did take an hour nap today and I am STILL feeling extremely sleepy. I haven't decided if it was worth it yet. I'll see how easily I fall asleep tonight.
Best moment of the week: Your baby shower yesterday! I had a wonderful time. For whatever reason, I wasn’t expecting it to be as fun/nice as it was. My friend, Linda, told me that is because I have no imagination. Ha ha ha! Not true at all! And just think - I have two more baby showers to look forward to within the next few weeks.
Movement: I was wrong last week when I said you were moving less. Actually, that was an accurate statement for last week. This week, however, you have been moving all over. I still believe you are head down and I definitely know you are kicking your legs up into me. On Sunday, daddy finally saw you move in my tummy several times. You were being very active. Must have liked the lunch I ate. I feel you in the early morning around 7-8:30AM which is new. I don’t recall feeling you so early in the day before. It is possible I just didn’t notice though.
Cravings: Sweets, but I am trying to hold back. VERY hard! I'm awful at depriving myself.
Gender: You're a BOY!!!
Belly button in or out: In
Wedding ring: On
Anything making you queasy/sick: Nothing and I hope I continue with this trend.
What I miss: I'm beyond sick of having swollen feet. If they would stop swelling I think pregnancy would be more fun.
What I'm looking forward to: Having everything ready for when you arrive so I can enjoy it before you actually get here. I then look forward to you actually being in our space and using the items we have all purchased for you. Having a child means we get to get to live vicariously through you. You better believe I have all sorts of fun things to do in my head as you start growing.
Labor signs: None and I'm not wanting any in the near future. Please stay in there until AT LEAST 37 weeks (preferably 39).
Symptoms: Swollen feet, stretch marks on lower front of stomach & on the sides, sleepless nights and for the past two days - I think acid reflux. At least this is what daddy thinks it is when I describe the sensation to him.
Nursery: Whoa... this is almost a do not enter type of place. Joking! I have been dumping all your stuff into your room when I really need to get on the ball and start organizing all your stuff. It's not that I don’t want to do it, it's more that I am tired (with swollen feet) when I get home in the evenings and I am easily discouraged. The dresser needing the top repainted through me off and upset me a bit. I just need to bite the bullet (as they say) and get over myself and get everything done. I'll feel much better once it's all completed. I would hate for you to come early and me not be prepared. I'm a list kind of woman and need to have everything on my 'to do' list checked off.
Emotions: I'm feeling all sorts of emotions... the strongest ones being thankful and grateful. (You'll be my before Thanksgiving blessing!) I am thankful and grateful for having you and daddy in my life (as well as everyone else) and I am feeling wonderful about where we are today. Everything has been leading up to this point and I am just looking forward to experiencing it all as a family.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Baby Shower #1 Was Great!

I had my first baby shower today with the ladies from my old office (I still work in the same building).
Prior to going, I was nervous. Not really sure why since these are people I worked with for four years and still see to this day. So really, it was a dumb feeling to be feeling. I just hate being the center of attention. But once I was there and involved, it no longer bothered me. I had fun! I think it helps that it was such a small group and they are all ladies I feel comfortable with. No shyness! I might have been overwhelmed if it had been my entire old team which would have included the guys.
When I showed up in the conference room where they had it I was amazed with all the beautiful decorations. My friends went all out!
Not just with the decorations though, but also with the food and gifts.

We started off with three baby games:  
(Spoiler - I didn’t win any of the games)
The first one had us blindfolded and we searched in a bowl of rice for safety pins. Whoever found the most safety pins won a prize. I had never played this game and it is actually harder than it sounds/looks. The rice and the safety pins all feel alike if you can believe it. I'll have better strategy next time.   
For game number two, we all choose a letter out of a bag at random and whatever letter you selected, you had three minutes to come up with as many baby related words as you could think of. I had the letter 'D' and I only came up with 6 words... and that's with fudging it with the words 'drink' and 'duck'. One of my friends had the letter 'B' (she won) and I did tell her she better win with having the easiest letter. LOL!
Game number 3 is where you cut a piece of ribbon trying to guess the circumference of my belly. My friend who won this round was spot on. (She's also the winner of game 2.)

After the games, we ate some yummy food. I'm sure my son was thrilled with all the protein! He LOVES his protein! At least that’s how it seems. In my first trimester, the more protein I ate, the less I was sick.
Next up were the presents:

Look how thoughtful my co-workers were with us:

After bringing it all in the house, showing it to my husband and then taking pictures, I was ready for dinner and then laying in bed to prop up my feet (which I am still doing while blogging). I'll put it all away soon.
I had a wonderful experience!
Everyone was more than generous with us and I am beyond grateful for everything we received. I know my little boy will enjoy everything he received. If not, I will enjoy it all for the both of us. :)
I was/am shocked with how much thought and consideration went into every small detail. Nothing was overlooked. Made me feel very loved.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

How Am I Supposed To Live With No Air

Previously written on 9/15
Around 6PM last night I heard the air conditioner make a weird noise. I didn’t think anything of it until I realized it was kind of warm in my room (I was lying in bed reading). When I walked by the thermostat in our hallway, I noticed it was 2 degrees warmer in the house then what we had it set. Thankfully, Matt hadn’t left for the gym yet and I was able to point it out to him.
Poor guy checked the inside part of the unit. He checked the outside part of the unit. Moved back to the inside unit. Couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t turning on after doing whatever it was he did. He even resorted to asking me to help him by pushing in some black button. Not sure what said button was supposed to do though. Not that it even matters to me.
Sometime around 9 he thought he had it fixed. No such luck. Stupid air conditioner wouldn't turn on.
He needed a HVAC store to get a part. But he has never bought in KY therefore he can't buy the part here. He could either order it online or drive to Tennessee and get it. Neither option looked very good. Neither option gave us air quickly. Plus, it was too late to do anything this late in the evening - pitch dark outside by now. (My husband used to do HVAC work.)
After having the windows open for a few hours, the house still hadn’t really cooled down. We decided to sleep with our bedroom window half way open with an oscillating fan in front of it. (And to think, I had recently wanted to get rid of the fan because it was taking up too much room - good thing we didn't.) We also had our ceiling fan on to further help circulate the air. Thankfully, we both stayed cool throughout the night. The noise of the fan woke me several times and at one point, I think around 3AM, I turned it off.
Needless to say, I am tired today. I didn’t sleep well last night. I think Wyatt got cold at some point because he was snuggled all up against me. Nothing new. Just thought I would mention it.
Before Matt left for work this morning, he tried getting it to work once more. No luck.
I turned the ceiling fan on for Wyatt before I left the house to ensure he had some air circulation at the very least. The temperature outside said it was currently 55 degrees with a high today of 85. The house temperature said 72. I hope Wyatt stays cool. I feel bad for him. If it's hot when I get home I will take him on a cool car ride. He will like that.
(The above was written while I was at work.)
Previously written on 9/16
Day 2 without air conditioning has gone better than expected on one hand, but not so great on the other hand.
When Matt got home from work, it was only 74 degrees in the house which meant Wyatt never got too hot. That’s a relief. We were both a bit worried about him. When I got home a couple of hours later, it was 76 degrees in the house. To be fair, Matt was using the stove to cook taco meat so that might have upped the temperature some.
After dinner, we decided to head to Wal-Mart for a window air conditioner unit for $150. Well, we got there and found the sign for air conditioners and of course they had heaters there. We asked an employee for help and he couldn’t find them either. Even asked another employee. Wal-Mart's website claimed it was in stock though. We asked if he could look it up, he couldn’t without the UPC which is not given on the Wal-Mart website. Evidently only the Wal-Mart number is given. What the heck is a Wal-Mart number if not a UPC? Since we had to go to customer service to pick up an item (baby boy now has a bouncer!), we inquired about them looking up the item. We were told the same thing by the associate and the manager. Epic fail on Wal-Mart's part - either publish the UPC on your website or allow your associates access to view items based on your Wal-Mart numbers. You lost a sale because of it.
On to Lowe's we went where we spent $260 on a unit. *Sigh*
Matt started it for me while I was in the bath reading. He shut our bedroom door (my bathroom is in our bedroom) with me and Wyatt in there so we could be cool. He should have joined us, but claimed he wasn’t hot out in the living room. Doubtful! He always complains about being hot! He just wanted to watch TV. (No TV in our bedroom.)
It did work very well, but that thing was so loud and never seemed to reach the desired temperature even though our room is less than the 250 sq. feet it was supposed to cool down. Therefore we returned the device after it didn’t work out to well for us.
P.S. Matt ordered the parts he needs.
Previously written on 9/17
Today is day 3.
I plan on staying in our room with the ceiling fan and oscillating fan running the whole time. I have blogging, web surfing and reading to occupy my time. Wyatt is content just to sleep next to me in bed.
Today is his 18th Birthday! Isn't he cute?
Oldest dog I have ever known. :)
I should be celebrating his birthday but I'm not. He no longer plays with toys, he already eats our food every day and doesn’t need a new bed. Nor is he one for celebrating.
Now if I can just convince my husband to join us. He can easily watch Amazon Prime on his iPad in the bed with us. Easily.
Previously written on 9/18
Air is fixed! Yay! My husband is wonderful!
Too bad we are gonna have to eventually hire an electrician to fix the wiring. Blah!
It's always something!
I'm gonna focus on the positive... THE AIR CONDITIONER IS FIXED!!!
*I meant to post all the above a few days ago, but I never got on my real computer except for Wyatt's birthday. I hadn’t wanted to post until the air conditioner was working again. Excuses, excuses!
The rest of Friday was spent doing a whole lot of nothing. I think I took a nap if I am remembering correctly.
Saturday, we stayed home all day which is something I am trying to make as a new normal for us - especially with our baby boy on the way. We did still go grocery shopping in the evening. Saturday nights at our Kroger are THE best! Just saying. Oh - and we ate dinner at Arby's since we both had coupons for a free roast beef sandwich. I forgot how good those curly fries are when stuffed into my mouth! Yum!
Sunday, we went to church, lunch at Moe's, Target, Whole Foods and to get my eyebrows taken care of since they grow in like a man's.
I had meant to go home and apply 2 coats of primer to another dresser going into my son's bedroom, but I got lazy and ended up taking a bath. I figure there is always next weekend. Plus, I got annoyed with myself because I had previously placed my boxed breast pump on top of the dresser I had already painted and when I removed it Sunday afternoon, some of the white box stayed on my dresser. Great! Now the top needs to be re-painted. I don’t know what I did wrong and I do NOT want to make the same mistake twice.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

33 Weeks

How far along: 33 weeks
Fruit-size comparison: Asparagus (even though that doesn't seem very accurate)
Length is: Supposedly you are anywhere from 18-19.5 inches head to heel. According to the internet, as of now, you are probably however long you will be when you are born. Amazing when you really think about it.
Weight is: Approximately 4 pounds. Assuming you remain in mommy's belly for another 7 weeks, I am thinking you will hit at least 7 pounds if not 8. Please don’t be 9 pounds if you can help it. I'm already a little nervous about pushing you out.
Developmental milestones: Your lungs are developing even more from last week. If you were to be born today, prior to your birth, I would be given an injection to help your lungs mature very quickly to help you breath outside the womb. Makes me think you aren’t ready for the world yet. Please stay inside me until at least 37 (but hopefully 39) weeks. Okay? The amniotic fluid surrounding you is now at its peak volume and indicates how well your kidneys are functioning. You should be producing around 500 ml/day. As of now, you should be storing iron for after your born in case you don’t get enough from my breast milk.
Weight gain: 27.8 pounds as of Friday, September 11. I'm definitely going to be around the 35 pound mark before you arrive.
Sleep: No changes here... Still falling asleep with no issues but waking up to pee way too many times to count followed by not being able to fall asleep quickly.
Best moment of the week: Seeing your crib all put together. Makes your arrival seem even more real if you can believe it. I was also very excited seeing my blood pressure back in the normal range and my protein in my urine being back in check. I do NOT want to experience pre-eclampsia if I can help it.
Movement: I love feeling you move. I feel you a bit less then last week though. Maybe because you have less room now? I used to feel you very active before lunchtime, but now you move a bit less. I'm trying not to think about it too much or else I'll become paranoid about something being wrong.
Have I mentioned you now get hiccups at least once a day? Even daddy has been able to feel them! I feel them around my belly button which makes me think you are head down (in addition to me feeling your kicks in my upper and my left side of my stomach). You have already had the hiccups twice today. Around 10:30 AM and then around 11 AM. They feel strong to me and I wonder what causes them.
Cravings: None
Gender: You're a BOY!!!
Belly button in or out: In
Wedding ring: On
Anything making you queasy/sick: Thank GOD, no!
What I miss: Sleeping through the night, not having swollen feet and peeing less often.
What I'm looking forward to: This weekend I am looking forward to purchasing your mattress and one sheet (hopefully a skirt as well) for your crib. I want to see it all decked out ASAP. However, it might not arrive until next weekend - Amazon is cheaper on the one I am wanting to buy you. On Wednesday, my old team at work is throwing me (us) a baby shower which I am looking forward to experiencing. I hate being the center of attention, but I love how much they want to shower you with gifts even though I am no longer on the same team as them. I'm not expecting anything, but I do look forward to seeing what you receive. Long term I am still beyond excited to meet you. Not looking forward to the actual birth part, but definitely looking forward to the moments right after.
Labor signs: None
Symptoms: Swollen feet, teeny tiny bladder and stretch marks on my belly are my current symptoms. Could be worse... praying for no more symptoms.
Nursery: Really coming along now. ALL your clothes have been washed and hung. We moved a dresser from daddy's TV room (to make room) into your room so now you have two. I just need to paint it the same color as the other one. Once I decide where everything will go I plan to start buying some accessories to make it look more complete. We went from wanting a giraffe theme to a whale/shark theme and are now onto any animal theme. You'll definitely have a GIANT giraffe in your room though - I bought it before I found out I was pregnant. Besides dogs, giraffes are my favorite animals. I'm passing on my love of them to you.
Emotions: Overall, I have no complaints and I feel wonderful.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

We Made Our Own 3 Day Weekend

Friday I had my doctor appointment to re-check my blood pressure and urine due to Tuesday's results showing slightly elevated blood pressure levels and protein in my urine. Well, good news, my blood pressure was taken twice and appeared normal and my urine only showed a trace of protein which is also normal.
Thank goodness! Talk about a relief! My next appointment is on the 22nd and I am hoping to have positive results again. I'm trying to eat a little better (no everyday M&M's for me) to help this process. Had my Tdap shot while there... can honestly say I didn't feel it even go in my arm. It did bleed and bruise though. And it became sore within 30 minutes which is CRAZY fast!
I had intentions of getting my eyebrows waxed and a pedicure done after my appointment, but I opted to go home. I had been stressing all day and felt a bit tired. I just wanted a bath and my iPad to read a good book. Mission accomplished. To 'celebrate', we went to Kroger and each got a pint of Ben and Jerry's. I had yummy Chunky Monkey!
Saturday, Matt and I did some cleaning around the house and mostly just hung out with a lazy day. The weather was gorgeous outside so we had several of our windows open to allow the cool breeze inside. I love this type of weather! (We had almost 3 days like this - it reached 75 degrees yesterday afternoon forcing me to turn the air on.) It wasn’t until dinner time that we even left the house. We went to Chick-fil-a to use our calendar cards and then headed to Toys R Us, Target, Sam's Club and Kroger.
At Toys R Us, I inquired about exchanging our crib because of the scrape on the headboard... long story short... no stores within 200 miles had it in stock... they could not do an exchange therefore I would lose my sale price of 15% off... I inquired if a manager could order another and just exchange it... was told no... in the end, we received an additional 15% off. I assume this is because she got sick of me complaining. I don't care why, I'm just glad I got it.
I am a satisfied customer. I do think it is stupid they couldn’t exchange it, but had she not of given me the 15% off for the damage, I would have bought a new one and returned the damaged one with the non-discounted price. WAY too much work when they should just be able to exchange it out though. Not my fault it came to me damaged.
At Target, among a few other things, I bought my Medela Pump in Style Advanced breast pump. Our insurance (Blue Cross Blue Shield) is supposed to reimburse us for the cost as long as I fill out the paper work and fax it in with a copy of the receipt. Which I did this morning from work. They should be happy... cost was $269, but I price matched it at for $214.74 AND used my Target card to receive my 5% off. Total after tax was $216. Fingers crossed I have no issues getting my refund. I better not after I saved them about $70. I have no intentions of opening the box or anything until I know my reimbursement has been processed. I'm not expecting any issues though. Prior to buying it, I called twice to make sure I knew the correct process and what all needed to be filled out.
BIG shout out to Target... I had NO issues price matching. I inquired about the process with customer service when we first got there and was told to find the item and bring it to customer service. If they found it on like I had and it met all the expectations, they would price match it. The lady found it right away. Good deal!
I hate that shadow!!
Sunday we decided to spend the day in Cincinnati to make up for the fact we were originally going to spend this weekend in Pensacola, FL. (I cancelled because I was concerned with spending a few hundred dollars before our little guy gets here. Hopefully we get to take him to the beach next summer. I'm going to start saving for it now.)
For lunch we decided to try out a place called Terry's Turf Club based on a blog posting I found while searching things to do/see in the area.
We both thought the atmosphere was fun what with all the neon signs.
The burgers were good although a bit pricey if you added anything extra to yours. ($8.75 each - Matt wanted egg $2 and guacamole $2, but settled without them in an effort to save some money.) Extra $3.50 for onion rings and I only got 6 (yummy batter though) and $2.75 for fries which tasted like they came out of a freezer bag. Cost was $30 but left a little to be desired at that rate. To be fair, Matt and I are very frugal and any $30 meal seems a bit steep to us.

As to what did we do while in the area, we went to the Cincinnati Museum Center which is inside an old train concourse.
Extremely beautiful! I loved the openness of the place.
For about $30 (for us both), we had admission for all three museums - Cincinnati History Museum, Museum of Natural History & Science and the Duke Energy Children's Museum (would have been awesome if we had a child with us, but since we didn’t, we just walked through this museum quickly). We also got admission into the current special exhibit where we got to see one of the original copies of the Declaration of Independence. This particular copy was only signed by John Hancock.

Our last stop of the day was to Jungle Jim's. We had wanted to go to the other location, but our GPS could not find the location so we went to the same store as last time. We spent $25 on junk food to include these yummy cheesecake Kit Kats which were delicious! Japan sure makes some good candy!!!
We would have spent more time here, but 1.) my feet were killing me and 2.) we were starting to feel bad about Wyatt being locked up in his kennel all day.
Once home, I took a bath/read, read in bed, received a lovely foot massage and went to sleep. I was pooped!
Monday, we were both off because we thought we would be on the beach. We did some organizing in Matt's TV room/now the guest bedroom and actually got a bag of stuff to donate out of there. Another day filled with a little cleaning and a lot of relaxing.
Matt did put together our son's crib!!! Told me I was his special little helper!!! And let's be honest, I just sat there and handed him some screws. And when I thanked him for putting it together, he gave me credit for helping even though I really didn’t do anything. He's sweet like that.
I ended my lovely weekend with another bath and good book. The only thing I'll miss once my little guy arrives - reading in the bathtub.  Maybe for a special treat after he's a few months old I can have one night a week in the tub with a good book? I can’t imagine my husband saying no. Perhaps I should ask him now before our baby is here???
Today is Tuesday and I was forced to go to work. Blah! I was about 15 minutes late today. Ahhh!!! I hate when that happens! It's not something I do often because it drives me nuts! I only have myself to blame and the stupid 3 closest lights to my office. I got stopped by all 3! How does that happen? If I hadn’t gotten stopped by all those lights, I would have only been 10 minutes late. Hey, those 5 minutes do make a difference.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

32 weeks

Notice my poor swollen ankles. :(
How far along: 32 weeks
Fruit-size comparison: Large jicama (never heard of it)
Length is: Approximately 16.7 inches head to heel
Weight is: Approximately 3 3/4 pounds
Developmental milestones: Baby boy, at this point, your skin is less translucent and your bones are becoming harder and calcifying. It is important mommy intakes lots of calcium to ensure you and I stay healthy. Good thing I eat cheese and yogurt daily. You are now filling all the space within in my uterus. This is why I am feeling your every movement.
Weight gain: Went to the doctor on Tuesday and I have gained an additional 2.8 pounds.
Sleep: I am still having a hard time falling back to sleep after the 1226 times I wake up to pee. Because of this, I am tired almost every morning. Not fun. It's times like these when I wish I lived closer to work and I could sleep in an extra 45 minutes. Or better yet, if I could sleep in daily because every day was Saturday!
Best moment of the week: I shouldn’t be struggling with this one, but I am. Last weekend, I was sick with a head cold. I am still having to deal with a runny nose and not being able to breath while laying down. Then I had an awful (in my opinion) news while at the doctor on Tuesday and I haven’t been able to bounce back from the news. This truly hasn’t been a good week for me.
I will say I have enjoyed feeling you move inside of me. This has been my absolute favorite part of being pregnant.
Movement: You move all the time. Seriously - ALL! THE! TIME! The baby books and internet claim you sleep for long periods of time, but I am having a hard time believing that at the moment. Maybe you sleep while I am asleep. Maybe. I know I feel you in the morning, before lunch time, after lunch time, when I get home from work, after dinner, when I am in the bath tub and when I get into bed in the evening. You seem to be up most of the day. Or maybe you just move while you sleep. Who knows.
Cravings: Nothing. And I hope this remains because I don’t think I can deny myself anything when I really want it. I'm trying to be strong though. I am also trying to eat less 'bad' food. I'm trying. And I will admit it has only been 2 days of me trying. I am also able to admit I have been using being pregnant as an excuse to eat whatever I want. No more. I need to slow my weight gain down and eat better for you.
Gender: You're a BOY!!!
Belly button in or out: In
Wedding ring: On, but started the day off a tad bit tight once I arrived at work. Barely left a mark on my finger. Now, later in the day, it is normal fitting.
Anything making you queasy/sick: Thankfully, no.
What I miss: Not having swollen feet to the point where they hurt. I also miss sleeping through the night... guess I need to get over this one since I feel confident you'll have me up all night.
What I'm looking forward to: I just want you here. I look forward to spending time getting to know you and seeing you grow into a little person with your own personality.
Labor signs: None
Symptoms: Swollen feet and evidently (according to my numbers on Tuesday) high (+1) protein in my urine and high blood pressure (124/90). I go back to the doctor tomorrow to have both of these things checked again and I am hoping it was just a fluke. A mommy can hope, right? I DO NOT want to experience pre-eclampsia.
Nursery: The guest bed in out of your room! This room is now completely yours (minus the printer and paper - sorry, we have nowhere else to store this device). We picked up your crib and daddy plans on putting it together next weekend - waiting to see if I get a credit since it has a big scratch on it. If not, I am going to exchange it. I would rather the discount though being as the bit scratch is on he back of the headboard and it will be a pain to load it back in the truck and wait another week and a half for another one. I need to buy your mattress, but I am not in a huge hurry since I haven’t bought your crib a bed skirt or sheets yet. Baby steps. I'm slowly getting there. We moved an extra dresser into your room which I am going to probably paint the same color as your other dresser. This will store all of your extra items as well as our printer and paper unless I can come up with something else. My current goal is to have your room all ready before I get to 36 weeks.
Emotions: I'm all over the map as of Tuesday. I am still very excited for you to be here, but now because of the doctor appointment's urine and blood pressure results, I am feeling anxious, nervous, overwhelmed, a bit discouraged and kind of a failure. I guess the number one emotion I am feeling right at this exact moment is self-pity. I'm working through it. I won't be able to forgive myself if something is wrong with you and/or you end up having to come early due to possible medical complications cause by me. Happy thoughts!!! I just need to get through tomorrow's doctor appointment.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Baby Haves, Wants and Needs

My mom recently asked me what we already have for our son and I decided what better way to share what we have then make a blog post about it since she already claims I barely blog as it is. Besides, I have to be accommodating to my readers... especially considering she is like 33% of my reader base.
LOL! It's true though!
Here's what we have already purchased/been given:
Miscellaneous Samples
Pampers NB Diapers - 1 Pack of 80
Up & Up Size 2 Diapers - 6 Packs of 172
Up & Up Size 3 Diapers - 8 Packs of 160
Up & Up Size 4  Diapers - 5 Packs of 144
Huggies Size 4 Diapers - 1 Pack of 192
Wipes, Giant - 1 Pack of 648
Wipes, Small  - 91 Packs of 56 or 72
Johnson & Johnson Shampoo/Wash - 1
Aveno Shampoo/Wash - 2
Bottles, Small - 7 Dr. Brown and Advent
Bottles, Med - 2 Dr. Brown
Bottles, Large - 3 Dr. Brown
Pacifiers (0-3mo) - 4 (hoping to not use)
Night Light - 1
Hangers  - 80
Clothes - Bunches
Little People Toy Sets -3
Giraffe Toy - 1
Hit Pegs w/ Hammer Toy - 1
Stuffed Animals - Several
Pack n' Play - 1
Car Seat Canopy - 2
Books  - 10
Bumbo with Tray - 1
Bouncer - 1 (Just bought - haven't received yet)
Crib - (Thanks to my mother-in-law)
Car Seat - 1 (Thanks to my friend Kathy)
Cart/highchair Cover - 1 (Given to us, plan to use as a backup, but would like a different one for daily use)
Swing (need cord) - 1 (Given to us)
Carrier - 1 (Given to us)
Carrier Base - 2 (Given to us)
Collapsible Baby Bath - 1 (Given to us)
Diaper Bag (I'm planning on using my gray Vera Bradly bag
Jumperoo - 1 (Soon to be given to us)
Walker  - 1 (Soon to be given to us)
Mattress will be coming from my mother-in-law once I pick one out
Jogging Stroller will be coming from my mom.
Baby monitor will be coming from my brother.
Breast Pump I will be getting for free from our insurance.
We have a good selection of items already. I know we still have a bunch more we want/need. This is why we keep buying a little at a time... makes it seem like we aren't spending as much money. Works out well for us. Plus, this is how we have been getting some good deals.
List of what we still need/want:
Newborn Pampers Swaddles Diapers
Size 1 Pampers Swaddles Diapers
Any size/brand Diapers
High Chair for Seat - 2 (One for home and one for on the road)
Bassinet - (To use in our room at first)
Ergo 360
Kick and Crawl Gym
My Breast Friend Nursing Pillow and Cover
Receiving Blankets
Burp Clothes
Wash Clothes & Towels
Cart/highchair Cover
Bed Sheets - 4
Crib Mattress Protector - 2
Mirror for Car
Bottle Drying Rack
Milk Storage Bags
Bottle & Nipple Brush
Bottles - 5???
Baby Shampoo/Wash
Baby Care Kit
Diaper Rash Treatment
Car Seat - 1 more
Monthly stickers
Swing cord
Our list looks long, but keep in mind, we don't really need all of these items before our son gets here. And maybe I have items we will never need and maybe I am forgetting stuff...
I have an Excel spreadsheet with all the items we need/want and I have a * next to the items we need before our bundle of joy blesses us with his presence. I am FULLY organized and prepared with my list, don't you think?