Thursday, July 16, 2015

24 Weeks

I'm wearing the exact clothes from my 20 Week picture... oops!
How far along: 24 weeks
Fruit-size comparison: Cantaloupe
Length is: 22cm long from the top of his head to his heels (I think I was 'told' he was longer before because for some reason I remember saying he was as long as a ruler.) For the record, I am now only using one website for my information which should give me more consistent information. At least I hope.
Developmental milestones: My baby boy is now forming footprints and fingerprints making him even more unique from anyone else.
Weight gain: Well, when I weighed myself the morning of my appointment, I was only up 4 pounds from my appointment a month ago. When I got weighed at the doctor's office, I had gained 9 pounds in the same amount of time. I am not wanting to hit 200 pounds, but at this rate, it is inevitable. I can only hope I keep my promise to myself and actually exercise and lose weight after my baby boy gets here. I already told my husband how after our baby gets his shots, I plan on driving to a mall or somewhere indoor we can walk. I'll aim for every other day at this point. Although, maybe I won't want to take him out in the cold???
Sleep: I have decided it is best to go to sleep when I am really tired because I am able to stay asleep longer. If I go to bed when I am just kind of tired, I toss and turn and wake to pee WAY to frequently. And of course, on weekends, I'm not able to sleep in past 7 or 7:30 even though I desperately wish I could.
Best moment of the week: Oh where to begin... we have had several wonderful moments with our baby these past 2 weeks. Let me start with the best - seeing my stomach move in an upward motion when he either kicked or pushed me. I am happy Matt got to see it happen as well. We had our second anatomy scan on July 9th... I always enjoy seeing my baby. Monday, July 13, I was sitting at my desk while working and felt him kicking off and on for about 10 minutes. I was shocked and surprised. I stopped what I was doing and held my hand to my belly to feel him better. Maybe all babies are active, but I like to think of mine as a future athlete. This was the first time I felt him strongly while at work.
Movement: All the time. Especially after I eat and when I am lying in bed on my back. He's one wiggly guy!
Cravings: Still no true cravings, just fixations when something pops into my head. Over the weekend Matt mentioned Taco Bell and it wouldn't leave my head. We had it for dinner on Sunday. Yum! (Haven't ate there in YEARS!!!!!)
Gender: He's a BOY!!!
Belly button in or out: In. Maybe it's just me, but my belly button hole looks bigger.
Wedding ring: Maybe I'll get to wear them for my whole pregnancy?
Anything making you queasy/sick: Nope. I am back to riding on my vanpool twice a week and have been doing great. Of course, I have been taking precautions such as only looking straight ahead and making sure the air is circulating. Thankfully, my vanpool peeps are all very understanding.
What I miss: Not being hot all day. I hate the cold weather, but maybe I would have been better off being pregnant in the winter. I say this, but if this had happened, I would have found something else to complain about.
What I'm looking forward to: Duh!!! Holding my baby boy for the first time. Can hardly wait!
Labor signs: Nada
Symptoms: Unless you count being overheated, nothing.
Nursery: Picking out which bedroom to use is all we have done so far. I am indecisive about the crib. Plus, we might be moving so I am not in a hurry to make any purchases. I have organized his closet about twenty times.
Emotions: Feeling mostly wonderful. My work days drag and the time I spend at home goes by way too fast. But what's new?

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