Friday, April 17, 2015

Upcoming Fun

We are booked for one more cruise prior to baby coming. I say one more because let's face it, we won't have extra money to spend on such luxuries now that we are expecting our very own bundle of joy! Even after our little bundle arrives, it will be awhile before we are able to go on another. I do keep putting out some scenarios of our future little travel bug being on a ship. I fear Matt isn't going for them though. *Sigh*
We are booked on Carnival's Sunshine out of Port Canaveral.
New port and new ship for us. We paid a bit more to take this particular ship (because it is the newest) and we also paid a bit more for our view (gangway window view... when you go out our room door, we are very close to a deck where we can sit outside and enjoy the views). I am hoping this will make up for not booking a balcony view. I am also still secretly hoping they will call us with an inexpensive upgrade. Doubtful though since when I looked the other day they only had 2 balcony rooms available. Either way, I will be very happy with where we are located. This will be our first time with a room at the front of the ship which concerns me a little bit what with more nausea. I'll let you know how it goes. Thankfully, I am feeling less nauseous as the days go on.
I am having issues though with getting from the Orlando airport to the pier. My fault.... I shouldn’t have waited so late in the game to book transportation. For taking a shuttle to the pier, they are already fully booked. Meaning, it is looking like we will have to book a car to take us there. I don’t know how far the drop-off location is to the pier or if they offer free transportation to it. I suppose I need to call and ask these questions ASAP. On the way back to the airport, we can take the shuttle. My fear here is our plane leaves at 11 AM and since it is an hour or so away from the pier, depending on how many stops they make, we could be pushing for time. It will be okay as long as we are here by 9:45 at the latest. Any later, we might miss our flight. We can't take a rental car from pier to airport because price is MUCH higher - $130.
I am beginning to wish we had flown into San Juan or Tampa where I already know you can take a $25 taxi to the port without any prior planning. However, usually I don’t have an issue with prior planning. This is my first time not being on top of everything. Usually, by now, I already have our itinerary planned out and excursions booked. Ya, not this time. I have some excursions on a list I would like to do, but that is as far as I have gotten.
Places we will be visiting on this cruise:
Costa Maya
Mahogany Bay
On our cruise last year, we went to all of these location except for Costa Maya - this one will be new to us. (This is what happens when we are forced to go on vacation on the week(s) Matt's company chooses. Choices end up being limited.)
We have decided to stay on the ship for Belize since the only way we would get off is if we booked an excursion through the cruise line. For Costa Maya, we might do another Mayan Ruins tour at $55pp. Cozumel might be Salsa and Salsa for $70 pp (learn to make salsa dip followed by learning to salsa dance). Mahogany Bay will be a beach day for us. So 2 higher priced excursions and 2 free/inexpensive days. While on the ship, I want to book us on the Behind the Fun tour. 3 hours of fun from what I hear! They say you have to book early or it will be fully booked since they only allow 16 people to experience this per cruise. I plan on going to the excursion desk the moment we bored the ship - even before we eat.
Ha! Crazy to think something else would come before food, right?
Don't worry, my next stop will be for lunch somewhere on the Lido deck after dropping off my carry-ons into my room.
I can hardly wait for the fun to begin! Gotta love when your countdown is less than 30 days!!!

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