Friday, July 10, 2015

Anatomy Scan #2

Yesterday, we had our second anatomy scan of our little one. Let me start off by saying we saw his little wiener again meaning he is definitely all BOY - third time seeing it. No denying it. But, as usual, our little boy was rolled in a ball and didn’t want to show us his face. They were able to get pictures of his heart and his profile (side view of his face). I was really wanting to see his face so I inquired if we would be coming back for another ultrasound... nope. Everything looked good on him and unless something is wrong, we won't see him again until he is born. Seems very far away though.
Can we speed up time and have my due date upon us already?
Before my appointment, on the way there, I listened to my music loudly and sang along. I even chewed on some gum in hopes of having him move around. I had meant to bring some apple juice with me, but somehow I forgot it at home. During my appointment, the technician prodded him, I prodded/moved around and I half way emptied my bladder and still he wouldn’t move out of the fetal position. I am beginning to think he is either a.) one lazy little boy, b.) enjoys being curled up, c.) knew we were trying to see him and is camera shy, or d.) wants his looks to be a surprise. I'm not sure which one I am leaning more towards. I would have bribed him with something yummy to eat, but somehow I didn’t think he would cooperate.
Heart beats per minute were measured at 152. All previous appointments he has been at 153 bpm. I wonder what he will be next visit.
I should have asked for his weight. :(
After the anatomy scan, I went to my actual doctor appointment where we weren't called back until an hour past my appointment and then we only saw her for about 2 minutes. Makes me wonder how they get so far behind. Before seeing the actual doctor, while my measurement were taken, I was given this lovely drink for the 1 hour glucose test. At least it is fruit punch. I'm hoping it doesn’t taste awful, but at least you are told to drink it all within 5 minutes so I can definitely tolerate it for that long. The scary part will be when they prick my finger an hour later. I thought they would draw blood. Nope.
My appointment is on August 7 - I'll be 27 weeks +1.

I was given instructions stating I needed to drink the entire amount in 5 minutes exactly 45 minutes before my appointment. When I arrive, I am to tell them I drank the drink and give them the exact time. I will then be pricked exactly an hour later from when the drink was consumed. Crazy! At least I can be assured my drink will be refrigerated - I read online it makes it taste a little more tolerable opposed to being warm or room temperature.

Because of the tight timeline, I think I will show up at the hospital an hour early so I can be sitting in my car drinking the drink ensuring I don’t get stuck in traffic or road construction. The only problem with this is my appointment isn’t until 10:15 AM and I am not allowed to eat or drink before the appointment. Not even water! Makes me want to sleep in until the last possible moment because I wake up starving every single morning.
I will make sure I pack a bottle of water and something to eat with me for after the test. I might even treat myself to some Chick-fil-a. Actually, who am I kidding.... I will for sure treat myself to a yummy chicken sandwich with a side of waffle fries.

I also intend to take the whole day off. Hate to use leave time all day, but what choice do I really have since I work an hour from my doctor's office?

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