Thursday, October 23, 2014

My Side Of Wyatt Earp

And here's my side of the story on what Wyatt does all day...
Sometimes, Wyatt wakes one of us up to go potty in the middle of the might. Although annoying, whoever he wakes up is forced to let him out because we both know he cannot hold it in anymore. When he has to go, he has to go. No time to hesitate or he WILL pee/poop in our bed. And honestly, we can't get too upset since he is an old man.
After letting him out, we usually allow him to walk around in the kitchen to get a drink or water if needed. Usually, he does. Makes me wonder if he sometimes wakes up in the middle of the night just to drink water. We can't leave a bowl of water available in our bed though - would never work out well for anyone.
Once we get back in bed, Wyatt tries to find him a good spot. We have recently added his fleece blanket in between our pillows because this is where we want him to sleep. He likes his warm fuzzy blanket so unless he is hot, he will sleep right on it. Otherwise, he is all over the bed and sometime we accidently hit or kick him in our sleep. Although, we all know where he will end up laying, he ALWAYS has to circle the spot to find the 'perfect spot'. We laugh because sometimes, he circles the spot 3 times to the right and then does the exact same thing to the left. What a crazy guy!

Side note on his sleeping - our dog does not like sleeping long ways (up and down). He much prefers to sleep left to right which takes up more space than our less than ten pound dog needs. Constantly throughout the night, one of us will wake up and move him in the right direction. I like when he sleeps in a ball best - doesn't happen often enough.
In the morning, Matt always lets Wyatt out to pee. I'm up a little while later at 5AM and after showering and getting dressed, I let him out again. Depending on time, I'll let him out one more time before I leave the house. We give him as many opportunities as we can to ensure he doesn’t have to go potty in the morning.
After going out the first time, it's breakfast time. We have such a picky eater on our hands! He refuses to eat the same stuff as a recent prior meal. No point in thinking he likes something because he will not eat it again. For example, last night, he ate chicken nuggets and macaroni and cheese. He ate a bunch! And if you didn’t know him, you would assume he would be happy to eat this meal again. WRONG! He won't even sample it. This morning, I got him to eat 2.5 pieces of bacon and one slice of Kraft cheese. These are two items he will almost always eat. Notice I said almost. Some mornings he refuses to eat anything.
With his breakfast, I give him his heart murmur pill. Sometimes I can trick him and put it in a piece of cheese. More often than not, he now dissects his food and we are forced to put the pill in his mouth and clamp it shut until he swallows it. I feel bad about doing this, but he needs his pill to live.
Nowadays, we put Wyatt into a large kennel at the foot of our bed while we are at work. Don't worry, he sleeps all day regardless. And we leave a Tupperware container of water in there for him in case he gets thirsty during the day. If we don't lock him up, he pees all over our bedroom. This way, he only pees on his Princess Jasmine blanket. Easy enough to wash. If we are only going to be gone for a few hours, we leave him lose.
When Matt gets home from work, he lets him outside. Matt usually eats a snack and always shares with Wyatt.
Shortly after their snack time, I arrive home and it's dinnertime.
It's much easier to get Wyatt to eat if you hand him whatever it is opposed to allowing him to eat off a plate. Therefore, we eat first and then we feed him. It's a battle every night to figure out what he will eat. I'll admit, sometimes he frustrates me to the point where I just stop caring if he eats. Good thing Matt cares more than I do on those days. During dinner, he gets another heart murmur pill. And for the record, he used to LOVE these beef flavored pills. One day, he decided he no longer liked them.
I'm telling you - he is training us to be parents of a human baby!
Prior to dinner, when I first get home, I always greet Matt and then Wyatt. No matter how long I spend with Wyatt, when I go to my bedroom to change and go potty, he always follows me and begs for my attention. He also seems to know when I get home it means it is dinner time.

After dinner, we always watch TV or I read or do something.... Wyatt is ALWAYS near one of us either sleeping, begging for food, or being cuddled. He enjoys sleeping on his dog bed, on the far right cushion of the couch, or squished between me and the arm of my rocking chair. If I'm in the bathtub, he enjoys laying on the floor mat in the bathroom. If I'm reading in bed, he wants to be right up against me. Unless he is mad at me for bugging him.... then he lays all the way on the other side of the bed.
Some nights, we go to the gym and leave him home alone. Not in his kennel since we aren’t gone for long.

I like to be in bed at 9PM. Whether I go right to sleep or read is always a tossup.
Here is where we re-start the entire cycle.

And now you know the rest of the story....

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