Saturday, August 22, 2015

My Birth Plan

I am very fortunate that my hospital provides a template birthing plan. We can check off items that are important to us and can add in additional things as needed. Our teacher/nurse in our birthing class stressed the importance of using this form opposed to our own since the nurses are already familiar with this one. This allows for our wishes to be better and easily known by the staff who are assisting us bring our baby boy in this world.
Obviously, this is only a guideline of our wishes. Everything might be different if/when things change during the actual labor and delivery of our sweet baby boy.
And since I am neurotic, I have mine ready to be placed in my hospital bag after I make a few copies of it. Yes, I do realize I am only 29 weeks pregnant, but as I told you before, I like to be prepared.
Here's how mine is looking:
I would like to have intermittent fetal monitoring, with physician permission. I think this is smart - would make me feel more at ease to visually see that everything is okay with our baby.
Before possible epidural, I would like to walk during labor, with physician permission. They say walking helps bring out the baby quicker.
I am open to an epidural. In la la land, I would like to think I can do this without any medicine. In the real world, I fear I don’t have a strong threshold for pain and will want this procedure. On the plus side, our hospital will not give you an epidural unless you have a pattern of active labor.
I am NOT open to IV pain medicine - i.e. analgesics. When we learned of the side effects during class, this does not seem worth it to me or baby.
I am not concerned with positioning for pushing. I'm willing to do whatever is easiest on me, my baby and the staff.
I want pushing with medical direction. This is my first baby... I have no clue what to do and prefer the experts to guide me the best way.
I want my baby place on my chest immediately after birth. Thankfully our hospital encourages this therefore, assuming nothing is wrong with our little boy, this will happen.
I would like my partner to cut the cord after it stops pulsating. Matt says he wants to do it and I was told me and our baby boy won't feel any pain so why not?
I would like to hold my baby skin-to-skin as soon as possible. Again, this is normal practice at our hospital.
I would like to breast-feed as soon as possible after delivery while in the labor room. Also normal practice.
I do not want my baby going into the nursery. I would prefer him to stay with us. Plus, we were told this is highly encouraged.
I do not want an episiotomy unless medically necessary. I learned from my class that they prefer not to do this since a natural tear heals quicker than having them cut me.
I would like a perineal massage. I still need to read more about this, but seems like a good idea to help prepare that area.
I would like a local anesthetic during repair of tear/episiotomy. Duh! I don’t want to feel a needle going through my skin as they sow me up.
I wish to exclusively breast-feed. I really hope this works out for us.
I wish to breast-feed; however, if it is medically necessary to provide supplementation, I would like to provide expressed breast milk before formula. I don’t want my baby boy to starve - this is a no brainer.
I do not want my baby given a pacifier. At the very least, I want him to get used to breast-feeding before we give him one. I am hoping he never need it though.
I would like to meet with a lactation consultant as soon as possible. Why turn done any help offered to me?
I want my baby circumcised. Might as well get this done now opposed to later. I hate to think of him in any pain, but at least he will be too young to remember it.
I don’t have any visitor limitation requests. As of now, very few people will know when I am in labor.
I do not wish to have medical students involved in my care. I might change my mind on this. BUT I fear with the additional people in the room, I might feel overwhelmed.
Cesarean Delivery:
I want my husband present. Double duh! I need a calming face.
I want photos of the baby as soon as possible. Yet another reason to have my husband there. LOL!
In the event that baby requires special care:
I would like to provide breast milk and pump as soon as possible. Same reasons as before.
I want my husband to accompany the baby if transferred to another hospital. I doubt he will be transferred somewhere else since I very carefully made sure we were at the right hospital.

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