Tuesday, July 14, 2015

We See Movement

This past weekend my mom came down to visit. We had all these plans to go see The Stephen Foster Show and then Shakespeare in the Park but of course, it rained Friday evening and then the ground was very saturated on Saturday. Plans got cancelled and we had to do something else.
Because of the rain, my mom decided not to come down until Saturday morning. We ended up doing some shopping and then we all went to a local place in Louisville called The Bacon Bar. Matt had heard good things about it from a co-worker so we figured we might as well try it.
The bacon appetizer we had consisted of (lower to top or left to right depending on how you see things) duck, beef, house smoked and turkey bacon. The duck bacon was delicious - my favorite. As far as entrees, I ordered a bacon cheese burger, my mom had bacon meatloaf sandwich and Matt had a turkey and bacon club. The food (besides the bacon) was decent. Nothing exciting to write home about. However, the atmosphere with live music was a very redeeming feature.
All in all, it was nice and decent. Both Matt and I agree if we eat here again, we will order duck BLTs.
Thursday morning while leaving the house for work, I noticed our mailbox was broken. So I faced the box part on the floor towards the street in hopes the mail would still be delivered. And it was. Friday I made sure the box part was still facing the same way. Mail was delivered along with a note telling us to fix our mailbox. I hope she was just doing that as part of her job and not to be a witch because it had only been two work days. Plus, it had been raining all week. Not exactly sure when she wanted us to fix the issue. Saturday my husband had to work which meant it still didn’t get done. Sunday was the day he had time to get it all done. Boy was it hot! He is a much better person then me. I would have quit and called it a day. I barely helped him - only had to hold the mailbox in place while he screwed in a few screws and then I held it to help make sure it was level before he added the concrete all while I was 'dying' from the heat. Temperature said it was 93 degrees and that’s not accounting for the hot sun blaring down on you.
The mailbox looks great by the way. We moved it to the other side of our driveway so eventually I need to move the bricks, rocks and plants around our original mailbox.
Speaking of our mailbox, I placed an old cooler outside next to our trash yesterday and Matt placed the mailbox inside of it. Someone stopped by and we thought was gonna take our broken cooler but instead, he took the broken mailbox. And then not 10 minutes later another guy came by and took the broken cooler. Every single time we have placed anything on the curb someone has always came by and picked up our junk. On one hand, I am glad these items are either being reused or recycled. On the other hand, just goes to show you some people will take any old junk.
Exciting news from yesterday.... after I ate lunch I kept feeling my baby boy move around... for like 10 minutes. I loved it!
Then last night while I was in the bathtub reading, I felt him moving/kicking and I was watching and saw my stomach move! It pushed out for a few seconds. I hollered to Matt to come quick and he got to see it too. He saw on the third time I yelled for him at least. Perhaps all my yelling was scaring my baby?? Such fun! I can hardly wait until we see a hand or a foot go across my stomach. :) Matt is convinced our little boy is strong and I don’t have the heart to tell him most babies do this. I would rather him think we really do have a strong baby boy.

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