Monday, October 6, 2014

Jerry's Junk

My mom came to visit this past weekend. It's always nice having her come down. It’s a shame we don’t live a bit closer so we could hangout more often. For now, we will have to be happy with what we can get until Matt and I can move back to Tennessee (something we are both wanting in the near future if possible).
I am going to break our weekend into 3 blog posts for the following 3 reasons. 1.) I tend to type more if I break down events; 2.) Makes it more fun for you, my reader, to see several new posts for a few days in a row opposed to once in a week; 3.) It's my blog and I can do whatever I want to do (sounded like a bratty teenager with that last reason).
After my mom arrived and we were done chitchatting with Matt and done shopping at a few places, I took my mom to Jerry's Junk on Frankfort Ave. Have you ever been here?
When I pulled into a parking spot on the street and we saw the place to our left, my mom later told me she couldn’t believe this is where I was taking her. She didn’t think it was something she would enjoy. Luckily, she ended up liking it. It wasn't at all what she had expected.
This place is extremely unique/odd - as you will see in a minute if you didn’t already know.
Basically it is a private residence which is marked commercial (the owner told us) and is piled high with the owner's 'junk'. I had read about it online and KNEW this was a place we must see.
The number one draw for me was ET in a red phone booth:
My mom jokes I looked like ET when I was born. Of course, because of this, I needed my picture taken next to ET.
Here's the man's backyard/side yard:
He has all sorts of things which even include a train car. Wow! Not everyone can say they have one of those in there yard.
Sadly, I forgot to include that picture - you'll just have to take my word on this. If you look at the right side of the picture above, you can see part of the train.
While we were taking pictures, another guy was as well. And when we were leaving, another couple came up to check it all out. I'm only telling you this so you know we weren't the only weirdoes out there. I imagine lots of people have heard about this place from the internet and/or word of mouth. It is truly a sight to see. I highly recommend stopping here for a few minutes if you are in the area.
Here's another one of my favorite things we saw here:
The Statue of 'Liberty'. This was the view we saw from our parking spot. Probably the number one reason my mom thought this was an odd looking place.
While we were checking everything out, my mom had spotted the owner.
I'm not sure how, but next thing I know, my mom is talking to the owner and he is telling her to meet him at the next door and he will show her some more stuff.
How you like that wall art???
He ended up showing us python skin (and allowed us to touch it), an old performer's costume (he forgets whose), records and an old book from 1908.
He says he bought the book for $100. It is from a store that was/is in Chicago, IL. It sold men's clothing. You can still see fabric swatches in the book. I took pictures of each page he turned to, but I am only showing you these two:
How neat, huh?
Have you heard of this store? I have not.
I think Jerry enjoys having people to talk to and to show all his treasures. I think my mom's husband would have LOVED talking to him.
Interesting fact: Over the course of our conversation with Jerry, he mentioned how American Pickers had been here before. He didn’t like them. Felt they were trying to rip him off and then brag about how much of a profit could be gained from stuff they buy. Very interesting.
Those records he showed us - he gave us some of them. For FREE! Not sure why he decided to do this, but it sure was nice of him. I have no use for them, so my mom took them all home. I hope she finds something 'fun' to do with them.
When pulling out of our parking spot by Jerry's Junk, saw this scary looking painted building:
The animals all look possessed! Zoom in on the picture and really look at the details on each animal. I would not want to meet these animals in real life! They are too creepy looking in my opinion.

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