Sunday, May 24, 2015

Are You A Boy or Are You A Girl???

Soon, Matt and I will be finding out the gender of our baby. I can barely wait!
I thought it would be fun to look up a bunch of Old Wives' Tales to determine the gender of our baby prior to our appointment. Although I am not taking it seriously, it was a little fun to answer the questions and see which gender came out on top. Plus, I needed my family to have a little 'help' with their gender guesses.
Here's the list:
Not moody -  BOY
Bigger boobs - BOY
Left boob larger than the right one - GIRL (This has always been the case so maybe this one shouldn’t count)
No Dark nipples - GIRL
Eat garlic and odor does not seep out of your pores - GIRL (Can't stand the smell)
Bright yellow urine - BOY (Maybe I should be drinking more water?)
Morning sickness - GIRL
Heart rate over 140 bpm - GIRL
Crave sweets - GIRL (I really crave everything!)
Don’t eat the ends of bread - GIRL (I never have)
Dad isn’t gaining weight - BOY
No extra acne - BOY
Non dry hands - GIRL (Maybe if it was winter)
Same amount of hair on legs - GIRL (I think)
Rounder face - GIRL (Slightly)
Warm feet - GIRL (Again, it is summer)
Not clumsy - GIRL
Carrying around the middle - GIRL
Chinese gender chart - BOY
Out of 19 Old Wives' Tales:
GIRL = 13
BOY = 6
According to these, we should be having a GIRL!!!
To be honest, I have been voting for a baby girl the whole time so maybe I am unconsciously swaying the vote...


  1. Now I know this was created to throw me off the trail! LOL. Well played, Jessica, well played!

    1. What??? I really did do this before finding out the gender.