Monday, August 3, 2015

Booty Wipes Galore

Wyatt laying on our baby boy.... he kicked him but I don't think Wyatt knew what was going on.
It's not fair how quickly the weekends pass by. It almost seems like I blink and all of a sudden it's another Monday. Followed by a long Tuesday. Then Wednesday. Then Thursday. Finally comes Friday. And before you know it, here's Monday all over again.
I need a job where I can work four 10 hour shifts. I truly think I would be much happier with my life. Or better yet, I need a job with less hours and the same amount of pay. LOL! If only that was a possibility. Just imagine the possibilities!
Friday evening we went to dinner at Chipotle - we had a buy 1, get 1 free coupon. Cost was less then $7. Such a bargain! While out, we went to 2 different Targets and 2 different Kroger stores.  I was on the hunt for clearance baby items and a few groceries from Target and baby wipes from Kroger. We did score a baby onesie with the Batman logo on it for $2.80. He'll look so cute in it!
Saturday we left to go meet Matt's sister half way to give her a TV we were no longer using. While in the area, we decided to drive the extra 30 miles to Owensboro, KY to cross off an item from my summer bucket list. We ate lunch at Moonlite BBQ. YEARS ago I had seen it on a food TV show and had been wanting to try it. Well, it wasn’t really worth it. A bit disappointing. At least I can say "been there, done that". My favorite item was the mashed potatoes and Matt's was the bread pudding.
After lunch, we went to Kroger and Target before heading home. Once home, I took a nap. Big mistake. I always wake up feeling worse when I wake up. Usually a nap is 3 hours for me, but Matt woke me after an hour and 15 minutes thinking maybe I need less sleep to feel better. No such luck. I was grumpy all evening. And tired. Don’t forget tired. Makes me wonder how I am going to sleep when my baby sleeps. I'm probably going to be one grumpy you know what for a few months after he arrives. I apologize in advance if I am.
We decided to go to Kroger and get our grocery shopping out of the way that evening opposed to going on Sunday. Kroger at night is nice because hardly any other customers are there, but they are also stocking so you have to avoid the carts full of merchandise and contend with empty shelves. The pros outweigh the cons to us though.
After my previous Kroger trips during the week and 4 more Kroger trips over the weekend, we now have 91 small packs of wipes (56 and 72 count packages). We are FULLY stocked for at least a year! Maybe two!
Spent $95.54 (Got back $15 in coupons for future purchases) = $85.54 after taxes and coupons

74 packs of 72 count = 5328
17 packs of 56 count = 952
Total = 6280 wipes
$0.013621019082803 per wipe after tax
(Even better deal if you aren’t counting tax.)
For the record, I never once cleared the shelves... there were always some left over. But two Kroger stores we went to were cleared out.
I am unsure where exactly I will store all these wipes, but I am happy to not have to worry about buying anymore for a very long time. Maybe our child will be amazing and we can have him out of diapers before we run out of wipes. HA! Maybe! I'm going to make it my goal and aim for it.
Sunday, we looked all over our garage and in the house for the wheels to our guest bed rails. We were not successful. Meaning, our nursery did not get cleaned and organized from when we took the furniture (except the mattress and box spring) out of the room. Instead, I cleaned and organized our house. I did everything from dust to vacuum to organizing kitchen cabinets. While I was cleaning and organizing, Matt took apart all the wood from the trailer and now just needs to purchase new wood to re-do it.
FYI - Lowes only charges $0.25 per cut on wood. This is why we didn’t buy our wood while there yesterday.... Matt needs 100% exact measurements to have them cut the wood. Will be easier and quicker then Matt cutting it. Well worth the few dollars it will cost.
After Lowes, we went to Walmart for a few items then went home for dinner and a few episodes of Covert Affairs.
And as you know it is now Monday. One day down, three to go for me. (I'm off on Friday for a doctor appointment.) I'm just counting down the days until the weekend. Which reminds me, I need to make a list of things to accomplish this weekend. I tend to get more done when I have my goals written out.

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