Friday, June 19, 2015

Baby Mail-In Offers

In a previous post from HERE, I talked about ordering the following baby products/samples from four companies. These are my own opinions... I did not receive compensation... I am posting this to possibly help others make a decision as to whether or not to order these items.
Walmart 2nd Trimester Baby Box $5
Considering this is a second trimester box, the two coupons on the left are not anything I will be able to use anytime soon. Perhaps the formula one on the top left will be useful if I am unable to breast feed. The bottle/pacifier coupons may get used by me. The lotion coupon on the right doesn't seem very useful for a baby. However, it could be useful to use on my belly.
The best items from this box were the Burt Bee's samples.
Overall, I am undecided if this was worth my $5. I am going to allow one more box to be sent to me, but I will cancel it if there isn't anything good. 

Citrus Lane Box (at half off) $14.50
I was looking forward to this box the most. Such a disappointment!!!
You can see the four items I received. Honestly, with the exception of the book, I wouldn't have bought any of these items. I am extremely glad this box was half off and not at the full price of $29. I would have been mad.
The stroller cards are worthless and look like something I would have gotten out of a yummy Chick-fil-a kids meal and the stuffed animal looks sad and cheap despite being made of Egyptian cotton. The lip item seems out of place in a box of baby items don't you think? 

Everyday Happy Trial Diaper Kit and Family Care Kit $5.95
This box is decent if I was actually willing to pay retail price for a subscription for these products. They are simply too expensive. For the almost $6 I spent I could have bought a small amount of diapers. However, I was interested in getting this sample in case my baby has allergies to other diapers and this way we could test these ones out immediately. 

Honest Company Trial Diaper and Wipes Bundle $5.95
See box number 3 for my opinions on these products. I feel the same way with them as I did with those.

Overall, not impressed. Glad I only spent $30 trying everything out. I do plan on using most of these items once I have my baby boy so they wont go to waste. (Except for the stroller cards which seem worthless.)
Again, these are just my opinions. You may love these products and companies. If so, please do feel offended by my comments.

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