Friday, May 8, 2015

14 Weeks

***13 week picture from our cruise.
****This was taken with Matt's phone in front of the pool on the serenity deck.
*****I am a slacker who didn't take a 14 weeks picture.
How far along: 14 weeks
Fruit-size comparison: A lemon
Developmental milestones: Well, our baby is still getting bigger and bigger as the days go on.
Maternity clothes: This hasn’t changed. I need to bite the bullet and start buying some bottoms or else I am going to be in a pickle soon.
Weight gain: 3 pounds.
Stretch Marks: Nothing I didn’t already have.
Sleep: My husband claims he is going to record me sleeping because evidently I am talking a lot in my sleep these days. Guess I am having dreams. Too bad I don’t remember any of them in the morning.
Best moment of the week: Tuesday and today I told everyone at work I am pregnant. My bosses all seemed happy for me.
Movement: Nothing to report yet, but I am looking forward to feeling my little baby bean soon.
Cravings: Still loving the sugary stuff.
Gender: Hopefully we know within a month. I am looking forward to calling our baby by the name we have decided on opposed to baby bean.
Belly button in or out: In
Wedding ring: Loosely on. Fingers crossed my fingers don’t swell this summer.
Anything making you queasy/sick: Week 12 was deceiving... my morning sickness is back with a vengeance. The last 2 days I have been puking in the evening and have been having evening headaches. It's awful! All I want to do is sleep. After I puke, I tend to cry. Not sure why except I hate puking. So I have been going to bed hungry. Even drinking a few sips of water comes back up. Tuesday my expensive morning sickness pills came back up before they even had time to dissolve. Had to take them again but with one sip of water in hopes they stayed down. Thankfully, they did.
What I miss: Not being sick. You don’t know this yet, but we went on a cruise last week. I wasn’t sick at all except for a few minutes here and there which seemed to pass fairly quickly.
What I’m looking forward to: Friday I have my first doctor appointment with my OBGYN and I am hoping I get to hear my baby's heartbeat.  
Labor signs: Too soon for this.
Symptoms: Morning sickness and headaches the last few evenings.
Nursery: I am waiting until we know the sex.
Emotions: Feeling pretty ill at the moment. And hungry. Cannot forget my tummy is crying out for food. I am gonna hopefully eat in 30 minutes. Annoyed that so far my second trimester isn’t easier than my first. The books and internet lie I tell you! 

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