Thursday, May 28, 2015

I Can't Tell You, But I Know the Gender of My Baby

Because I am trying to keep track of all things pregnancy related, here's my weekend re-cap.
Friday after work, my mom and her husband came up too see the bridge (see previous post) and for us to watch their dog while they spent a night in Lexington. We also all ate dinner together - my mom picked up some ribs from Kroger. After seeing the bridge, I practically fell asleep in the car on the way home and then went right to bed.
What can I say... work was tiring on its own and then you add in a late night... not a good combo for a pregnant lady. Just saying...
Saturday, they left for their overnight trip. Matt and I left shortly after them to get our last 'free' maintenance check with our car, ate Chick-fil-a for lunch, shopped at Kohl's and JCPenny.
At JCP we each had a $10 off $10 coupon. I purchased a girl baby outfit and Matt purchased a boy one. We planned on exchanging the outfit that is the wrong gender once we found out the gender. Fun little game. We then went home and pretty much did nothing.
Again, I am a tired pregnant lady.
Sunday, after sleeping in and skipping church, we went grocery shopping. Came back to the house to unload the groceries and then ate lunch. Left the house again to go see The Avengers and shop at a different Kohl's. By the time we got home, my mom was back.
Matt and I had to leave though because I had agreed to purchase a dresser from an online yard sale website. This is the solid wood dresser I bought for $30:
Not my picture.
My plans are to paint it to match the nursery. I think it will look marvelous once completed.
When we got back, Greg helped Matt unload the dresser and then we hung out watching TV and chit chatting until it was time for them to leave.
Monday was THE day!
This is the day we went to our elective gender ultrasound and found out the gender of our baby.
I can't share the gender with you yet, but just know we are both very happy and excited to meet our little one.
We plan on telling family the gender on Saturday. Should be fun.

During the ultrasound, the technician showed us all sorts of things like how the baby was kicking towards my bladder. I can only imagine how much fun that will be once the baby is a little bigger!
Within our cost, we got a few pictures AND a DVD from our ultrasound. Well worth the extra money to go to this place opposed to the other place I had originally picked out. Monday evening and this evening we have watched it again. Kinda magical. :)
After the ultrasound we went and ate lunch at a hibachi grill. Yum!
Exchanged our wrong gender outfit at JCP and bought two more items. Also went to Old Navy where I found a maternity section. Finally!
After all my shopping this weekend, baby got four new outfits and I got one dress and five shirts. YAY!
Then yesterday, Matt sent me a link for The Children's Place and thy were having a giant sale. I bought 16 items for $45.
I need to stop buying stuff for now.
Too cute, right?

Gotta end with this cutie.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Big Four Pedestrian Bridge @ Night

Friday, while my mom and her husband were here, we decided to go to the Big Four Pedestrian Bridge which crosses from Louisville into Indiana. I had seen it on the news/online back in February when the lights at night were first turned on and I had been waiting for a nice evening to check it out. But then I got morning sickness in the evenings so Matt and I never made it. Go figure! I had told my mom over the phone that we had planned on going this weekend and she mentioned she would like to come. Sounded like a good plan to me.
It is an old railroad bridge that was converted into a pedestrian bridge several years ago. My mom had accompanied Matt and I last year when we went to it during the day. We have came full circle with her and the bridge.
After getting a bit lost trying to find it due to all the activities going on downtown, we finally found it around 8:30PM and followed the lead of another car by parking at the very end of a row of parking where there were no lines drawn on the pavement. I assumed it was a bit illegal, but didn’t care too much since we were there and other people did it. Plus, it was packed!
Very popular destination.
On the way to the bridge, we saw a President Lincoln statue and, of course, I had to get my picture taken with it.

Once we got to the bridge, I continued to keep stopping to take pictures which slowed everyone down, but maybe it was a good thing. We hadn't made it very far across the bridge when we saw fireworks going off from the Louisville Bats baseball game.
I snapped some good pictures if I do say so myself:

During the fireworks, someone (I think my mom), noticed police lights near where my car was parked. Her and I started worrying about me getting a ticket/car getting towed. Matt was calm and didn’t think they were near my car, but at that point, I was nervous. We decided to ditch walking the bridge and went back to the car. Luckily, no ticket and the car was still there. Without moving the car (per my husband), we went back and sat near the bridge to check it out some more.
I love the pictures I was able to capture!
Oh look!!! There goes the Bell of Louisville Steamboat!
I absolutely love how the lights reflect onto the water

Just an FYI - it was really hard to narrow these down to my 8 favorites.


Sunday, May 24, 2015

Are You A Boy or Are You A Girl???

Soon, Matt and I will be finding out the gender of our baby. I can barely wait!
I thought it would be fun to look up a bunch of Old Wives' Tales to determine the gender of our baby prior to our appointment. Although I am not taking it seriously, it was a little fun to answer the questions and see which gender came out on top. Plus, I needed my family to have a little 'help' with their gender guesses.
Here's the list:
Not moody -  BOY
Bigger boobs - BOY
Left boob larger than the right one - GIRL (This has always been the case so maybe this one shouldn’t count)
No Dark nipples - GIRL
Eat garlic and odor does not seep out of your pores - GIRL (Can't stand the smell)
Bright yellow urine - BOY (Maybe I should be drinking more water?)
Morning sickness - GIRL
Heart rate over 140 bpm - GIRL
Crave sweets - GIRL (I really crave everything!)
Don’t eat the ends of bread - GIRL (I never have)
Dad isn’t gaining weight - BOY
No extra acne - BOY
Non dry hands - GIRL (Maybe if it was winter)
Same amount of hair on legs - GIRL (I think)
Rounder face - GIRL (Slightly)
Warm feet - GIRL (Again, it is summer)
Not clumsy - GIRL
Carrying around the middle - GIRL
Chinese gender chart - BOY
Out of 19 Old Wives' Tales:
GIRL = 13
BOY = 6
According to these, we should be having a GIRL!!!
To be honest, I have been voting for a baby girl the whole time so maybe I am unconsciously swaying the vote...

Thursday, May 21, 2015

16 Weeks

*Not sure what's with the shadows.
Fruit-size comparison: Avocado
                                              Length is approximately 4.57 in. 
                                              Weight is approximately 3.53 oz.
Developmental milestones: Our baby can now make a fist and suck his/her thumb. Last week he/she was able to sense/see light. They say you can turn a flashlight onto your stomach and your baby will move away from the light. I didn’t do this nor do I plan on doing this - seems a bit mean if your baby doesn’t like the light. I'm not trying to irritate my baby.
Maternity clothes: Still only one pair of black pants for work even though I am looking for more. Last Sunday I did buy 2 pairs of shorts and 2 shirts. The shorts should get me through the summer and fall. I will need to buy a few more shirts later on, but I am waiting for a good sale/find. The four items I did buy came from Target. There was a Cartwheel coupon for 25% off which made them all $72.
Weight gain: 3 pounds. I'm already a little overweight so I am hoping to not gain too much weight. Wanting to have a healthy pregnancy even though I seem to constantly be eating.
Stretch Marks: Nothing new luckily.
Sleep: I have started to get in bed at 8:30PM which seems to help me feel better in the morning. Of course, I hate 'wasting time' with all the sleeping I am doing.
Best moment of the week: Cleaned out the future nursery closet and looked through all the baby items we already own. I enjoy looking at all the small items babies use/wear.
Movement: I think I am feeling fluttering even though the books/internet are saying it is too early. I suppose it is possible I am imagining it, but I really do think I am feeling the baby. I'll believe what I want to believe and the books/internet can say whatever they want to say.
Cravings: After having fried pickles two weekends ago with my mom and her husband I had a craving for pickles. I ate at least one a day from the jar until this past Sunday when Matt attempted to make baked fried pickles. Sadly, the coating didn’t still very well to the pickles. I ate them because he made them, but they weren’t really good. He gets an A+ for effort though.
Gender: I will know the answer to this one very soon. I can barely wait!!!
Belly button in or out: In
Wedding ring: Loosely on thanks to losing some weight the year prior to getting pregnant.
Anything making you queasy/sick: Week 14 I felt wonderful. No sickness at all. I intended to take my last morning sickness pill Friday night and see how well I reacted to no pills in my system. Well, Friday night I forgot to take my pills. Meaning Thursday was my last night of pills. I have been nauseous off and on since then but I am standing strong and won't take the pills unless I start puking again. I worry about possible long-term effects of the pills with continued use.
Eating still seems to help make the nausea go away unless I am REALLY nauseous and then nothing helps but sleeping it off.
What I miss: Sleeping on my stomach. I wouldn’t have guessed this would be something I would miss.
What I'm looking forward to: Finding out the gender of our baby. Once we know the gender it will be more fun to shop for our little baby.
Labor signs: Nada
Symptoms: Nausea
Nursery: Closet is organized and ready to be filled. Besides that, I only have ideas floating around in my head and pinned on my Pinterest boards. I have decided to leave the guest bed in the bedroom until the baby is old enough to actually play in the room. Although it will be an eyesore to me, at least Matt will be able to enjoy his TV room for a little longer.
Emotions: I'm mostly feeling great! A little uncomfortable at times, but nothing I can't handle.
So far, this pregnancy is C R A W L I N G ! ! !
I thought everyone said time would fly?!?!? This has not been the case for me. I used to think time flew by for me but now it seems like it is going too slow. I feel like I am ONLY 16 weeks along. Not even half way through yet. Assuming our baby arrives on the actual due date of November 5th (I know this won't happen), I still have 169 days left before meeting our baby. Seems forever away!
In other news, I logged onto our health insurance account and discovered we are almost to our deductible. YAY! It is my understanding once we meet our deductible for the year, we will no longer have to pay. The insurance covers everything at that point. Just another reason for Matt to stay at his current job until the baby is here and the hospital bills are paid.  

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Carnival Sunshine Cruise

Matt and I were recently on a Carnival cruise to the Western Caribbean during the time frame of April 25 - May 2.
Had a blast! We relaxed and enjoyed everything that was offered.

Our flight to Orlando was completely full. And we experienced turbulence off and on the whole flight to the point where we were not served drinks/snacks for the safety of the flight attendants. Once at the airport, it felt like it took FOREVER to get our rental car. Kind of a pain in the you know what. After getting into our rental car, we drove the 43 miles to the Budget rental agency to drop our car off and take the free shuttle to the ship in Port Canaveral (5 minute ride had we of been the first ship). Waiting for the shuttle took 30 minutes in the hot sun. As you can see, we did a lot of waiting around.
In case you ever fly into the Orlando airport and take a rental car to Port Canaveral, know 3 things:
1. You will go through 2 tolls at $1 each.
2. Gas stations are right there by the drop off spots... don't pay for them to fill it back up. I was quoted $15 dollars but we filled it up ourselves and spent just under $6.
3. They make you add liability insurance even if you already have insurance. The cost for us was $15.
In the end, I think we paid around $70 for the rental car. A bit more then I would have preferred to spend, but at least we didn’t have to wait for an overcrowded bus and we were able to stop for a 12-pack of soda. Plus, choices were limited since I waited until the last minute.
On the way to the airport from the ship, I booked us a shuttle and we had no issues. I paid $20/pp plus tip for the shuttle.
Overall, I found traveling in/out of Port Canaveral to be a nuisance due to the distance from the airport. I would only go through this port again if we drove here or were here prior to sailing. San Juan and Tampa were much easier to fly in/out because you could take a quick cab to the port. New Orleans and Charleston we drove to so I am unsure how the airport situation works at each of these ports.
Upon arriving at the ship, we dropped our luggage off, went through security, checked in, walked by the people taking pictures and walked onto the ship where we immediately booked the Behind the Fun Tour.
Once we dropped off our luggage, even though the lines looked long, we didn’t wait very long to board the ship. No complaints about this process. Great job Carnival!
Next we headed to our room to drop our other stuff off. We had decided on room 6106 which was a handicapped room at the very front of the ship. We paid a bit extra for this interior room with a walkway view. The downside of the room was the beds couldn't be stuck together therefore Matt and I slept apart for the entire cruise. I enjoyed the view, but I don’t think the view itself was worth the extra money when you consider we couldn’t sleep together. It did have extra space which was nice.
On to the Lido deck for our first lunch. I started with Guy's Burger and fries. Burger was cold and yucky. Fries were yummy and I ate some more a few times throughout our cruise. After taking one bite of my burger, I gave up and got pizza and fruit which never disappoint me. In fact, the pizza is one of my favorite items each cruise. I suggest you try it if you haven’t already.
We did the normal things like walk around the ship in order to explore our home away from home and did the muster drill. Then it was time to set sail. Meaning, time for the sail away party. Yay! One of my favorite things! I love watching everyone dance to all the fun songs you hear on each cruise. Last year I made my very own cruise mix for my iTunes which I enjoy listening to when I am missing cruising. Makes me happy to hear the tunes. Now I just need to learn all the different dances. NOT!!!!
Because I didn’t write this sooner, I don’t remember what we did each day therefore I am just going to write up this trip in one blog entry. Lazy, yes, I know.

Some of our favorite things we did this cruise include:
Dive-in Movies with fresh popcorn
Shuffle board and foosball in the Red Frog Pub (Hidden spot)
Musical shows - saw 4 AWESOME shows (2 we had previously seen)
Juggling show - FUNNY!
Behind the Fun Tour - Wonderful and well worth the cost (More Later)
Lobby parties
Mini Golf
Listening to people sing karaoke
Hanging in the pool
Laying out in the hammocks on the Serenity deck
Laying out in the sun
Laying out looking at the water from the deck off the lobby (in the shade)
Some of the things we did which we will skip next cruise:
Fun Ashore and Fun Aboard show - BORING! We only stayed in hopes of winning free shore excursions.
Seuss-a-palooza - Card board cutouts... I was wanting to see the characters in costume. We left early but they must have come out at some point because we saw the pictures of them.
We both loved all the different food choices on the ship.
For breakfast, I mostly ate the same thing each morning. Watermelon, banana yogurt, bacon, cheese Danish things.
For lunch, with the exception of one sea day brunch, we always ate on the Lido deck. I enjoyed pizza, Mongolian food, burrito from Blue Iguana, all beef hotdog from the deli, miscellaneous items off the Lido deck main buffet area.
For dinner we sometimes ate in the main dining room and sometimes ate on the Lido deck. We both seem to prefer the Lido deck dinning since they offered most of the same foods.
At dinner time, you could also stop by The Taste Kitchen to get a sample of food from the pay places on the ship. You can go and get samples as many times as you desire and I am not ashamed to admit a few times we went several times in one night. I should have taken pictures of my favorites.
At the ports, we really didn’t do anything. Usually I am good about making us a packed itinerary but this time, mostly because I had been sick with morning sickness up until we left, I booked nothing. Matt was a bit disappointed I didn’t plan anything for us to do. I promised him I won't let it happen again. Who knew he actually enjoyed my usual planning? He typically acts like I am spending too much money. Now I know FOR A FACT he is just complaining to complain. Good information for the future.
Cozumel - We walked off the ship, walked to the grocery store where we bought nothing and came back. We tried to book an island tour, but that didn’t work out. We were back on the ship within an hour. Lame and my fault.
Belize - We planned to stay on the ship prior to going on this cruise.
Mahogany Bay - We walked to the nearby beach where we both had a wonderful time swimming in the ocean.
Costa Maya - We walked around the little shopping area and promptly went back on the ship. I thought for sure a beach  would be nearby. Nope. What a waste.
Overall, we do not plan on cruising the Western Caribbean again. Neither one of us have any desire to visit any of these places again. Been there, done that!!!
By the time we take our next cruise, hopefully we aren’t forced to go a certain week because of Matt's job. Would be nice to actually pick a port and itinerary based on what we want to do.
I had intended on making an entire post of The Behind the Fun Tour, but as I stated earlier, I am too lazy. I'll just tell you the highlights.
Ours took place on the last sea day at 9AM. We all met in the Library where we turned in our tickets, had our names crossed off a list and were given Behind the Fun passes on our brand new lanyards. After we had all gathered, security came in and took a wand to us looking for any recording devices.
It was now time for our tour with Anne who worked at the excursion desk. And let me start off by saying she was wonderful! Very informative and was eager to answer all our questions. We learned this was her very first time leading one of these tours - the person who usually does them was sick or something - and she is from South Africa.
Our first stop on our route was to the Liquid Lounge where we met the entertainment manager - Brett. We learned Carnival typically changes the shows every three years (explains why 2 of them we had already seen last year although we still enjoyed them), cast of 8 means they have to all be triple threats with two main singers and two main dancers from each sex. More questions and answers were discussed, but I already forgot what else I learned.
We then we went the very front of the ship where the bell is located. This is the same spot where you can 'be on top of the World' like on the movie Titanic. It was very windy, but we took our first group picture here. Usually, this space is reserved only for the workers.
Next stop was to three decks below deck 0. They were labeled A,B,C. We saw several crew areas such as where they ate, where they played and where they are housed with the exception of some people in their own rooms, all are 2 to a room. In addition to rooms on these floors, some rooms are located on floors 0,1,2,13. In fact, Anne, was about to move upstairs to deck 13. I am going to assume 'higher' people are the ones who are allowed to move upstairs. I did ask about crew being allowed to eat in the main guest areas and was told they were allowed to during non-peak hours. Same with the specialty restaurants. I never did see any 'lower' workers but we did see several 'higher' workers eating on the Lido deck almost every day during lunch.
Crew washes their own laundry and get free supplies. Uniforms are washed for them. Housekeeping even cleans there rooms - this is where they practice prior to cleaning guest's rooms.
We got to meet the heads of all the departments we came into contact with.
Another neat area we saw were the meat freezers and thawing rooms. Meat is thawed for three days. They have 26 drink refrigerators. And all food is taken on to the ship at the main port. (i.e Port Canaveral)
I also enjoyed seeing the main dining room's kitchen. They having it working like a fine oiled machine! We saw where they put the food once it is made, saw a guy making edible flowers, saw a guy frosting cakes and we got to sample a chocolate covered strawberry.
At some point we made it to the bridge. Let me tell you, the sights were amazing!!! We got to meet the Captain of the ship AND had our picture taken with him. This is also where we had our last group picture taken.
We were then taken to the steak house for the end of the tour where we filled out a short survey of the tour. I think the tour lasted around 3 hours. I would definitely do this tour again in a few years on a different ship. Would be interesting to see the differences.
Within the cost of the tour, we received the three pictures mentioned, lanyard, bag and hat. When we got to our room, we also had a plate of strawberries and cookies waiting for us.
A learned a whole lot more and saw a lot more then I am mentioning here. Maybe I have tempted you to want to check it out??? Hope so!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Cleaned and Organized

Talk about a busy weekend... No wonder I am tired today!
Saturday, Matt had to work so I had made myself a long list of things I wanted to accomplish. I set my alarm for 8AM and started 'working' by 9. My number one goal of the day was to clean out/organize the guest room/future nursery closet (minus the top shelf).
The reason I was leaving the top shelf alone was because this shelf holds items I plan on using in the nursery (3 shelves, 5 picture frames) and items I have nowhere else to store (sewing machine, Cricut, extra printer cartridge). Let's not forget the fan I also left in there which is to the left and you can barely see in this picture. I might be donating it, but didn’t want to get rid of it just yet. Need to check with Matt in case he wants to keep it. Beneath the fan is my plastic 3-drawer unit holding all my arts and crafts supplies. If it couldn't fit in there (with the exception of my mesh that I moved to a different closet), it had to go. Honestly, I am 'cheating' by keeping this in the closet. I wanted everything out. My perspective on the issue is that you can't see it, therefore it doesn’t count as being in there. If we are still in the house by the time my child becomes an active toddler, it will need to be housed somewhere else. For now, I can get away with it.
As for the rest of the closet, I removed everything and placed the items on the bed. I immediately placed the items to be donated into a garbage bag. Some items, like office supplies and my mesh, I moved into our other two closets (hall and living room) after cleaning and organizing them. Some items gave me a bit of a headache because I hate parting with stuff, but I feel good about what I accomplished.
After achieving an almost empty closet, I filled it a bit with the few baby items we already have on hand:
Tupperware on the floor is filled with giraffe stuffed animals
Bag on shelf is filled with small baby items such as bottles, small stuffed animals, baby locks, etc.
2 Toys
1 Container of wipes
1 Giraffe trash can (toy?)
2 Girl baby blankets, 2 Boy baby blankets
2 Baby Memory Books
2 Unisex bibs, 1 Girl bib
11 Boy outfits, 2 Unisex outfits, 13 Girl outfits (if you count the onesies separate)
Clothes and blankets are from my days of working at Belks... I used to buy stuff for future baby showers when they had a good clearance. These are the items I was never able to part with because I liked them too much. I figure once we know the gender of the baby, I will put away the clothes/blankets we don’t need. I'll save them for baby #2. If baby #2 is the same gender as baby #1, I will give them away.
I think Matt was impressed I got it all done. He knows how much I hate getting rid of stuff. I am of the attitude you never know when you will need that item again. Not a good attitude to have when your home is a little less than 1200 sq. ft.
Another 'item' I crossed off my list was signing up for some free samples/products for our baby.
I joined the following mailing offers with prices:
Walmart 2nd Trimester Baby Box $5
Citrus Lane Box (at half off) $14.50
Everyday Happy Trial Diaper Kit and Family Care Kit $5.95
Honest Company Trial Diaper and Wipes Bundle $5.95
The Walmart Box is $5 every 90 days. This is to cover shipping and handling of the free samples and coupons. If it seems worth it, I will keep this subscription going.
The Citrus Lane Box is the one I am most excited about based on the reviews I read. In my box, we will get toys/food based on the age of my child. (I did put in the correct due date). Sounds awesome! However, this is a $29/month subscription that just might not be worth keeping. $29/month for toys I am not picking out might be a bit expensive. I am curious to see what we get though. I choose the gender neutral box.  I may or may not keep this subscription. I might ask my mom and mother-in-law to each order the first box for the baby if it is worth the initial price.
The Everyday Happy Trial Diaper Kit and Family Care Kit will for sure be cancelled. I cannot afford $115.90 plus $5.95 for shipping/month no matter how good the diapers and wipes are at doing their job. That is simply out of my budget.
The Honest Company Trial Diaper and Wipes Bundle will also be cancelled due to price at $79.95 and $39.95/month as well. Too expensive. If I like either of these 2 items, I will just look for coupons and deals and maybe buy them individually. We will see. I have read good reviews about these items.
I promise to post pictures of each box we get and give you my opinions. It's good to know a little something about what you are ordering before you order it. If I can help one person out, it will be worth me writing about it. :)
Sunday after church, we did some shopping.
One of the first places we went was to Target where we bought 8 12-packs of soda on sale for 4 for $11. We bought 8 to make the total $22 because Target had a cartwheel coupon for a free $5 gift card when you spend $20 on soft drinks. (We also purchased cookies and 2 bottles of medicine.) But the stupid coupon wouldn’t work and the cashier wasn’t hearing my explanation of the price/offer.  So we paid for everything and then went to the customer service desk to ask about the coupon. We were told 'yes' the coupon should have worked and we were given $5 in cash. Thank you Target for taking care of the problem with no issues. Matt then went to the restroom while I waited by the door. I would say we were in the store for a total of 10 minutes after checking out. I should also mention there were people in line behind us when we paid.
3 hours later when we get home and our unloading our groceries, Matt asks where the Target bag is with the cookies. Well, I hadn’t unpacked it so I went to the car and looked for the bag thinking we missed it. Nope... didn’t see it. Matt went and double checked. Still not found. *sigh*
I call Target and thankfully they have the bag and I can come pick it up today with my receipt. Bad news - this particular Target is 30 miles away from our house and it's 5 PM. *sigh* I decided to head out and get it ONLY because it had $20 worth of merchandise in it. Had it of been less, I would of said forget it. AND, while I was waiting on the phone for someone to answer, I noticed they charged us $12 per 4 sodas. Meaning they overcharged us $2. Another thing I would 'fix' while going back there. This is why you should always check your receipt before leaving a store. (My bad! Usually I am good about doing this.)
30 miles and 30 minutes later, I arrive at the customer service desk at Target and receive my bag of items and explain the $2 overcharge and she gives me $2 cash refund. Again, no issues with the refund. What I am annoyed about is the fact we were in the store another 10 minutes after checking out. I am POSITIVE the cashier saw the left bag and didn’t even try to track us down. While I was standing at the door waiting for Matt, I was very close to our cashier. I wasted 60 miles of gas and an hour of my time to get this bag. I blame the cashier for not even trying to track us down and I blame ourselves for being too occupied with the $5 gift card issue that we didn’t notice the bag wasn’t in the cart and we didn’t load it into the trunk.
Has this ever happened to you?
Now here it is Monday morning (yes, I am typing this on my break while at work) and I am tired. Really tired. And hungry - good thing I packed a big lunch. I think I need to start going to bed even before my early bed time of 9PM. I am struggling right now.
On a positive note, I found a sweet surprise from my husband tucked away in my purse.
I love when he does things like this for me. Makes me feel special and loved. *Hint, Hint, Hint!!!*

Friday, May 15, 2015

14 Week Doctor Appointment

Friday, May 8th, I had my first doctor appointment with my OBGYN.
What a day, what a day!
I arrived around 8:20 for my first appointment at 8:30AM with the nurse. I didn’t end up getting called back until almost 8:50. She took me directly to her office where we promptly went over mine and Matt's medical history. I was also asked questions such as:
'Do you plan on having an epidural?' Maybe.... I am undecided at the moment. Definitely not off the table.
'Do you plan on breast feeding?' Yes
'If you have a boy, will you want him circumcised?' Ummm... I don’t know, I need to talk to my husband. Do most people have this done? I didn’t know this answer. In hindsight, I should have known, but I just couldn't think of what it even meant. She did tell me most American babies are circumcised at birth so I replied with a 'yes' at that point. I imagine the question will come up again so at least next time I will be prepared.
After all her question asking, we went over a few things about pregnancy - what foods to avoid, to eat healthy and exercise....
She then gave me a bag full of handouts.
I was next sent across the hall to have blood drawn (3 vials) and to collect pee in a cup. I don’t remember how long my wait was, but I don’t remember it being very long.
Once this was done, I went back across the hall for my 10:30 OBGYN doctor appointment. I waited a bit for this and then was called back by another nurse who weighed me and took my blood pressure.
Once a room became available, I changed and waited for her to come in to do a breast exam, pap smear and cultural. Followed by the listening of my baby's heartbeat. Only, she couldn’t find the heartbeat. I won't lie, even though she told me not to panic and that this is normal at this stage, I panicked. She told me I would be getting an ultrasound today to make sure everything was okay. At the front counter where I made me next appointment for 4 weeks from now and my appointment for the ultrasound, the lady told me she had the same issue with her second child.
Back across the hall I went where thankfully, I only had to wait about 5 minutes before getting called back for my ultrasound. The ultrasound technician instantly found the baby and the baby's heartbeat. THANK GOD!!!
Our baby has a healthy heartbeat of 153 bpm.
I liked seeing him/her bouncing (technician's word, not mine).
On the plus side, I am the proud owner of 3 more pictures of my precious baby!
You can clearly see some of the facial features now.

**I took pictures (with my phone) of the pictures which explains the poor quality.
P.S. Baby received a few gifts this weekend from Aunt Laura:

Technically, they were my Mother's Day gifts, but I know they are really for baby when he or she arrives.
Very sweet of her!

Friday, May 8, 2015

14 Weeks

***13 week picture from our cruise.
****This was taken with Matt's phone in front of the pool on the serenity deck.
*****I am a slacker who didn't take a 14 weeks picture.
How far along: 14 weeks
Fruit-size comparison: A lemon
Developmental milestones: Well, our baby is still getting bigger and bigger as the days go on.
Maternity clothes: This hasn’t changed. I need to bite the bullet and start buying some bottoms or else I am going to be in a pickle soon.
Weight gain: 3 pounds.
Stretch Marks: Nothing I didn’t already have.
Sleep: My husband claims he is going to record me sleeping because evidently I am talking a lot in my sleep these days. Guess I am having dreams. Too bad I don’t remember any of them in the morning.
Best moment of the week: Tuesday and today I told everyone at work I am pregnant. My bosses all seemed happy for me.
Movement: Nothing to report yet, but I am looking forward to feeling my little baby bean soon.
Cravings: Still loving the sugary stuff.
Gender: Hopefully we know within a month. I am looking forward to calling our baby by the name we have decided on opposed to baby bean.
Belly button in or out: In
Wedding ring: Loosely on. Fingers crossed my fingers don’t swell this summer.
Anything making you queasy/sick: Week 12 was deceiving... my morning sickness is back with a vengeance. The last 2 days I have been puking in the evening and have been having evening headaches. It's awful! All I want to do is sleep. After I puke, I tend to cry. Not sure why except I hate puking. So I have been going to bed hungry. Even drinking a few sips of water comes back up. Tuesday my expensive morning sickness pills came back up before they even had time to dissolve. Had to take them again but with one sip of water in hopes they stayed down. Thankfully, they did.
What I miss: Not being sick. You don’t know this yet, but we went on a cruise last week. I wasn’t sick at all except for a few minutes here and there which seemed to pass fairly quickly.
What I’m looking forward to: Friday I have my first doctor appointment with my OBGYN and I am hoping I get to hear my baby's heartbeat.  
Labor signs: Too soon for this.
Symptoms: Morning sickness and headaches the last few evenings.
Nursery: I am waiting until we know the sex.
Emotions: Feeling pretty ill at the moment. And hungry. Cannot forget my tummy is crying out for food. I am gonna hopefully eat in 30 minutes. Annoyed that so far my second trimester isn’t easier than my first. The books and internet lie I tell you!