Wednesday, June 24, 2015

20+4 Anatomy Scan

On Monday we had our anatomy scan - I was 20 weeks and 4 days. Prior to my appointment I did as instructed and drank at least 36 ounces of water at least an hour before my appointment. Boy did I need to pee!!! Didn’t help that when we got there the first place we went to was the bathroom for Matt and then in the waiting room I heard the toilet flush. *Sigh* But I made it through with no issues.
When we finally got called back for the ultrasound (I say finally because we showed up 30 minutes early), I laid on the bed/table and pulled my pants down to below my private area and placed the sheet over myself up to my belly per the technician's instructions. The technician then squirted some of the warm gel onto my belly and it was time to see our baby.
Highlights include:
He's still a baby boy! (At this point I would have been disappointment if my elected gender reveal had been wrong.)
Heart rate is still consistent at 153 bpm. (That's 3 appointments at this rate.)
He weighs approximately 13 ounces which is right where he should be according to the technician.
His spine looks normal.
Hands and feet looked good.
After she took a bunch of pictures and showed us different things, she had me empty my bladder in hopes of waking up my sleeping baby boy. Not only was he sleeping, but he was evidently standing on my bladder and was almost curled in a ball. Because he was in this position, she needed to wake him up in order to get some pictures of his face, heart and kidneys.
So I emptied my bladder (which felt wonderful) and I came back to the bed/table and we started the process again. She tried tapping him and prodding him awake and he simply wasn’t having it. He was either in a deep sleep or else he really was hungry per the technician's guess. Meaning, I get to have another anatomy scan in hopes of seeing these few areas. The technician told us when I go to my next doctor appointment they would schedule the appointment. Sounded good to me. I am happy to see my baby boy again. Had he of cooperated, this would have been our last time seeing him unless there are any complications. Which obviously, I am hoping none arise.
Driving home from work yesterday I got a call from my doctor's nurse. She told me my doctor said everything she could see looked good, but they did want to schedule my second anatomy scan prior to my next appointment on July 9. Again, no problem with me. I booked it for right prior to my appointment on the 9th.
I will be exactly 23 weeks on this appointment and I am curious to see how much he grows in that short amount of time. Hopefully everything looks normal with these three areas we are trying to see this time.
In other news, I bought my baby boy some toys off of a Facebook yard sale website:

*Crappy phone pictures, but you get the idea.
I paid $30 for everything you see which is three different Fisher Price Little People sets. Per Amazon, this would have cost me over $100 had I bought them new. The lady even kept the boxes as you can see... I won't be keeping them though.
Talk about a good deal!
I also bought him two books today: The Monster at the End of this Book and Are You My Mother. I paid about $5 for them on Amazon and received two separate $2 Kindle credits for selecting no rush delivery. I plan on ordering more books on Amazon if they continue to do this deal. Gotta love being an Amazon prime member! Since I get some new Kindle books, this is a better deal then me buying them at Goodwill. At least cheaper on some books. I still have a long list of my childhood favorites I am on the hunt for and will continue searching a good deal. I am very excited to read to my son nightly. I hope he enjoys it as much as I did/do.

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