Friday, May 15, 2015

14 Week Doctor Appointment

Friday, May 8th, I had my first doctor appointment with my OBGYN.
What a day, what a day!
I arrived around 8:20 for my first appointment at 8:30AM with the nurse. I didn’t end up getting called back until almost 8:50. She took me directly to her office where we promptly went over mine and Matt's medical history. I was also asked questions such as:
'Do you plan on having an epidural?' Maybe.... I am undecided at the moment. Definitely not off the table.
'Do you plan on breast feeding?' Yes
'If you have a boy, will you want him circumcised?' Ummm... I don’t know, I need to talk to my husband. Do most people have this done? I didn’t know this answer. In hindsight, I should have known, but I just couldn't think of what it even meant. She did tell me most American babies are circumcised at birth so I replied with a 'yes' at that point. I imagine the question will come up again so at least next time I will be prepared.
After all her question asking, we went over a few things about pregnancy - what foods to avoid, to eat healthy and exercise....
She then gave me a bag full of handouts.
I was next sent across the hall to have blood drawn (3 vials) and to collect pee in a cup. I don’t remember how long my wait was, but I don’t remember it being very long.
Once this was done, I went back across the hall for my 10:30 OBGYN doctor appointment. I waited a bit for this and then was called back by another nurse who weighed me and took my blood pressure.
Once a room became available, I changed and waited for her to come in to do a breast exam, pap smear and cultural. Followed by the listening of my baby's heartbeat. Only, she couldn’t find the heartbeat. I won't lie, even though she told me not to panic and that this is normal at this stage, I panicked. She told me I would be getting an ultrasound today to make sure everything was okay. At the front counter where I made me next appointment for 4 weeks from now and my appointment for the ultrasound, the lady told me she had the same issue with her second child.
Back across the hall I went where thankfully, I only had to wait about 5 minutes before getting called back for my ultrasound. The ultrasound technician instantly found the baby and the baby's heartbeat. THANK GOD!!!
Our baby has a healthy heartbeat of 153 bpm.
I liked seeing him/her bouncing (technician's word, not mine).
On the plus side, I am the proud owner of 3 more pictures of my precious baby!
You can clearly see some of the facial features now.

**I took pictures (with my phone) of the pictures which explains the poor quality.
P.S. Baby received a few gifts this weekend from Aunt Laura:

Technically, they were my Mother's Day gifts, but I know they are really for baby when he or she arrives.
Very sweet of her!

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