Thursday, August 13, 2015

28 Weeks

*I'm going to start addressing these to my son. I am planning on printing them and placing them in his baby book. I think this will be a neat thing for him to have and enjoy one day. If he doesn’t enjoy reading them, maybe his future wife or children will get a kick out of them. *

How far along: 28 weeks
Fruit-size comparison: You are the size of an eggplant. You weigh approximately 2.5 pounds and will continue to grow 0.5 pounds each week until you are born. Whoa! If you actually grow 0.5 pounds a week and I actually deliver you the week you are due, you'll be 8.5 pounds! Let's hope that’s not the case. I wouldn't mind if you are a little smaller than 8.5 pounds when you are born.
Length is: Approximately 14.8 inches or 37.6 cm head to heel.
Developmental milestones: You are still growing thicker skin and your bones are starting to harden more.
Weight gain: According to my doctor's scale on August 7th, I have only gained 1 pound from my last appointment on July 9th. However, to be fair, it should be noted my July appointment was in the afternoon and my August appointment was in the morning after I had fasted for 12 hours and only had 12 ounces of a sugary drink inside of me. Since my first visit with the OBGYN doctor on May 8th when I was 14 weeks, I have gained 14 pounds total. From the first time I kept track of my weight at the fertility clinic, which was on March 12th at 4 weeks, I have gained a total weight of 20 pounds.
I'm going to go over 200 pounds which I hate, but I just keep telling myself I am growing a strong healthy baby boy.
Sleep: This varies greatly. Some nights, I sleep great and only wake up once to pee. Those are the best nights! Other nights, I have a hard time falling asleep and/or I wake up several times throughout the night and then have a hard time falling back to sleep. I was also told by my husband I snored in my sleep Monday evening - August 10th. Evidently he tried to wake me up to get me to stop but I just fell back to sleep in the same position and continued to snore. According to him, I was snoring so bad he was forced to move to our guest bed. Once there, I heard him run into something and went to check on him. He was fine. He still slept in there though. Made me feel a little sad. Luckily, I haven’t snored since that night therefore daddy hasn't had to sleep in there again. Must have been the way I was sleeping???  
Best moment(s) of the week: No gestational diabetes, excellent blood count, only gained 1 pound, you measured right where you should and your heartbeat was strong. A wonderful doctor appointment! Another highlight has been feeling you move around even more then you had been moving. I know this will start to slow down soon, but I am enjoying it in the meantime.
Movement: You move all the time! Usually you'll move for a few minutes at a time and then slow down and start again. You seem most active while I am sitting at my desk while working and during the evenings. You are such an active baby boy! Daddy and I are convinced you are going to be strong.
Cravings: Nothing new here. I am interested to know if you will end up liking the foods I have been constantly eating while pregnant. I guess time will tell on this one.
Gender: You're a BOY!!!
Belly button in or out: Still in and I'm hoping it stays in.
Wedding ring: I haven’t had a change with this... wedding rings are on and loose.
Anything making you queasy/sick: Nothing thankfully. I hope this lasts throughout the rest of my pregnancy. Being sick is defiantly no fun.
What I miss: Nothing when I have so much to look forward to in the near future.
What I'm looking forward to: Holding you in my arms and kissing you all over. I am very curious to see who you look like - mommy or daddy.
Labor signs: None thank goodness!
Symptoms: I am having swelling in my feet every single day. Usually manageable, but sometimes very painful. Your daddy is sweet and rubs my feet whenever I ask without complaint. I am very glad my hands haven’t swelled. Would make my job at work a bit harder.
Nursery: Your dresser is painted. I am still waiting a little longer for it to no longer smell like paint, but I am making a plan on what needs to go where within the dresser. I have also been looking online for whale vinyl cutouts for your dresser and maybe the walls. I like that they are removable which makes it convenient for when we decide to sell the house and move (hopefully) to a different state.
Emotions: I'm feeling wonderful! I feel very blessed to get to experience pregnancy even on days when my outlook could use a little help.

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