Monday, May 18, 2015

Cleaned and Organized

Talk about a busy weekend... No wonder I am tired today!
Saturday, Matt had to work so I had made myself a long list of things I wanted to accomplish. I set my alarm for 8AM and started 'working' by 9. My number one goal of the day was to clean out/organize the guest room/future nursery closet (minus the top shelf).
The reason I was leaving the top shelf alone was because this shelf holds items I plan on using in the nursery (3 shelves, 5 picture frames) and items I have nowhere else to store (sewing machine, Cricut, extra printer cartridge). Let's not forget the fan I also left in there which is to the left and you can barely see in this picture. I might be donating it, but didn’t want to get rid of it just yet. Need to check with Matt in case he wants to keep it. Beneath the fan is my plastic 3-drawer unit holding all my arts and crafts supplies. If it couldn't fit in there (with the exception of my mesh that I moved to a different closet), it had to go. Honestly, I am 'cheating' by keeping this in the closet. I wanted everything out. My perspective on the issue is that you can't see it, therefore it doesn’t count as being in there. If we are still in the house by the time my child becomes an active toddler, it will need to be housed somewhere else. For now, I can get away with it.
As for the rest of the closet, I removed everything and placed the items on the bed. I immediately placed the items to be donated into a garbage bag. Some items, like office supplies and my mesh, I moved into our other two closets (hall and living room) after cleaning and organizing them. Some items gave me a bit of a headache because I hate parting with stuff, but I feel good about what I accomplished.
After achieving an almost empty closet, I filled it a bit with the few baby items we already have on hand:
Tupperware on the floor is filled with giraffe stuffed animals
Bag on shelf is filled with small baby items such as bottles, small stuffed animals, baby locks, etc.
2 Toys
1 Container of wipes
1 Giraffe trash can (toy?)
2 Girl baby blankets, 2 Boy baby blankets
2 Baby Memory Books
2 Unisex bibs, 1 Girl bib
11 Boy outfits, 2 Unisex outfits, 13 Girl outfits (if you count the onesies separate)
Clothes and blankets are from my days of working at Belks... I used to buy stuff for future baby showers when they had a good clearance. These are the items I was never able to part with because I liked them too much. I figure once we know the gender of the baby, I will put away the clothes/blankets we don’t need. I'll save them for baby #2. If baby #2 is the same gender as baby #1, I will give them away.
I think Matt was impressed I got it all done. He knows how much I hate getting rid of stuff. I am of the attitude you never know when you will need that item again. Not a good attitude to have when your home is a little less than 1200 sq. ft.
Another 'item' I crossed off my list was signing up for some free samples/products for our baby.
I joined the following mailing offers with prices:
Walmart 2nd Trimester Baby Box $5
Citrus Lane Box (at half off) $14.50
Everyday Happy Trial Diaper Kit and Family Care Kit $5.95
Honest Company Trial Diaper and Wipes Bundle $5.95
The Walmart Box is $5 every 90 days. This is to cover shipping and handling of the free samples and coupons. If it seems worth it, I will keep this subscription going.
The Citrus Lane Box is the one I am most excited about based on the reviews I read. In my box, we will get toys/food based on the age of my child. (I did put in the correct due date). Sounds awesome! However, this is a $29/month subscription that just might not be worth keeping. $29/month for toys I am not picking out might be a bit expensive. I am curious to see what we get though. I choose the gender neutral box.  I may or may not keep this subscription. I might ask my mom and mother-in-law to each order the first box for the baby if it is worth the initial price.
The Everyday Happy Trial Diaper Kit and Family Care Kit will for sure be cancelled. I cannot afford $115.90 plus $5.95 for shipping/month no matter how good the diapers and wipes are at doing their job. That is simply out of my budget.
The Honest Company Trial Diaper and Wipes Bundle will also be cancelled due to price at $79.95 and $39.95/month as well. Too expensive. If I like either of these 2 items, I will just look for coupons and deals and maybe buy them individually. We will see. I have read good reviews about these items.
I promise to post pictures of each box we get and give you my opinions. It's good to know a little something about what you are ordering before you order it. If I can help one person out, it will be worth me writing about it. :)
Sunday after church, we did some shopping.
One of the first places we went was to Target where we bought 8 12-packs of soda on sale for 4 for $11. We bought 8 to make the total $22 because Target had a cartwheel coupon for a free $5 gift card when you spend $20 on soft drinks. (We also purchased cookies and 2 bottles of medicine.) But the stupid coupon wouldn’t work and the cashier wasn’t hearing my explanation of the price/offer.  So we paid for everything and then went to the customer service desk to ask about the coupon. We were told 'yes' the coupon should have worked and we were given $5 in cash. Thank you Target for taking care of the problem with no issues. Matt then went to the restroom while I waited by the door. I would say we were in the store for a total of 10 minutes after checking out. I should also mention there were people in line behind us when we paid.
3 hours later when we get home and our unloading our groceries, Matt asks where the Target bag is with the cookies. Well, I hadn’t unpacked it so I went to the car and looked for the bag thinking we missed it. Nope... didn’t see it. Matt went and double checked. Still not found. *sigh*
I call Target and thankfully they have the bag and I can come pick it up today with my receipt. Bad news - this particular Target is 30 miles away from our house and it's 5 PM. *sigh* I decided to head out and get it ONLY because it had $20 worth of merchandise in it. Had it of been less, I would of said forget it. AND, while I was waiting on the phone for someone to answer, I noticed they charged us $12 per 4 sodas. Meaning they overcharged us $2. Another thing I would 'fix' while going back there. This is why you should always check your receipt before leaving a store. (My bad! Usually I am good about doing this.)
30 miles and 30 minutes later, I arrive at the customer service desk at Target and receive my bag of items and explain the $2 overcharge and she gives me $2 cash refund. Again, no issues with the refund. What I am annoyed about is the fact we were in the store another 10 minutes after checking out. I am POSITIVE the cashier saw the left bag and didn’t even try to track us down. While I was standing at the door waiting for Matt, I was very close to our cashier. I wasted 60 miles of gas and an hour of my time to get this bag. I blame the cashier for not even trying to track us down and I blame ourselves for being too occupied with the $5 gift card issue that we didn’t notice the bag wasn’t in the cart and we didn’t load it into the trunk.
Has this ever happened to you?
Now here it is Monday morning (yes, I am typing this on my break while at work) and I am tired. Really tired. And hungry - good thing I packed a big lunch. I think I need to start going to bed even before my early bed time of 9PM. I am struggling right now.
On a positive note, I found a sweet surprise from my husband tucked away in my purse.
I love when he does things like this for me. Makes me feel special and loved. *Hint, Hint, Hint!!!*