Thursday, October 29, 2015

39 Weeks

How far along: 39 weeks
Fruit-size comparison: Watermelon
Length is: Somewhere around 20 to 21.5  inches.
Weight is: Somewhere around 7 to 7.5 pounds.
Developmental milestones: You won't have any additional developmental milestones until you are born. No big deal... this just means you are as grown as you will be before arriving into this world. Once you are here, you will grow and grow and grow and then I'll probably cry wondering how you have grown so much. It will be bitter sweet for me, but eventually you will want to be 'a big boy'.
Weight gain: More than enough, unfortunately.
Sleep: Still having issues sleeping, but now let's add in my right hip has been hurting since either the 24th or the 25th and I wake up more often thanks to it and have a hard time falling asleep when it hurts. I have been getting in bed a little earlier which helps me feel a little more rested opposed to going to bed at my usual time. I am just assuming this is preparing me for when you are here.
Best moment of the week: Just knowing we are getting closer to meeting you. November is almost here which means you will be here any day now. We will be having a 40 week ultrasound if you haven't came before then. It will be nice to have some more pictures of you. You will look SO different from the last time we saw you.
Movement: You are still moving, but a lot less. I guess with you are running out of room meaning you don't have as much space to move into and stretch. Made me panic a wee bit when I first started feeling you less. I'm glad I have weekly doctor appointments to check on your well-being. Makes me feel better when I hear your heart beating. The doctor told me after I eat or drink, to sit still and I should feel you move at least 5 times in an hour. If I don't, I am to call them. Haven't had any issues thankfully.
Cravings: Same as always - I want junk food with lots of sugar. Candy and cookies are major winners in my book. If you end up having a major sweet tooth, go ahead and blame mommy.
Gender: You're our baby BOY!!!
Belly button in or out: In
Wedding ring: On (Amazingly my hands haven't swelled this entire pregnancy. I am NOT complaining!)
Anything making you queasy/sick: Just being overheated which hasn’t happened too often now that the weather is getting a little cooler.
What I miss: Sleeping through the night and not having mild pain when I move around in bed. It will be nice when I can turn over without feeling pressure all on my belly. You (and the extra pounds I have packed on) are extremely heavy feeling.
What I'm looking forward to: Meeting you! Holding you! Kissing you! Counting all your fingers and toes!
Labor signs: None - cervix is still high and I have no dilation. As far as I know, You are still head down at least.
Symptoms: Swollen feet, frequent need to pee, heavy stomach, stretch marks galore on my stomach, easily winded and hard to get comfortable in bed. Have I also mentioned the additional hair growth on my face and belly? I think I have been too embarrassed to mention that part. I hope to have it removed ASAP (when money allows it).
Nursery: I think we are done. I do want to add some decorations, but I am all talk and will probably never get around to this. You won't notice though. And once you decide what it is you like, mommy promises to decorate your room in that theme. Assuming your theme is easy to find at the store. I'm hoping you love animals... that would be an easy and fun theme to decorate with, but you will probably like cars or sports or something else.
Emotions: Getting very excited! Your due date is exactly a week from today  and even though I think you will be late, this is the day we have been counting down to from the beginning. I have my own guesses on when you will make your big debut, but I will keep those to myself since I am probably wrong.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

38 Weeks

How far along: 38 weeks
Fruit-size comparison: Pumpkin (How appropriate for this time of year)
Length is: Somewhere around 20 inches.
Weight is: Somewhere around 6.5 to 7 pounds.
Developmental milestones: With the exception of your weight, you are done growing. All your inner and outer body parts should be ready for use once outside of mommy's tummy. So really, you could come any day now and I know you will be alright. However, I have a feeling you are going to be late.
Weight gain: Well, last Thursday I had gained 2 pounds in a week. Blah! Monday, I had lost 2.2 pounds. And then at today's appointment, I was back up 2.2 pounds. Meaning I didn't gain anything this wee since I am exactly the same as last Thursday. Not a bad deal. BUT, I'm still not sharing my total weight gain.
Sleep: Oh goodness... one day I sleep well only waking to go pee. Other days, I have insomnia no matter how tired I feel. And I still have to pee constantly on those nights. Not an easy task getting out of bed at this point. Plus, I try to be still and quiet as to not wake up daddy since he has to wake up very early for work. He claims he woke up to me snoring one night. I'm not sure I believe him though. Last time he said I snored he went and slept in the guest bedroom. If I was snoring this time why didn’t he move to the other bed?
Best moment of the week: Hearing your healthy and strong heartbeat twice this week. I am also happy to report my blood pressure has been normal this week at both my appointments opposed to the high reading at last week's appointment. I don’t want you in any distress. I do need to admit today it was close to the slightly elevated point though. What is with Thursday appointments?
Movement: The books/internet say your movements should be slowing down because of the lack of room. I still feel you the same at this point. You do make some hard movements though. If I rest my iPad on my stomach while reading, you must not like the weight because you are usually quick to push back against it. Same thing happens at work when I sometimes have my belly against my desk. I must be accidently crowding you.
Cravings: Nothing different here. I still prefer sweets over anything else. I eat candy and/or ice cream everyday. I can't seem to give it up.
Gender: You're our baby BOY!!!
Belly button in or out: In
Wedding ring: On
Anything making you queasy/sick: Only when I am overheated. The smell of coconut oil and fresh garlic being cooked aggravate me, but I am getting used to blocking the smell.
What I miss: Getting a full night of sleep and having more energy.
What I'm looking forward to: Seeing your beautiful face when they lay you on me for our chest to chest followed by breastfeeding. I really hope you latch!
Labor signs: None - cervix is still high, no dilation but you are at least head down. Basically, no change from last week. Like I already said, I am predicting you will be late.
Symptoms: Constant need to pee, swollen feet/legs, stretch marks all over my belly, lack of energy and always freaking hungry. I thought my stomach would be full more often since it is crowded in there. Ya, not the case for me. I feel like I can literally eat sun up to sun down. Especially while at work!
Nursery: Almost done!!! Just need to add some finishing touches. All your clothes have been washed and put away, blankets have all been folded and put away and everything to include your stroller has been assembled. Makes me beyond excited to see everything ready and waiting for you. You have so much stuff and the room isn't very large which makes it seem a bit crowded... good thing you are such an itty bitty thing. By the time you will want to actually play in there, those diapers will have been long gone - I have them lining the wall by your crib... I ran out of room in your closet. Yet for some reason, I keep buying more.
Emotions: Yes, I have moments when I am a little nervous about the whole birthing process, but mostly I am very excited to have you here with us. When I have had the high blood pressure readings I have been scared about being induced. I read online that being induced can cause emergency C-sections and that freaks me out. Ideally, I want you to come on your own time when you are ready. However, it would be nice to prepare for your due date and I am tired of being pregnant. I felt a little scared this evening in our baby CPR class... please don't stop breathing on us or start choking. It was scary enough practicing on the fake baby. I don't want to try out the technique on you. 

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Painted Wood Pumpkins

Typically, I don’t really do anything after work... I am definitely a homebody. And I love spending time with my husband opposed to anyone else. He really and truly is my best friend. Nothing wrong with that... it's how I enjoy spending my time. But last week, my friend/co-worker and I stumbled upon a place with a Facebook page called the Speckled Sparrow. She emailed the company to get the details and then set us up a party for last night. We only needed 5 people which worked out nicely.
I had such a fun time!!!
Basically the lady said we could pick out anything we wanted to create. It wasn’t until we met her in the class and got to know her that we found out we could have literally chose anything, and prior to us coming to class, she would have learned to make it and then shown us how to do it. How awesome is that? I want to make a wreath next time. Maybe once I actually learn the technique the ones I make at home will look even better.
*Top picture - mine is the second one to the left.
*Bottom left - raw supplies
*Bottom middle - painted one on the back one, middle one was taped and had a second coat, right one was just taped. All three steps shown.
*Bottom right - my finished pumpkins

We chose to paint pumpkins - here are the supplies she had available for us:
3 wood posts with rounded centers at the top to add the stems
Pieces of wood
Regular paint (orange and white)
Assorted brushes
Assorted ribbons
Assorted tapes
Glue guns
Hair dryers
She also supplied snacks and drinks (soda/water, chips/cookies).
Her location is a bit out there and it is in a house trailer, but overall, very nice use of space. When you walk into the place you are in what would have been the living room but has been set up as the main art space. She has a full kitchen including a fridge and stove to the left which is where food and drinks were located. The bedroom beyond that houses TONS of art supplies and past projects. To the right was the main bathroom and another storage room and a room to put on funny hats/boas/glasses  for picture taking.
I LOVED how she had her artwork all over the place! If I was artistic, I would have a  studio similar to hers.
Back to the pumpkins...
This was an extremely easy art project thanks to the teacher/class since everything was already prepped for us to get to work and be creative.
Basically we painted our wood pieces solid orange or solid white. Allowed them to dry. Using the different tapes (straight, curvy or chevron), we taped our design on our wood posts and then painted on the opposite color. Or using the different dot sizes we painted on dots. Allowed them to dry again. We then peeled the tape off the taped ones. She then either allowed us to sand them down by hand or she used her electric hand sander outside. I had her sand all mine down for me. While paint was drying, we were able to select the wood we liked for our stumps. We then hot glued them into the pre-drilled holes. Next up was the hard choice of select ribbon to tie to our stems. She has several different shades or greens with different textures. Everyone but me chose to add their initial to their pumpkins... I was too nervous about messing mine up therefore I decided to skip this step.
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE how these turned out!!!!
The sanded look makes them stunning!
I think these would easily sell for the price we paid to make them. At $30 for all supplies, drinks/snacks and fun with friends... what a bargain! We are going to try and get our group together every month or every other month to make something different and get out of the house without kids. LOL! I'm finally getting included in the 'out without kids' group. What a nice feeling.
Not that I am already trying to get away from my baby boy... it is just nice to be included in the group. The owner of the place even said I could bring him. I won't though. He can stay home with daddy. ;)

Monday, October 19, 2015

All Last Minute Items Have Been Purchased

17 more days until my little guy's expected due date! I am doubtful he will come on the exact date (in fact, I hope he doesn’t come early in the day because I just scheduled my husband a doctor appointment on this day - he can come any day before, in the evening of this day or any day after), but it is a nice feeling to be counting down until we might get to meet him. Now that I am getting towards the end, it feels like time is going by extremely quickly. Too quickly. Almost. I keep thinking 'next time we are here we will have a baby' and 'next time we do this we will have a baby'. It's very surreal at this point for me. And as each weekend passes, it is possible this is our last weekend just the two of us plus Wyatt Earp.
I can't help but wonder how Wyatt is going to react to the newest person in our family. Will he even notice him? If he does notice him, will he act out because he is jealous? I have a hard time believing he will be jealous since he is so high maintenance and needs us for everything therefore will still get plenty of attention, but you never really know. I realize he is just a dog, but he has been my baby since the 7th grade when my mom brought him home. Sure, he latched on to our other dog and by default latched on to me, but we have still been through so much together. Every first in my life since that moment has been experienced with him. The scariest thing I ever did - moving 3 hours away for a job - was just me and him. He was my comfort through it all. Lots of history between us two. I'm probably overreacting. It will be okay. Tell me he will be okay?
This past weekend Matt and I accomplished a whole bunch of stuff while spending way too much money. Whoa! I don’t even want to scare you with the amount of money we spent. Very unlike us!
Friday, I picked up Papa Murphy's for dinner on the way home - a craving I had been having for a few days. On Fridays you can get certain one topping pizzas for $5.
Before leaving work I had made a somewhat expensive purchase on Amazon consisting of several baby items with my 15% off completion coupon. Once home, I organized my little guy's room some more by filling up his dresser and we FINALLY got the blue dresser sold for $45. Glad it is gone and out of my house! To relax, I took a long leisurely bath and continued reading afterwards in bed. If I am remembering correctly, I read the entire book front to back (so to speak) on my Kindle app. It was a very peaceful evening!
Saturday, Matt made omelets with potatoes for breakfast. I LOVE when he adds potatoes! Makes everything taste better. We waited around all morning for the Safe Lite guy to come fix the crack in my windshield. We were quoted a time range of 8-12PM. He called or texted Matt 30 minutes before his arrival and showed up just after noon. At least he was done in like 30 minutes. Window looks good too. I could have gotten some stuff done while we waited, but I chose to be a lazy bum. I am rationalizing it by telling myself I won't have many more morning where I'll be able to once our baby is born.  
After eating lunch and showering, we headed out to look at a few vehicles. We ended up buying one. We bought a new to us 2009 Ford Escape. We were a little hesitant buying an 'as is' vehicle, but price was a giant factor in making this decision. We didn’t want another car payment and this will be a good vehicle for us as long as it lasts 5 years. With our trade-in and the cash we had been scrimping and saving, no financing was needed. YAY! Was a great feeling to walk away knowing we owed no one anything. The inside looks very well taken care of... the outside had a bunch of dents and dings... part of our purchase agreement was they are going to buff out and re-paint the back bumper. Matt dropped it off today after work. Hope it comes back looking new. We will still need to get the front bumper fixed or replaced (paint is chipped badly), but after that, the vehicle will look great!
After Matt dropped it off today, he called to tell me about the rental vehicle they gave him... they brought around a Mini Cooper, but Matt couldn’t drive it because it was a stick shift. So he tells me they brought out a different vehicle.
Conversation went something like this:
Matt: So they bring out a Chevy Silverado Truck....
Me: Okay.
Matt: ... a red Chevy Silverado Truck.
Me: ...ooookkkayyyy.... (not really knowing why the color was important).
Matt: Our truck!
Me: Ohhhhh!!!
LOL! His rental car for the day is the truck we JUST traded in. I think that was lucky! At least he is already familiar with the vehicle AND we were both just 'complaining' about trading in the truck with an almost full tank of gas. Now is Matt's opportunity to use a little bit of it. How crazy is it that he got his old truck to use though? I think it is kinda funny.
Because we spent several hours at the two different dealerships, dinner was a quick meal at Chick-fil-a. YUMMY! My favorite!!! I will never complain about eating here. :)
We rushed home right after because we had left Wyatt loose and had been gone much longer then we had anticipated. Oops! (He isn’t very good at holding his bladder these days.) We fed and hung with him a bit before heading out to Walmart to make a return and Kroger to grocery shop.
Sunday I purchased all last minute items online from Target for our little boy. Bought him nine size 1 boxes of diapers along with everything else we needed to purchase. Was a very good deal since they were giving gift cards after spending over $150 in baby products and $20 gift cards for each set of 3 participating boxes of diapers purchased. I figure if I over bought on the sizes I can always exchange them for the next size up as needed.
I wanted to rest before my Monday appointment which made it important for us to do all our running around earlier in the day. We went shopping at Target, Trader Joe's, Sam's and Kohl's. More groceries were purchased and Matt desperately needed some jeans. Because we had a coupon for buy 1 get 1 sub at Penn Station (unlike us to eat out so many times in a weekend), we chose to eat there opposed to somewhere else. Again, I wasn’t complaining... this is our favorite sandwich shop.
We were back at home with plenty of time for us to relax, meal prep, cook dinner and clean the kitchen. I took a 1.5 hour nap - very wonderful - and another long bath with a good book. At this rate, I am going to need some more bubbles ASAP.
Today has been a VERY busy day! Not to mention I barely got 2 hours of sleep last night. I alternated between tossing and turning and having to pee all night. And I was tired before getting into bed! Not sure why I couldn’t sleep. Kept looking at the clock thinking about how much sleep I could still get if I fell asleep right now. *Sigh*
I had to be at work by 6:30AM opposed to 7AM today since I was getting off at 12:30 for a doctor appointment. Those 30 minutes make a HUGE difference.
My appointment was at 2PM and I got lucky... arrived at 1:20 and was on my way home around 2. Always nice when I don’t have to wait around wasting my time. Blood pressure was normal this visit at 130/80, lost 2.2 pounds since last Thursday, no protein in my pee and no change with my baby's progress in reference to dilation and my cervix. All in all, a great visit! She wants me to still come back on Thursday though and I am hoping my good news continues.
And now, here I am at home blogging and getting a few things done around the house until it is time for me to leave for my girl's night out painting project. More on that tomorrow.
Oh... look what was waiting for me when I got home:
Our stroller! (Thanks mom!)
Because I am posting this on Tuesday opposed to Monday when I mostly wrote this post, you can see while I was gone, my wonderful husband assembled the stroller and the bouncer. Everything is now put together waiting on our baby boy.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

37 Weeks

How far along: 37 weeks
Fruit-size comparison: Winter melon
Length is: Somewhere around 20 inches.
Weight is: Somewhere around 6 pounds. Your body is still concentrating more on gaining weight then on growing taller.
Developmental milestones: You lungs should be fully mature to allow you to breath outside my womb. You are probably sucking your thumb which will hopefully have taught you how to latch in order to breastfeed.  I REALLY want you to gain this skill so suck away little guy!
Weight gain: No comment.
Sleep: Blah! I took a nap yesterday for about an hour and a half and felt great afterwards. (I was extremely sleepy.) Too bad it took me forever to fall asleep at night and now I am tired again. No nap today though.
Best moment of the week: I LOVED my Tennessee baby shower! I also enjoy having weekly doctor appointments where I learn your measurements (via tape measure on my belly) and hear your heartbeat. Such a beautiful sound!
Movement: You make hard movements nowadays. Very easy to see when you move around. I mostly feel you towards the top of my stomach and I believe it is from your feet and butt. Still hiccupping a lot at the bottom of my stomach. I feel bad for you because they seem to last several minutes.
Cravings: Sweets which I should be avoiding but do not have the willpower to not eat. At work, I feel hungry constantly and I give in. I think I am more bored then hungry though.
Gender: You're a bundle of BOY!!!
Belly button in or out: In
Wedding ring: On
Anything making you queasy/sick: Only when I am feeling overheated. I am enjoying this cooler weather since I seem to be swelling less and feel more comfortable all over. Don't get me wrong, I still swell, just not painfully tight.
What I miss: Sleeping through the night and not having to pee so much.
What I'm looking forward to: Meeting and introducing you to everyone. I saw a cute picture of an animal holding her baby and the caption on the picture was 'I made this' and beneath that it said something about this is how I will be introducing my baby to everyone. LOL! I thought it was cute and hilarious!
Labor signs: None
Symptoms: Swollen feet/legs, frequent peeing and a bunch of angry looking stretch marks all over my stomach.
Nursery: Getting even closer to having everything organized. I am hoping to have everything organized by next week. This wouldn’t be so hard if I didn’t easily run out of energy.
Emotions: I won't lie to you, I am a little nervous, but I am mostly excited! As much as I don’t want an epidural, I keep thinking about having it inserted during my labor with you. The thought of the shot and possible side effects scare me, but I am being realistic when I think about my pain tolerance level. I am also a bit on edge because today at my appointment my blood pressure was slightly elevated again. Not only am I still going to my doctor appointment on Thursday, I now a have an additional one on Monday to see if my blood pressure has changed. (It was 130/90 at the start of my appointment and then 120/90 at the end.) Makes me nervous because I don't want to be induced with you. But she is concerned since it has been elevated before, I had protein in my pee and my feet/legs are constantly swollen. Not a good combination for a pregnant person. Luckily, no protein in my pee this time.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Baby Shower #3 (aka Tennessee Baby Shower)

My mom's friend and her daughter sure know how to throw a festive baby shower. Red wagon themed and all.
Check out some of the decorations:

No games (thankfully - those get old quick to me), but we did decorate some onesies which I loved and will show you in just a minute.
There are more, but I am not revealing my son's name so I can't show you those ones.
Guests were:
My mom
My grandma
My mother-in-law
My sister-in-law
Amber (friend from 6th grade and on)
Maggie (friend from my first 'real' job)
Karen, my mom's BF (she hosted at her house)
Amanda (co-hosted, daughter to Karen)
Honestly, I am glad it was small and intimate. Those are always better since you have more time to talk to everyone and I don’t feel anyone gets left out. At least, I hope no one felt left out. I really did try talking to everyone. And I think I did a decent job at introducing everyone. I'm not usually good at that part of things.
Can I just say our little boy is beyond spoiled?
He got so much stuff once again! We are very fortunate. I know not everyone has such caring family, friends and co-workers as we clearly have in our lives. I am very grateful for everything given to us and all the love shown to us and our baby boy.
Check it all out:

I couldn’t even fit everything into one picture!
This doesn’t even include the clothes Amanda gave me from her son (he was born last November).
My mother-in-law quilted the blanket and changing pads & my friend, Maggie, made the giraffe stuffed animals and burp cloths. Very unique gifts my son will hopefully get a lot of use out of and enjoy.
I am very happy he received so many books. I am hoping he will love being read to when he is a little guy and then hopefully he enjoys reading as he grows. I want him to be a little book worm like his mommy. If he is, I will have a hard time denying him books when we are at the store. I need to get him hooked on the library as soon as possible. Don't worry, I already have big plans. Too bad I won't be able to take him to story time during the day. Stupid bills forcing me to work. :(

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Another Weekend Gone By

Have I mentioned how much I enjoy Mondays when I am off? I'm sure I have. Because why wouldn't I like a Monday off? Yesterday was one of those Mondays. My poor husband had to work, but that allowed me time to get some stuff done around the house without being distracted.
I am getting ahead of myself on this weekend recap though... Let me start at the beginning...
Friday evening - I am drawing a blank. Yep, no clue what I did.
Saturday morning we woke, ate breakfast and hung around the house waiting on the mail. My husband said the mail usually comes around 11AM so I didn’t mind waiting around for my Target packages before leaving for Tennessee. (Didn't want to chance leaving them on the front porch all weekend.) Only, 11 came and slowly turned to 12 and then turned to 1PM and now I was getting annoyed. I drove around the neighborhood in hopes of finding her and asking for my packages.  Found her in the very back of the neighborhood and she gave me my packages after looking at my id. Well guess what? I went back to the house to get Matt and next thing I know, there she is. *Sigh* I could have saved my gas and time looking for her had I of waited another 15 minutes. But how was I to know she would be coming around the corner within minutes of me hunting her down?
While we had waited we went and bought a $5 changing table from a lady who was having a yard sale. It looked like it was in better condition online, but I figure it is nothing Matt can't tighten (the screws) and a can or two of spray paint can't fix. I'm still debating on the color. We also treated ourselves to one doughnut each. Yum!
Once in Tennessee we just hung out with Matt's mom and sister while watching 3 (yes, THREE) football games. I'm sure you can imagine how much fun that was for me. Thank goodness for my iPad. Dinner was Popeye's which I picked. I was craving some mashed potatoes with gravy. (Maybe craving is the wrong word. I was hankering for some mashed potatoes and gravy.) Matt's sister brought dessert/snack from her home area which was a Reece's caramel apple. Delicious! I'm going to be putting in apple requests each time I see her. This place has a whole page of different apples available. (We also had an apple pie apple.)

Sunday we had breakfast at my mom's house. My mom was nice enough to meet us at a local park afterwards to take some maternity pictures of us. I am WAY too frugal to pay someone else to do this for me. Easy enough to edit them to my liking.
Once picture time was over, Matt  left with Wyatt to go back to his mom's house and my mom and I had a few places to go before my baby shower. While out, I had heard from my friend, Amber, who was stuck in traffic on the interstate (for 4 hours in the end!) and then we heard from my grandparents who ended up being in the same traffic. Luckily, they were able to get off the interstate so we went and met them where they were in order to lead them to my mom's house.
I won't write about my lovely baby shower in this post, but my baby shower was from 2-5PM and was great!
Right afterwards, Matt came to my mom's to pick me up and move everything to our car. We took a few quick pictures with everyone since it isn't often we see my grandparents and then we were on the road home. We needed to leave because my husband had to work on Monday. We didn’t even get home until 9PM and by the time we ate dinner and had the car unloaded, it was close to 10 before we were in bed. My poor husband was very tired yesterday since he has to wake by 4AM in order to get ready and be on time to work.
As for me on Monday, I had a list of things I wanted to accomplish. Ya, I barely put a dent in that list. Stupid swollen feet and slow moving body! And that was with me waking at 6:30AM for some unknown reason. I think I couldn’t sleep because I knew how much I needed and wanted to get done. Oh well. I had intentions to take a nap but never felt sleepy enough to do it.
I started off my morning watching Pitch Perfect 2 - it was due and I hadn’t gotten around to watching it yet. Let me just say, the first one was SO MUCH BETTER! I won't watch this one again. I almost feel like I wasted 2 hours of my time.
I got all the laundry washed and put away.
Vacuumed the whole house.
Mopped the kitchen, living room and hallway floors.
Fully cleaned one (my) bathroom.
Cleaned kitchen.
Started organizing our son's room.
Downloaded pictures from my camera.
Marinated pork chops for Matt to grill.
Doesn't sound like a whole bunch, but it really was. I even had time for a bath while Matt took an afternoon nap.
He cooked dinner and I delayed him going to the gym because I had someone coming over at 6 who was purchasing a dresser I was selling (I bought our son a different one). Keeping in mind I am pregnant, Matt and I removed all the drawers and we got it out front around 5:30... he did most of the lifting (it's a very solid wood dresser). 6 came and went and the guy emailed me saying he was going to be 20 minutes late. Okay, no big deal. I didn’t hear from him again until 6:40 asking if someone was here to help load it. I ignored the question and asked him if he was almost here. He said it was going to be another 30 minutes. I wrote him back and said I was moving on to the next person since he didn’t show up at our scheduled time of 6 and then 6:20 and I didn’t have time to wait around all evening. That guy had the nerve to ask me if that meant I was not selling to him and then proceeded to tell me he was in traffic. Ya, I don’t think so. And if that was the case, we could have told me that from the beginning. At this point, it was 7PM. Matt carried that entire dresser by himself back up the stairs and into the house and not a minute too early... it started POURING! I highly doubt that guy would have even shown up. Side note - I had lowered my price by $10 for him from $50 to $40. What a jackass!
I have already emailed the next person waiting for it. Hope she comes and gets it today... I want it out of my house. Plus, she never asked for a lower price so I should get my asking price of $50.
This is why I hate selling anything! Always ends up being a pain!
At this point, I felt a little bad because Matt decided to skip the gym because we still needed to grocery shop since we weren’t home over the weekend to do it. Skipped the gym for nothing! *Sigh* He claims he wasn’t mad, but I hate derailing him when I know he tries very hard to work out. Kroger was a quick trip at least. Still spent more than I wanted, but what you going to do? Groceries are not cheap!
And now we are back to Tuesday. At least I only have a four day work week. I am in the process of making a new to do list for everything I want/need to accomplish this week. We are getting closer and closer to our little guy making an appearance and I KNOW I won't have time/motivation to do anything once he graces us with his presence.
Only 23 days left until his due date! I am beginning to get a little nervous about the labor part.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

36 Weeks

How far along: 36 weeks
Fruit-size comparison: Honeydew
Length is: Roughly the same as the last 2 weeks.
Weight is: Somewhere around 6 pounds... no wonder my stomach feels so heavy!
Developmental milestones: If you were to be born today, you should be able to breath on your own. Just a slight chance you might not be able to do this though. However, you could have issues with feeding and sucking. (Wait at least 1 more week to come greet us I'd rather you not be on a feeding tube.) Your sense of hearing, touch and taste have all become much clearer. You should know mommy's voice by now and maybe daddy's since you hear him often. I talk a mile a minute most the day so I would be shocked if you didn’t know mine.
Weight gain: Ya, I'm done answering this question. No comment.
Sleep: Off and on. One night I'll sleep great and the next I'm up 12 times to pee and some of those nights I have issues falling back to sleep. On those nights, I usually get up and rock in my chair. It soothes me. Maybe it will sooth you too. Good thing we already have a swing for you. I just need to replace the cord that I accidently gave to Goodwill. Good things they only cost about $16 online.
Best moment of the week: Last Friday was pretty great when I saw my office desk all decorated and then we later had a baby shower luncheon. Let's not forget how excited I got when I saw your bassinet had come in the mail. And then I put it together last night ALL BY MYSELF!!! Okay, truth... daddy helped with one screw because I couldn’t get it lined up correctly. But besides that teeny tiny amount of help, I followed the directions and got it together myself. I am still proud of my accomplishment. I KNEW I could do it! And it is even cuter then it had looked on the internet. We are gonna keep it in your room until you actually get her and then we will place it beside my side of the bed for easy access to you. You dresser also came in today. Poor daddy had to get it (and two others) out of truck and into the house alone.
Movement: All sorts of movements. Much more intense, but not painful. You sure know how to push down on my bladder and make me need to pee instantly even if I had just gone pee - that part is a bit annoying... especially while I am at work. You continue to have the hiccups about twice a day. Daddy had felt you several times too.
Cravings: Still all things not healthy for me. *Sigh* I want to lose weight after your birth so hopefully I quit having all of these cravings.
Gender: You're a BOY!!!
Belly button in or out: In
Wedding ring: On
Anything making you queasy/sick: I only feel slightly ill when I feel hot.
What I miss: Sleeping through the night - on my belly - and not having to constantly pee.
What I'm looking forward to: Being done with pregnancy. Although I enjoy feeling and seeing you move, I am just ready to be done with this part and have you here with us.
Labor signs: None... when I was checked today, I am 0 cm dilated, my cervix is high but you are definitely head down.
Symptoms: Swollen feet, constant need to pee, TONS of stretch marks on my stomach especially on my lower stomach where you seem to be laying.
Nursery: I FINALLY made progress in here last weekend! I hope to have it all done in 2 weeks. That's my goal and I think I can accomplish it with no issues. I almost have everything you need. I am going to order the last of the items we need either on Sunday or Monday and then just sit back and enjoy seeing everything. Very exciting!
Emotions: At the moment, I'm hot which makes me feel a bit annoyed. I'm torn between wanting you here now and going until closer to my due date. Did you know elephants are pregnant for 2 years? Poor elephants!

Monday, October 5, 2015

Preparing for Baby

Let me start off by reminding you I am due one month from today! One month!
Wow! Can you even imagine??? I'm having a hard time believing our little baby boy is almost here. Finally!
Good thing I got my butt into gear this weekend and started crossing off a bunch of items from my 'to do before baby arrives' list.
Since it's Monday, let me bore you with another weekend update. (I think that’s all I'm really providing these days.... weekend updates and weekly bump updates.)
Friday it rained and rained and along with the rain came a wonderful cold front. I LOVED it! Please come back soon! Today the high was 82 and I hate these warm temperatures. My body already feels overheated due to pregnancy... I don’t need more heat to make me feel worse. And that’s what it is going to be all week long too. Blah!
Because of the rain, Friday we stayed home and I read and ordered some items online. We bought our baby boy a new dresser online from Toys R Us. It was $650 - on clearance for $100. I'm hoping it is nice. Supposed to weigh 200 pounds which makes me think it must be real wood. I ordered 2 additional ones for our bedroom. I figure if they aren’t nice I should be able to either return them or sell them for the same price. I am already trying to sell the one I bought him which I painted blue, but so far, no takers. Maybe $75 is asking too much? I'll give it a few days before lowering the price. I was hoping to recoup what I paid plus what I put into with paint and time.
Saturday, I spent the morning organizing my son's room. It is starting to come together. Because I know we are moving, I haven’t hung anything on the wall even though I would love to do just that, but I figure why put the hole in the wall just to take it down soon. Besides adding personality on the walls, I actually feel like it is almost done which is a wonderful feeling when before I just felt overwhelmed when I looked in there.  It's looking great now!
That evening we went to Blaze for dinner. Yum! Followed by shopping at Target and Kroger. I had wanted to go to Target to get some of the baby items I need right now in case baby boy comes early. So I printed a 15% off registry coupon meant for a friend or family member, pulled my registry up on my phone and headed to the baby aisle. I already knew what I was buying so I figured this would be quick. Nope, I was wrong. The first three items I looked at were cheaper online. I kept looking at my phone and then the item ensuring I was looking at the same thing. I was. Because of this, I decided to just do my purchase online that evening when we got home. Why waste my coupon on a few items when I could get them all online? I don’t understand how the store is more expensive than their own website. Yes, I could have gone to customer service and had them price match, but I simply couldn’t be bothered. It was easier just to order online. I should have known better. The only downside is now I have to wait for them to come in the mail. And as of this exact moment, only one item has shipped.
Side note - having a Target card is WELL worth it between the 5% off all purchases and free shipping. Just make sure you remember to pay it off each month if you get one. Interest rate is HIGH!
After walking around Kroger I was exhausted. I noticed my movements kept getting slower and slower as we shopped for food. This part of pregnancy sucks! I'm not even sure how I drove us home. I should have asked Matt to drive. But I am stubborn and always prefer to drive when I have the opportunity. But guess what? Once home, I was up until midnight searching the web looking for the best deals on everything I needed/wanted. At least I was able to get my Target purchase completed.
Sunday I woke to the intoxicating smell of cooking bacon. No wonder Michael Scott cooked it on his George Foreman each morning. You know, until he burned his foot.  LOL! (If you don’t watch 'The Office' you won't get the joke.)
The number one goal of the day got accomplished - bases/carrier got installed into both cars. Whoo hoo! In the event our little guy decides to grace us with his presence a little early, at least we can now take him home from the hospital. The directions were a bit confusing... thank goodness for YouTube videos. The lady in the video was very informative and to the point. After watching the video, Matt had both those suckers installed in no time. We are keeping the carrier in my car in case we need to just leave one day or if while at an appointment they make me stay. At least we are 100% ready on this front. I have a mirror for my car... too bad my headrest doesn't accommodate it. I am going to see if they have a different one I can exchange it for. Without it, I won't be able to see my baby boy while driving. I jokingly told Matt I would need one of those creeper mirrors you see on TV that's on a stick and used when a guy is looking under the bathroom stall at some poor unsuspecting woman. Ha ha ha!!! I have no idea where you would buy one though. Let's hope I can find what I need without resorting to that method.
Because we were both feeling lazy and I needed to go to Wal-Mart for more thank you cards (I wrote about 25 - talk about a cramped hand!), we decided to eat dinner at Arby's. Those stupid curly fries are delicious! And Wyatt sure enjoyed the roast beef we gave him. He gobbled it up! Before last week, why had we not ate there for years? I have no clue. It is yummy!
Afterwards, I took bath number 2 of the day and finished up another book. I will miss reading once our baby boy is here, but he is well worth the sacrifice.
As for today, while at work, I logged into our insurance website and noticed they are going to reimburse our breast pump at the full amount we paid - $216. YAY! I am extremely happy with this news. Yes, I had called twice before buying it to verify it would be covered, but I was a little hesitant. I was thinking I would be even more happy once I have the check in hand ready to be deposited into the bank. And guess what? I got home and there it was on the table. Awesome!
I also ordered our baby 2 giant boxes of Huggies size 1 diapers. They are for size 8-14 pounds. I bought them both on for a steal of a deal of $10 something on my account and $13 something on Matt's account. Thank you Amazon Mom for the 50% off deal and the $3 off coupon on my account. I'm all for a good deal.
The bad news of the day... I forgot my phone at home. It was brutal! Keep in mind I am from the generation where I have had a cell phone since the age of 16. That’s almost half my life! I can't remember a time when I didn’t have one. I was bored out of my mind without having access to check my email and the websites I frequent throughout the day. I did look at a lot of stuff on my work computer, but I don’t feel comfortable reading blogs there. Plus, I missed my few texts with my husband. I felt like I hadn’t talked to him all day (with the exception of our usual 10 minute chit chat on his lunch break). Sure made my day drag. I will be double checking I have it with me tomorrow.