Thursday, April 2, 2015

1st Ultrasound at 6 Weeks

Thursday, March 12 was our first ultrasound appointment. This was Matt's first time ever going to an appointment with me. I got there on time and then waited anxiously for Matt to arrive - he has limited amount of time off and we only wanted him to use the bare minimum amount of hours so he can try to always be at my ultrasound appointments. Luckily, they were a little delayed in calling me back and Matt arrived with plenty of time to spare. Once I was called back, I emptied my bladder (as usual for internal ultrasounds) and was weighed and had my blood pressure checked - 166/78. I was then taken to the room where Matt was waiting and got undressed from the waist below (also normal of all appointments). The doctor immediately see my gestational sac and took measurements. I was measuring in right on schedule at 6 weeks, 1 day. Meaning baby bean was conceived on February 11th!
Right now baby bean mostly looks like a dot - you can see the dot higher up and the yolk sac is the lower looking dot. Our doctor even pointed out the heart beat. Seeing the heart beat was kind of mind blowing. Made it seem even more real to me. At first, I didn't see it... I even told the doctor I believed her because I didn't want her to think anything of me... but she very patiently showed it to me.
Here's baby bean's first picture:

I got dressed and then she went over everything I needed to know at this point.
My prenatal vitamins are good.
Don't eat undercooked beef - no pink/red.
Don't eat most fish. Salmon is great once a week. (Too bad the smell makes me not want it.)
No lunchmeat, hotdogs, etc.
Eat healthy, less processed foods.
Call her if I have any cramping/bleeding.
I could go on with what else she told us, but you get the gist.
We will have 2 more ultrasound appointments with her at 8 and 10 weeks. If all is still good, I will then 'graduate' back to my OBGYN.
Starting about mid-week into week 5, I am nauseous all day long. Thankfully, no vomiting. It's awful! I thought for sure I would be one of those happy pregnant people. Ya, not so much. She gave me a sample of DRUG to help with my morning sickness.... take 2 tablets at night daily. They seem to help, but I don't think it has cured the issue. I could up the dosage, but I haven't. I really don't want to, but if it keeps up, I will. Especially since she informed me morning sickness peaks at 10 weeks. Yay! *Insert eye roll*
As for eating healthier... this was easy at first. Now that I am constantly feeling sick, this is hard. It is much easier to grab quick foods I can shove in my mouth. It seems if I am eating (constantly), I don't feel as nauseous. Bad excuse, I know. I also very tired. Last Sunday I slept most of the day. Monday and Tuesday I was asleep around 7. Wednesday I was in bed by 8. I just can't seem to stay awake. It's awful considering I don't get home until almost 5 from work.
Honestly, I really hope this passes soon. I won't want to carry a second child at this rate.

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