Friday, July 31, 2015

TN and OH Weekend

Whoops! Here it is Friday and I haven't gotten around to posting about our weekend. I am such a slacker these days. I find it easiest to write my blog posts while on break at work and then email them to myself and post while at home. Sounds good in theory, but that reality doesn't always map out. Usually, I have no desire to get online when I get home from work. The only computer I use typically is my iPad and that's mostly to read on my Kindle application. And to think I was so opposed to getting one initially... didn't think I would enjoy reading books on an electronic device. Little did I know, huh?
Anyways, I am getting off track. Matt and I had a wonderful weekend. Because he was off all this week, I decided to take off Monday and Tuesday in order for us to spend a little more time in Tennessee visiting family and so we could spend Tuesday in Cincinnati, OH.
Saturday morning we loaded up our truck with two big pieces of furniture my mom was buying from us (to make room in our nursery - we have a small home) and headed to TN in order to be on time for Wyatt's 9:30AM grooming appointment. We dropped him off with time to spare and then dropped off the furniture at my mom's house where I stayed while Matt headed to his mom's house. I had planned on spending some time with my mom before picking up Wyatt from his grooming appointment which is exactly what we did. We went to lunch and did a little shopping before it was time to pick Wyatt up. She then brought me to Matt's mom's house where we hung out doing nothing - I read 2 books over the weekend while here. Better than watching TV. And I had a great time reading. Win, win.
Sunday afternoon, my mom and I went to a baby shower for two people in her small group. Everyone seemed very nice and I had a good time. Not sure how much I'll like my own baby shower though since I'm not a big fan of being the center of attention. Ahhh... the things we do for those we love.
Monday we didn’t do much prior to leaving. Once home, I desperately wanted to read in the bathtub. So I did. It was very relaxing. When we had left on Saturday morning, I turned our air up from 74 to 78 degrees. It took HOURS for the house to cool down and the air conditioner to stop running. It was THAT HOT outside!
Tuesday, while Matt was at the gym, I got ready to head to Cincinnati. I made sure I got the locations and directions of each place I wanted to visit and then I cleaned the house a bit while waiting. We left the house at 9:50AM and didn’t run into any problems on the way there.
Where did we go??
Ikea - We ate lunch and walked around the store. Didn’t buy anything. I was on the hunt for baby items and I was a bit disappointed we didn’t find anything.
Jungle Jim's - The most awesome international grocery store I have ever explored. We spent like 2 hours in here looking at everything. Check out all these pictures of all the neat sights to see while shopping.

I want to point out they had real 'Made in Europe' Haribo gummy bears for $2.50. You could buy the American version for $1 but those are not nearly as good.
The Cincinnati Art Museum -  The museum was free; just had to pay $4 for parking. I loved the Pinocchio statue outside. He was the highlight of the entire place. I was a bit disappointed by this place.
I'm not a big fan of paintings (I prefer artifacts and sculptures) and this is what they mostly had available to view. I was hoping this place would be more like the lovely art museum I saw while visiting Kansas City, MO. Still, I am glad we went and I can cross it off my summer bucket list I made myself at the beginning of the season.
We both want to head back to Jungle Jim's when it is cooler before our baby boy gets here. Even if we had our freezer bag with ice and made this our last stop before heading home, I think it was simply too hot to take home perishable foods. Especially considering on our way home, what should have taken 2 hours ended up taking 3.5 hours because of construction and a possible car accident. When we got to the point where we were barely moving, I had 1/4 tank of gas. It quickly went to 1/8. I was extremely nervous and concerned Matt (or both of us) would be walking to a gas station that wasn’t in sight. Around this area, exit ramps were few and far in between. Thank GOD we made it to an exit with a gas station. LOTS of people ended up stopping here.
This has nothing to do with the weekend, but I have to tell you about my GREAT Huggies wipes deal.
Here is what I saw online before going to the store:
Huggies Wipes (56 - 72 count) at Kroger $2.19 regular price
On sale for $1.99
Buy 5 participating items, save $5  
Making each pack $1 each
Buy $25 or more in Huggies products and get a $5 Catalina to use on a future purchase

So after work yesterday I stopped at my local Kroger and went straight to the wipes section not expecting there to be any left. Well guess what? They had a bunch since they were not marked. They were still showing $2.19 each and when I scanned them, they showed $1.99 but didn’t indicate being part of any deal. At that point, A Kroger employee walked by with a scanner and I asked him to please check the price and tell me if it was part of the deal making them a $1 each. He looked into IT and thought it was part of the deal, but wasn’t sure. I thanked him for his help and decided to try it.
While loading up my cart, a lady started talking to me and told me the bigger packs were a better deal. I then explained to her what I was trying to do and showed her the website I saw it on. She then looked for a coupon online. My kind of person! No coupons though.
In the end, I bought 24 packs of 72 count and 2 packs of 56 count. (No I did not clear the shelf - tons of 56 count packages still available.)
Before tax, I paid $25.74 and got back a $5 Catalina = $20.74 for 1840 wipes which make them $0.01127 each
Had I of stocked up on the 56 count packs, for the same price I would have 1456 wipes at $0.01424 each (Can buy them in bulk on Amazon cheaper).
This morning I went to Kroger again to see if the shelves had been re-stocked. They had 5 packages of the 72 count and bunches of the 56 count packages. I decided to buy the 5 packages of 72 count for $4.96 plus tax for 360 wipes at $0.01377 each. I plan on checking again this evening when Matt and I head out to dinner and Target. Wish me luck!

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