Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Big Four Pedestrian Bridge @ Night

Friday, while my mom and her husband were here, we decided to go to the Big Four Pedestrian Bridge which crosses from Louisville into Indiana. I had seen it on the news/online back in February when the lights at night were first turned on and I had been waiting for a nice evening to check it out. But then I got morning sickness in the evenings so Matt and I never made it. Go figure! I had told my mom over the phone that we had planned on going this weekend and she mentioned she would like to come. Sounded like a good plan to me.
It is an old railroad bridge that was converted into a pedestrian bridge several years ago. My mom had accompanied Matt and I last year when we went to it during the day. We have came full circle with her and the bridge.
After getting a bit lost trying to find it due to all the activities going on downtown, we finally found it around 8:30PM and followed the lead of another car by parking at the very end of a row of parking where there were no lines drawn on the pavement. I assumed it was a bit illegal, but didn’t care too much since we were there and other people did it. Plus, it was packed!
Very popular destination.
On the way to the bridge, we saw a President Lincoln statue and, of course, I had to get my picture taken with it.

Once we got to the bridge, I continued to keep stopping to take pictures which slowed everyone down, but maybe it was a good thing. We hadn't made it very far across the bridge when we saw fireworks going off from the Louisville Bats baseball game.
I snapped some good pictures if I do say so myself:

During the fireworks, someone (I think my mom), noticed police lights near where my car was parked. Her and I started worrying about me getting a ticket/car getting towed. Matt was calm and didn’t think they were near my car, but at that point, I was nervous. We decided to ditch walking the bridge and went back to the car. Luckily, no ticket and the car was still there. Without moving the car (per my husband), we went back and sat near the bridge to check it out some more.
I love the pictures I was able to capture!
Oh look!!! There goes the Bell of Louisville Steamboat!
I absolutely love how the lights reflect onto the water

Just an FYI - it was really hard to narrow these down to my 8 favorites.



  1. I know you were tired and it took a lot for us to go to the bridge, but it was so beautiful and we had such a good time. What a treat to be able to watch the fire works from the ball game on the bridge! Thank you for a wonderful evening.