Wednesday, April 1, 2015

We Are Having A Baby!!!

Saturday, February 28th officially changed my life... both mine and my husband's.
This was the day I took 4 pregnancy tests - all positive. Throughout the rest of the weekend, I took 3 more. 7 tests consisting of 3 different brands. Again, all positive. I was in shock and I was excited. I couldn't fully believe it until the doctor confirmed it.
I think I knew I was pregnant even a week before that. My stomach started feeling odd with cramps and bloating. We were in the process of booking our yearly vacation (to Disney World this year) and I told Matt I wanted to wait a little longer before booking in order to think about it and to make sure we didn't get pregnant this month. Then on the Tuesday prior, while at the gym, on the treadmill, I felt woozy and dizzy. A bit weak. Normally I can walk at a pace of 3.8 or 3.9, but I kept having to lower my pace until I got to 3.2. I even told Matt I wasn't feeling well and he offered for us to leave. I declined and told him I would just hold on to the handle bars and walk slower.
That Monday and Wednesday I skipped the gym and slept after work. I was too tired to function even though I had full nights of sleep.
After our positive pregnancy tests, both of us mentioned the signs we he ignored. Like I said, I was pretty sure we were pregnant, but I didn't want to think that way in case we weren't and then I would have been extremely sad and disappointed. It was just easier for me to ignore the signs.
Because I took the pregnancy tests over the weekend, I had to wait to call and schedule the 2 blood tests until Monday. I called Monday and should have taken the appointment for that day, but I declined and opted for Tuesday. Stupid decision. (I'll get back to that in a minute.) So I had my blood drawn on
Tuesday and my doctor called that evening with my numbers - HCG = 1660 and Progesterone = 15.5
HCG she said looked great as did the progesterone. She also mentioned the progesterone number didn't indicate multiples. She wanted me to have my blood drawn again in 48 hours. At that point, my HCG should at least double. If it did not double, it meant we were probably having a tubular pregnancy and unfortunately there was no way the baby would make it.
She told me to call on Wednesday morning to make an appointment for Thursday - she wanted me to see if they could find me a more local place to have the blood work done.
Wednesday I called and she really did try to find me a closer place. No such luck. And because we were expecting a GIANT snow storm on Wednesday evening/Thursday morning, they were already cancelling/moving appointments from Thursday to Friday. Made my appointment for Friday afternoon at 2:30 knowing I had to be there before noon in order for them to have the results by the end of the day. DARN! This was why I should have had my blood drawn on the Monday I declined. My second test would have been on Wednesday and I wouldn't of had snow delays.
No big deal in the long run... as predicted, Wednesday evening consisted of massive amounts of snow to the point where both of our jobs were off. Friday Matt had a 2 hour delay and I was off again. I decided to call the doctor's office to see if they had any earlier cancellations. Either they did or she squeezed me in - I didn't ask. She told me to be there at 12:30 which I agreed to even though I didn't think we would get the results the same day. I really didn't. When the nurse called me back into the office out of the waiting room, we walked by my doctor and she greeted me and told me she was excited. (I love how she always seems to remember me even when I am not scheduled to see her.) She told the nurse to put a rush on my blood work in hopes of getting the results the same day. She told me she would call me later in the day if she did. I was very hopeful now.
And guess what? She called before 5PM that evening with my results - HCG = 7214!!!!!!!!
Talk about the most wonderful news I had heard all year!!!!!
Our very first appointment (with baby) will be on Thursday, March 12th. Based on my calculations, we will be exactly 6 weeks pregnant or 6 weeks and 1 day.
I wonder how long my fertility doctor will be our doctor before we switch back to my OBGYN? I like my OBGYN doctor, but I love my fertility doctor. (Not even factoring in she helped us got pregnant.) I HIGHLY recommend her if you live in the area.

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