Monday, August 10, 2015

Blue Dresser For My Boy

You just gotta love three day weekends. I know I do! Duh! Who doesn't? The only thing better than a three day weekend is an even longer weekend. Too bad those don’t happen very often. Unless you take time off work which I can't really do since I am saving up my days for maternity leave.
Friday I was off for my doctor appointment. I hated to use a full day of leave, but since my doctor's office is nowhere near my work office, it just made sense to call it a day instead of wasting time and gas to go in for 3 hours. Instead, I went to Lowe's and bought primer and paint to paint this dresser I bought for my son's nursery off an online yard sale website.
This was immediately before painting the dresser.
Dresser = $30
Paint = $13
Supplies = $0 (already had everything I needed)
TOTAL = $43
Phone pictures never captures well in the house with crappy lighting. I will take quality pictures when I show off his entire nursery in a couple of months.
I did 2 coats of primer followed by 3 coats of blue. I had picked out a slightly darker shade of blue, but I am willing to settle with this color. I refuse to paint another coat. That’s me being lazy!
That evening, when we took the dresser into the house, it still felt a bit 'gummy' to the touch which made me concerned. However, the next day, it seemed normal with no splotches and looks great! I haven't put anything in it yet because it still reeks of paint fumes, but I am looking forward to organizing it with everything that needs to go inside it. I want to make my own dividers once I know what and where everything will be placed. I am also wanting to find some cute whale cutouts to stick on the drawers to add a little something. I had thought about adding knobs, but unless I find adorable whale ones that I can't live without, I would rather not. Why waste the time and energy to do it when it is already cute and functional as is?
Aren't they cute??? He's gonna look adorable!
The outfit with the crab is from Sam's Club for $2.81 - I couldn't resist.
Saturday, Matt and I relaxed all morning before going out to meet a lady who sold me this adorable Thanksgiving outfit and bib for $5, dinner at Penn Station (we had a coupon) and some shopping at Sam's Club. *Side note - this will hopefully be our last year with Sam's Club (I just renewed our membership). It seems like we get annoyed each time we are there and the customers are rude and pushy too. Costco is a MUCH better store, but is a bit far from our house. If they stayed open later then 6PM on Saturday I would have renewed this membership instead.
We went home to put everything away and then went back out to Kroger. We both agree, grocery shopping on a Saturday evening is peaceful. It's the best time for us to shop. While at Kroger, I rented Insurgent from Redbox and we watched it when we got home. I liked it, but it didn’t do the book justice. I doubt I'll ever watch this one again meaning it was a little disappointing.
Sunday, we went to church, ate a very yummy lunch at Pieology (very similar to Blaze), looked at a few cars at a car dealership (wanting to trade in our truck for something with a backseat for our baby) and then went home to watch more Covert Affairs episodes on Amazon Prime. A while later, we went to Lowe's for wood (Matt is re-doing his trailer since the wood was rotting), Wal-Mart for my essentials (Blue Bunny vanilla ice cream and bubble bath) and Auto Parts to pick up a few items Matt had ordered online.
Sunday flew by since we stayed busy all day.
And before I knew it, stupid Monday was here again. Blah! I hate Mondays! At least I have a bowl of ice cream with M&M's to look forward to in my very near future. As in the moment I finish up this blog post and hit 'submit'.

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