Thursday, October 9, 2014

My DIY Witch Wreath

Months ago, I kept seeing cute witch wreaths on Pinterest and I wanted one.
Badly! Like right now. Didn't matter it wasn't anywhere near Halloween. I just had to have one. Too bad you can't find Halloween merchandise in the middle of summer like you can find Christmas merchandise. Because of this, I decided to wait and make one in time for the month of October. You know, since October is really the only month acceptable to have a witch wreath on your door. Imagine what the neighbors would say if I had out during the summer?
I started it while at my mom's house with her help and then finished it once I was home. It took a lot more time and effort then I thought it would though. Story of my life. I hate that I'll have to take it apart to store and then put back together again next year. I am trying to look at it positively and think about how much better I can make it look next year.
Want to make one of your own???
Metal Wreath Form
Pipe Cleaners
Mesh Ribbon
Ribbon (Regular)
Witch Hat
Witch Legs
I started with my metal wreath form and used my own pipe cleaners to attach two rows of mesh around it. Might have been easier if I had bought the metal wreath form with the pipe cleaners already attached with the little decorative balls on the ends. But in case you didn't already know, I am WAY too frugal for that thank you very much! Because I had the pipe cleaners not attached to the form, it was easier to make this a two person job. Good thing I had my mom with me for this part.
Next, fluff out the mesh.
Attach the witch's hat and legs.
The legs were easy. The hat was more challenging. I bent the hat into the correct shape, but my mom is the one who came up with the idea to use thread, a needle and buttons to attach it to the wreath with the mesh on it. I added the hat then legs in order to purposely make sure the hat was a little tilted.
Gave my witch a little bit of a whimsical look - don't you think?
At this point, we had originally put the ribbon on the mesh first and then tried to add in the mesh ribbon. Didn't work out very well. Too bad it was time for me to go home. Meaning, no more help from my mom - I was now on my own.
I decided to remove all the ribbon so I could add the mesh ribbon first since I had 50 feet to work with opposed to 5. I wanted the actual ribbon with the cute pictures of candy corn on the top.
I think my finished product turned out lovely.
I have even named 'her' Wanda. As in - whimsical Wanda.

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  1. She is VERY cute! Love, love, love this!! Good job, honey.