Saturday, November 1, 2014

The Color Run 2014

My mom and I did the Color Run last weekend. We had a wonderful time! It was a bit cold, but as we walked, we warmed up. I'm glad I didn't bring my jacket with me like I had originally planned. The headband they gave us worked very well as a ear warmer. I gotta admit I was very happy to have it while we waited for the race to begin. Without it, I would have been shivering... at least until the sun came out and warmed us up.
We had to park a little bit away from the race, but no big deal. The city or the event had hired police to act as cross guards which made it a bit easier to walk through traffic. I also want to mention this race had a strong police presence - not sure if they were anticipating issues, but we didn't see any. The entire race was set up nicely and everything seemed to run smoothly. Radcliff, KY, I believe, doesn't get to host a lot of events so I know they were proud to have this event - Even the mayor came out!
We like to be within the first wave of the race which is why we got there early. We figure since we are walking opposed to running, this will guarantee we won't be the last ones to cross the finish lines. This is my mother's concern - not mine. I don’t care when we actually finish the race as long as we do it. Besides, there are always tons of kids there who surely walk slower then us.
This walk went around Saunder Springs. Such a pretty park. I have driven down here before, but I had never actually been there. I snapped a few pictures as we walked, but as you can imagine, most of them were too blurry to keep. If we didn't live far, I would want to come down here and walk around with Matt. Might happen one day. Not anytime soon though. Getting too cold for me.
Within Saunder Springs, they had a water station funded by a local car wash. They even had bubble machines. LOVED THE BUBBLES! Such a nice touch. If I ever see one of these for an inexpensive price, I'm buying it. I would use it in the background of my pictures.
This same car wash also offered us free seat covers when packets were picked up on Friday. Very nice of them. I wish I could remember the name of the car wash and post their business on here.
Doesn't it look like the lady in the middle of the picture was posing for me? Ha! I have no clue who she is. Maybe someone was taking her picture.
At the finish line, they had the unicorn there to high five as you passed. They even had confetti. Nice touch! Of course, I had to go back and get a picture of the unicorn dancing. And I am happy to report I snapped several good ones.
Not long after crossing the finish line they did a color party. My mom even caught an extra color packet that was thrown into the audience. For whatever reason, she gave it to me to toss up in the air during the event. Once the color was in the air, it was one big cloudy color space. A bit hard to breath and see, but lots of fun. Wish I had someone there to take pictures of the color up in the air like last time at the Color Vibe. Our husbands weren't here this time though. Therefore, no pictures. Lots of people were very nice and took some pictures of us when asked though.  
Overall, we had a wonderful time.
In comparison to the Color Vibe we did back in March, I liked this one more.
Not sure if the reason is because less people were here or the set up seemed more organized.... I'm just not sure. I can't put my finger on it. Either way, I highly recommend participating in either event.
I have already researched other color 5k events and have found several contenders who don’t have dates listed yet. Hopefully they list them once winter is over. I assume most runs slow down in the colder months. At least around here. Because seriously, who wants to have a fun run in the freezing cold? Ya, not this girl!

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