Thursday, June 4, 2015

18 Weeks With My Baby Boy

How far along: 18 weeks

Fruit-size comparison: Sweet Potato or Bell Pepper
Length: Approximately 14.2 cm head to bottom (I assume this means to toe???).                
Developmental milestones: Baby's bones are getting stronger and are less like cartilage.
Maternity clothes: I bought 4 more shirts two weekends ago from Old Navy so I am good on shirts. Still only have the one pair of work pants. I desperately need at least another pair. I can't deal with my jeans anymore. They are simply too tight even when not buttoned. I have sat at work all day today with my pants unbuttoned with the zipper almost all the way down. Comfortable when I sit, but they don’t stay up when I have to walk to the printer or bathroom. I'm done wearing them.
Weight gain: I believe 9 pounds total. More than I would like to have gained by now. On Monday I will have the official weight gain amount since I have a doctor appointment and I am hoping for it to be less than that amount. Of course, considering how often I eat, I shouldn’t be surprised.
Stretch Marks: I don’t think I have any from the pregnancy yet. It was suggested to me by two people to start lathering on the cocoa or coconut butter now. Guess I need to buy some this weekend.
Sleep: Same - I usually wake 3 times a night to go to pee. Doesn’t matter if I stop drinking liquids several hours before bedtime. The issue is I tend to have a hard time falling back to sleep. Mostly because Wyatt's hot body is up against mine and even when I move away from him, I hear him slowly wiggle towards me until we are touching again. It would be cute if I wasn’t already hot and tired....
Best moment of the week: Telling our family the gender of the baby last Saturday.
Movement: I am pretty sure I have been feeling him the last few weeks.
Cravings: Nothing in particular. I am just constantly hungry in general. I prefer 'solid' foods opposed to fruits and veggies with lots of water.
Gender: It's a BOY!!!
Belly button in or out: In
Wedding ring: This hasn't changed for me. Same amount of looseness as before. I still worry about it slipping off my finger and me losing it. After the baby comes, I plan to get it sized properly.
Anything making you queasy/sick: Thanks to my wonderful husband getting me started on protein shakes, I haven’t been sick since last Thursday. Baby boy must have needed more protein. HOWEVER, I still get motion sickness in the car. I do seem to do better when I drive opposed to someone else driving. Which sucks because I don’t enjoy driving everywhere but I guess I need to try. I am going to stop taking my vanpool into work too. I hate feeling sick at the beginning of my work day. On the flip side, I hate wasting gas money when I don’t have to.
What I miss: My pants not being tight. But I'm not complaining... I am SOOO happy to be pregnant with my baby boy. Plus, I can rectify this issue with the purchase of some additional pants.
What I'm looking forward to: Holding my baby boy for the first time! Seeing him smile at me. :)
Labor signs: None
Symptoms: Motion sickness in the car.
Nursery: Walls are already teal/aqua which I had no intention in changing regardless of the gender. Matt suggested if we were having a boy to make the room walls 'under the sea' . Awesome idea! And now Matt wants sharks in the room. I am going to make it nautical with sharks. But not too theme-ish. Colors will be teal/aqua, navy blue, white and accents of gray.
Meaning, no giraffes in this room. *Sigh* I guess I'll have to pass on my love of giraffes to my next child.
Emotions: Feeling great. Perhaps a bit agitated at times. I have noticed certain things annoy me these days which I used to be able to ignore.

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