Thursday, October 2, 2014

Week in Bullets

As predicted, Matt and I had an easy/lazy (last) weekend. Therefore, I don't have much to write about. (Even though more time has passed since today is Thursday!) In an effort to better document my life, here goes the bullet point 'notes'.
*Finished season 3 of New Girl on Netflix. I am sad I will no longer be able to watch this show. The new season has already started and you can watch the last episode online at FOX, but how am I suppose to watch the first episode of season 4? We are still debating getting Hulu Plus. I'm thinking we just need to do it. Between Hulu Plus and Netflix, our bill is still less than $20/month. Even with adding in our $80 antenna and $50 Google Chrome, we are still ahead of the game. P.S. Not missing cable/satellite one bit.
*We quit watching Heroes... we were about half way through season 2. It wasn't holding my interest as much as season 1 did. Season 2 had Hero in the past (boring - who cares... he is my favorite - bring him back to the present), the one guy who's name I forget doesn’t remember who he is and is in Ireland, Peter seems evil, and Claire is an idiot letting someone else know about her power. Blah, blah, blah!
*Finally watched The Fault of the Stars... if you can get past the first 30 minutes, it was a good movie. Yes, I cried at the end. I had tried to read this book a few months ago, but this was the second book by John Green I have tried to read and could not get into it. I don't think I like his style of writing. I will not try another one. I'm done!
* I did enjoy reading a series by Anna Banks about mermaids. I recommend this easy read - Of Poseidon, Of Triton, Of Neptune. The third book started making me mad with the direction it was going. I'll just tell you it got better; I won't tell you what happened. I read each book in one evening/night. Started on the treadmill and then moved to my bed.
*Last week, Meijer had a good sale on canned vegetable -3 for $0.99. We bought about 150. I would have bought more had they of had more 'no salt added'. I'm happy with our haul regardless. Did make us go over on our grocery money budget... I'm sure it will even out in the end. On second thought, I know it will... (by making it disappear) I was keeping track of our spending on a two week rotation period and as of October, we are starting with a clean slate and I will start keeping track monthly. I am wanting to see how much money we spend on each 'category' of each month.
*Bought a pumpkin while grocery shopping. Guess I'm on my way to crossing off 'Carve a pumpkin' from my Fall Bucket List. Of course, I won't actually do this until right around Halloween. Pointless to do it sooner. I do already have my template picked out. Wait till you see it! I'm not giving any hints. :)
*I finally downloaded some new songs onto my fully organized iTunes. Yep - counting the new CD by King and Country we just bought- I have 47 new songs to listen to. Oh... I just checked... a few of those I had downloaded to iTunes and forgot to download to my phone. Oops! Either way, 47 new songs.
*However, I'm already sick of said new 47 songs. In my new department, I do a lot of listening to music. I had to go back to shuffling all my songs opposed to listening to just the new ones. I'm okay with this though. When you have as many songs as I do, you don’t mind. Makes me appreciate all the hard work I put into putting all my favorite songs from my old CDs onto my playlist.
*My mom is coming down this weekend. I am very excited. We are going to a place to have a tea 'party'. How quaint, huh? I am positive I will be blogging about that experience. Meaning - check back next week to read all about it.

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