Sunday, August 9, 2015

127 = No Gestational Diabetes

Surpassed another pregnancy hurdle on Friday... I do NOT have gestational diabetes and my blood count was excellent according to the doctor!!!
Whoo hoo!!!!!
Friday morning I woke WAY earlier then I had wanted to since I was not allowed to drink or eat anything prior to my appointment and having my finger pricked. That sucked. I was hungry and thirsty right away. I think I woke at 7 with no intention of leaving the house until 9AM. *Sigh* I managed to stay busy so I wouldn’t think about eating/drinking and then I left on time for my appointment. I wanted to be parked in time to drink my sugary fruit punch drink there and then go into my doctor appointment with time to spare per the doctor's office instructions. Easy. Didn't have any issue with traffic and easily found a parking spot.
When it was time, I drank the drink and then surfed the web all while sitting in my car. Good thing it wasn’t a hot morning and I was in a cool parking garage. Because of this, I was able to have the car completely off and the windows rolled up. I think my hospital is a safe place, but I felt more secure being able to keep the doors locked and the windows rolled up.
I went into the doctor's office and wrote down the time I finished the drink so they knew when it had been exactly one hour to prick my finger and test my levels.
Let me just mention the drink... it wasn’t bad at all. It definitely tasted like popsicle syrup, but I had no issues getting it down and keeping it down. I'm not sure why everyone complains about it. Of course, I was fortunate to get my drink ahead of time which allowed me to have it cooled in the fridge. I had read online about people complaining it was warm. I suppose that might have made it harder to get done. Not sure. I also tend to prefer sugar to salt so maybe my body is used to mass amounts of sugar? Again, I don't know.
After checking in, I sat down with the two forms they gave me to read and sign; I didn’t even finish them before I was called back. Morning appointments are awesome what with the office being nearly empty opposed to afternoons where it is sometimes very crowded. I guess that shows you how far behind they get come the afternoon. Unfortunately, I'll be sticking with afternoon appointments due to my work schedule. I'm trying to use as little leave time as possible in order to have my entire maternity time as paid time off. Remember, I have been saving my leave for YEARS!
Per the doctor appointment usual steps - I peed in a cup, had my blood pressure and weight taken and then went into a room to wait for the doctor before having my finger pricked. While waiting, I read some of the book I was reading on my Kindle app. Time flew and before I knew it, I was being measured by the doctor followed by listening to our son's heartbeat with the Doppler.
I was told he was measuring right on time and his heartbeat sounded good and strong. Awesome news!
The doctor and I then went back to the nurse's station where the nurse cleaned my finger, pricked it (didn’t hurt so bad) and put my blood into 2 slides. The doctor told me my sugar level was at 127 and my blood count looked excellent and she could tell I had been taken my vitamins.
I was ecstatic with the news!!!
I was nervous about the finger pricking and the possibility of having gestational diabetes. I worried for absolutely nothing!
I treated myself to Chick-fil-a after my appointment and then went home to paint my son's dresser. More on that later though.

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