Friday, August 21, 2015

Hospital Tour and Birthing Classes

Hmmm... where to begin... where to begin...
Tuesday and Thursday we had a 2 part hospital birthing class followed by a hospital tour. I learned a bunch of things, took a bunch of notes and plan on having my birthing plan and hospital bag (mostly) packed by the end of the month. I have already made lists of things I want included and now just need to follow through to get my tasks completed.
I'm going to explain all this backwards since it will be easier for me...
Our hospital tour lasted approximately 30 minutes and our teacher/nurse was very informative. I'm glad we had her opposed to someone else. Not that I can really compare her to anyone else, but I'm sure you know what I mean.
Here's what I learned: (Might be a bit jumbled but this is really for my own memory.)
They do not offer pre-registration.
Registration is done on the labor and delivery 2nd floor only. When we get there, they will ask me questions to evaluate where I am in reference to delivery.
I'll go straight to a delivery room if they believe I am going to be delivering our baby boy sometime today. If they need to make sure I am in labor, I will go to the OB Emergency room. (Sounds more intimidating then it really is according to our teacher/nurse.) If they need to do some sort of monitoring, such as monitoring of blood pressure, I will go to the outpatient area where most moms go home from since they aren't usually ready.
Two waiting rooms are to the right of the check-in desk and the labor and delivery and all other places I, the mom, might go are through locked doors on the left.
Within labor and delivery there are 19 rooms with a huge nurse's station in the middle. This area makes the number '9'.
All rooms/moms are allowed to have up to 3 guests at any given time. Badges will be given to us to give to our family to come visit us.
I'll get full say on the temperature and the lightening in my room.
The room is covered with computers, monitors for me and baby, an IV pump, epidural pump and infant care area. All rooms also have their own bathrooms.
I asked and was told these rooms are near sound proof with the door shut. Guess we will find out soon enough.
Bottom portion of the bed can come undone for delivery.
During delivery, I will have a team of three people - the OB, OB technician and a nurse. Baby will have his own team off to the side.
During delivery, the OB will use a giant space ship looking light to ensure he/she can see everything easily. I can have any other lights off if wanted.
The nurse will up the room temperature if needed to ensure the room is warm enough once our son is born.
Immediately after he is born, he will be placed on my chest for skin-to skin contact for about 45 minutes. During this time, they will clean him, suction him, allow the cord to finish pulsing and then cut it, give him Apgar scores at 1 and 5 minutes of life and ID him (on arm and leg which will match mine and Matt's).
Not sure when, but he will be diapered and given a hat before being placed for skin-to-skin or maybe during. I can't remember.
After this, I will then be able to breastfeed him for the first time.
He will THEN be weighed and measured.
At some point, he will also be given antibiotic eye ointment, vitamin K shot, newborn screening test and a hearing test.
Because of all this, we will remain in the labor and delivery unit for 1.5 to 2 hours after delivery before moving to the post-partum room.
The post-partum unit is on the third floor. We will get a behind the scene ride in my bed/walk to the room on the third floor but family will have to go back to the first floor, walk out of the elevator and go right past the Baby Bistro store and get on Elevator Set A. They have to switch elevators because the post-partum unit is located in a different tower then the labor and delivery unit - it is located in the newer part of the hospital.
Here, all visitors will be checked in, given a cold/flu screening and given the room number (if needed). They will be given a bright pink visitor badge indicating they are authorized to be in the area. It is suggested you limit your guests.
The post-partum rooms are much smaller than the labor and delivery rooms. The sleeping device aka bed, is also much shorter than the one in the labor and delivery room. Matt might have issues sleeping on it.
This is where we will have a one on one demonstration on giving our son his first bath. She told us we could take as many pictures as we wanted during this time.
He will also have any additional testing done here. At some point, they will take him to be circumcised too.
My nurse will also by our son's nurse. BUT, while here, my OB will come visit to check on me and his pediatrician will come to check on him.
I will be served breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. I think Matt will be on his own for food unless I share. She also mentioned the nurses have a giant stack of take-out menus for any craving I may have.
Our fake baby even had fake boy parts!
I wasn't expecting that when Matt took off his diaper!
Before our hospital tour, we learned how to swaddle a baby and how to change a diaper. Matt did very good on both of these things. Somehow, I already knew how to swaddle a baby, but I went ahead and took notes for later just in case. And of course, I knew how to change a diaper from years of babysitting when I was younger. However, I have only ever changed girl diapers. I assume boys are a little different. Especially considering she told us we could wipe our little boy in any direction unlike girls who should be wiped front to back.
Within our two actual birthing classes, we were given good handouts and I took additional notes to help me remember everything. I like to be well prepared and informed.
For example, we learned:
How to time a contraction
When to go to the hospital
What to expect in each stage of labor
What medical pain reliefs can be given
What is an episiotomy
What is lochia
What his poop will look like
Breastfeeding basics
And much more.
Lots of information in such a short amount of time.
Monday, I have a breastfeeding essentials class. Maybe with all my newfound knowledge I'll be a pro at all this. Hey, you never know!!!

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