Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Up & Up x 8

I have turned into one of those bloggers who only talks about their baby. I, however, never claimed I wasn't going to do this. Nor am I going to change. I am happy to talk about our son and he is what is going on in my life right now. But even with that being said, I do want to try and document my weekends when something fun/significant happens. Or you know, when nothing at all happens and it was just a nice three day weekend opposed to a boring two day weekend.
Friday, Matt and I were both off from work. Would have been nice to sleep in, but Wyatt had an accident in bed and I was up by 6:30. *sigh* Story of my life. Like I said before, he really is getting me prepared for motherhood. After removing the sheets and cleaning the mattress, it was just easier to stay awake and take a nap in a few hours. Naps are wonderful too. We later went out to the movie theater to see Jurassic World. I thought the movie was awesome! Started off a little slow, but it did not disappoint. I wasn't expecting the theater to be so full, but I got stuck with someone sitting directly next to me who kept hogging the arm rest. Doesn't always pay to be early for the movie I suppose. Who knew it would be busy at a movie that had been out for a few weeks at 2 in the afternoon???
After the movie, we did a little shopping and ate Chick-fil-a for dinner. Bought my baby boy the book 'If You Give A Mouse A Cookie' from the Kohl's Cares Collection along with a cute outfit with sharks on it.
Saturday we went to the gym and relaxed all morning. I think we left the house around 2 to get a little more shopping out of the way followed by church. Shouldn't need to shop next weekend with the exception of groceries. Dinner was at Moe's. Followed by seeing the fireworks our town offered. We were a bit further away than last year so we didn't get to experience the big 'booms' which was a little disappointing, but it was still a beautiful event to watch.
Sunday we shopped at Kroger and then did nothing all day. Well that's not true, we both did some cleaning around the house. And I am happy to report I took a few bags to Goodwill this morning on my way into work. I love getting rid of unneeded stuff. Makes me feel good about myself. Too bad the other side of me is a packrat and hates to part with anything. Good thing I have the arrival of my son and a possible future move to help motivate me to get everything cleaned and removed that is no longer needed.
Sunday I saw an awesome diaper deal from Target....
Spend $125 on baby products, get $20 gift card OR spend $200 on baby products, get $40 gift card.
Up & Up big box of diapers on sale for $24.99 each AND buy 2, get $10 gift card.
Bought 8 boxes of diapers for $199.92 and added a small container of wipes to get over the $200 total before tax.
THEN I used my new (just signed up) Target credit card to get 5% off.
Subtotal = $201.71
- $10.09 for using Red Card
+ Free shipping
+ $6.70 for tax
GRAND TOTAL = $198.32 AND I'll get back $80 in gift cards which makes it (depending on how you look at it) $118.32 for 8 boxes of diapers and 1 small container of wipes.
Awesome deal and I didn't even have to leave my house!!!!
I am debating doing this deal one more time in order to be a little more stocked up when our son gets here. The problem is I don't really know how many diapers I need in each size. I am pretty sure I will do the deal again though. It is too good to pass. We shop there normally so the gift cards won't go to waste either. And I read online that as long as I keep my receipts, I can exchange the diaper sizes on this brand for up to one year.
---Ordered on Sunday evening and was at my house this afternoon when I got off work. They accidently sent one of them in the wrong size, but that's okay. I'll keep it. ---
And while I'm on the topic of Target, let me tell you about registering for our baby.  We went to Target a little over 2 weeks ago and went to the customer service desk and were given a barcode scanner to create our registry. We thought it was neat that the barcode scanner was really what appeared to be an iPod within Target's own casing. I should have taken a picture of it. Basically after adding our registry information into the device, we went around the baby section (or store) scanning barcodes of items we wanted on our registry. Was very easy and kind of fun to do. Matt enjoyed being the official scanner while I picked out almost everything. He mostly just inputted his opinion for colors and designs. I am pretty sure he had as much fun as me. We even found a pack of hidden clearance Dr. Brown bottles for less than $5 while picking up items to scan. An awesome deal AND they aren't made in China.
When done, we turned the barcode scanner into the customer service desk and went on our merry way. I think it was the very next day when we got an email from Target thanking us for creating a baby registry with them and to stop by the customer service desk for our free baby registry gift. So this past weekend while there we went and picked it up:
My usual crappy phone picture.
I definitely like the pacifier and coupons. Those will get put to good use I'm sure. The bottle is nice, but it is made in China and I am trying very hard not to buy many products made in China that could (will) end up in my child's mouth. Very doable when it comes to bottles and pacifiers, but very hard when talking about toys. I have already bought a Sophie giraffe teether made in Paris which will hopefully be his only teething toy. And my mom has had some luck finding made in USA toys at Target.
Besides, it is better to support our local economy opposed to foreign economies... just ask Greece.
Wal-Mart, where I also attempted to make another baby registry does not offer barcode scanners... at their customer service desk we were informed all baby registries had to be done online.  No thanks! Wal-Mart, you need to step it up here... Target definitely has you beat in this aspect. I'm okay with updating my registry online, but I am not creating the entire thing online. Not worth my time and effort.
We still might register at Babies R' Us mostly for me to have a list of items I want to buy because Babies R' Us is all about babies and they have many items we want that aren't sold at Target. I might not tell anyone about this registry... I'll have to think about it. Seems greedy to have more than one.

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