Thursday, May 28, 2015

I Can't Tell You, But I Know the Gender of My Baby

Because I am trying to keep track of all things pregnancy related, here's my weekend re-cap.
Friday after work, my mom and her husband came up too see the bridge (see previous post) and for us to watch their dog while they spent a night in Lexington. We also all ate dinner together - my mom picked up some ribs from Kroger. After seeing the bridge, I practically fell asleep in the car on the way home and then went right to bed.
What can I say... work was tiring on its own and then you add in a late night... not a good combo for a pregnant lady. Just saying...
Saturday, they left for their overnight trip. Matt and I left shortly after them to get our last 'free' maintenance check with our car, ate Chick-fil-a for lunch, shopped at Kohl's and JCPenny.
At JCP we each had a $10 off $10 coupon. I purchased a girl baby outfit and Matt purchased a boy one. We planned on exchanging the outfit that is the wrong gender once we found out the gender. Fun little game. We then went home and pretty much did nothing.
Again, I am a tired pregnant lady.
Sunday, after sleeping in and skipping church, we went grocery shopping. Came back to the house to unload the groceries and then ate lunch. Left the house again to go see The Avengers and shop at a different Kohl's. By the time we got home, my mom was back.
Matt and I had to leave though because I had agreed to purchase a dresser from an online yard sale website. This is the solid wood dresser I bought for $30:
Not my picture.
My plans are to paint it to match the nursery. I think it will look marvelous once completed.
When we got back, Greg helped Matt unload the dresser and then we hung out watching TV and chit chatting until it was time for them to leave.
Monday was THE day!
This is the day we went to our elective gender ultrasound and found out the gender of our baby.
I can't share the gender with you yet, but just know we are both very happy and excited to meet our little one.
We plan on telling family the gender on Saturday. Should be fun.

During the ultrasound, the technician showed us all sorts of things like how the baby was kicking towards my bladder. I can only imagine how much fun that will be once the baby is a little bigger!
Within our cost, we got a few pictures AND a DVD from our ultrasound. Well worth the extra money to go to this place opposed to the other place I had originally picked out. Monday evening and this evening we have watched it again. Kinda magical. :)
After the ultrasound we went and ate lunch at a hibachi grill. Yum!
Exchanged our wrong gender outfit at JCP and bought two more items. Also went to Old Navy where I found a maternity section. Finally!
After all my shopping this weekend, baby got four new outfits and I got one dress and five shirts. YAY!
Then yesterday, Matt sent me a link for The Children's Place and thy were having a giant sale. I bought 16 items for $45.
I need to stop buying stuff for now.
Too cute, right?

Gotta end with this cutie.

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