Thursday, December 11, 2014

November - The Month I Didn't Blog

Oops... it sure has been awhile since I last blogged.
How about a post of bullet points to catch you up on me? It's the quickest and easiest way. :)
(All pictures will be from my phone since I didn’t take any with my real camera. *Sigh*)
*My mom and I went to a painting class a few weeks ago -
(Mine is the one on top)
Aren't our Thanksgiving owls cute? This was our first time doing a painting at this particular place and all went well. I do think the instructor went a little fast, but that could just be me being slow. Either way, we had lots of fun and it was well worth the $20/pp. I still suck at blending, but what's new?
*While visiting us, we took my parents to see Lights Under Louisville which is located in the Mega Caverns. You literally drive your car through the Christmas lights while listening to Christmas music. Each section seemed to have a theme and played different music. We all had a nice time. Wish it had been longer... I could have went through it another 3 times.
*We went to Tennessee for Thanksgiving where Matt's mom hosted all of us at her house for dinner. This is the third year we have all gotten together and just switched houses. Sadly, my brother was a no show this year.
*During Thanksgiving, my mom had me teach my grandparents how to take a selfie on my cell phone. Hilarious! Here are a few of the outtakes.
*I tried my very first mimosa over the Thanksgiving holiday. Yum! I drank 3! In one morning. And I RARELY drink. Just tells you how much I liked them. And for the record, I barely felt a light buzz.
*My 30th Birthday was celebrated over Thanksgiving weekend.
Matt and I shopped, ate lunch and dessert where I wanted to go and watched Mocking Jay.
*Shopping (on Black Friday) - we didn’t even go out until 11 or 11:30AM - and I still got everything I wanted -
Old Navy - pair of jeans and (bonus) pair of khakis (both half off)
Best Buy - Season 6 and 7 of The Big Bang Theory ($10 each) and Catching Fire Blu-ray ($8)
Target - 10% off gift card
And while out, we stopped into the Nike store where I got a pullover.
I am very happy with my bargains.
Glad we didn’t get up early and waste our time shopping with all the crazy shoppers (used to be one of them).
*Mocking Jay was a good movie. Not as action packed as the first two, but still good. I wish they had made book 4 into one movie opposed to two. I think it would have been even better. Not complaining though- I am looking forward to seeing another movie with some of my favorite book characters.
*I've read some really good books lately. Really good. In fact, there have been a few books I have read twice recently. I haven’t read any books more than once since the Twilight series and that was several years ago. That's saying something about the books I have been currently reading.
My current favorite authors are now Jennifer L. Armentrout, J Lynn (who is actually the first author I listed), and Jessica Sorensen. They all write young adult books which is what I tend to prefer over other books.
I am very thankful my library is awesome and willing to order me the books I request. Without them, I wouldn’t have gotten to read as many good books. I refuse to buy books these days unless they are my favorites. And right now, I already have three books on my list to purchase.
*Speaking of my library, check out their Christmas tree:
It's even better then the book tree they did last year. The lady who made it is VERY creative! There have been several things she has made for the different holidays over the years I have going here. I wish she would come home with me and decorate my house.
*Last weekend, my mom took me to Chicago for my birthday. We had lots of fun! (Will blog about it later.)
I think I covered everything, but it was awhile ago so I might have forgotten some of the stuff I did. *Sigh*

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