Tuesday, October 7, 2014

High Tea

Next stop on our Saturday of fun was to Buckner, KY to Sisters Tea where my mom and I had a 'tea party'.
Let me start off by saying I would never have known this place existed had I not of seen a Groupon. Never knew there were places like this. This might be because I am not fancy and have no desire to be, but this place was actually very neat.
We had a middle of the afternoon reservation and thanks to me making a detour on our route which I shouldn’t have done since I should have known we didn’t have enough time, we barely made it. Oops!
Here's our table:
We were in the pink Paris room. Hence all the pink.
I noticed another room which was teal.
When we first arrived in our room, there was one other party of two. By the time we left, there were two other tables with people at them and the originally two people were long gone.
They must purposely not have many people there at a time because I had called that morning to see if we could get a different time and the lady had claimed they were fully booked. I liked this though.
My Groupon included a 3-tiered tray for two and 2 bottomless cups of tea. I think I paid $20. Without the Groupon, it would have cost us $40. Overall, I don’t think it was worth $40. At $20, I am happy with the experience. I would have even been happy at $30.
And here's our experience and why I feel the way I do.
Our food:
All the foods are bite sized and look tasty. Good job on appearance.
Taste of food was average. I enjoyed having the opportunity to try several different things, but nothing really stuck out in my mind as 'Oh my goodness this is so yummy!'. Nothing. Several of the sweets were WAY to sweet for both of us.
I feel like I paid for a meal at $15/pp (normal price) and I only felt full from all the liquids I drank.
My favorite item of food was the butternut squash scone. The item held in the picture.
Our tea:
The tea was delicious! We were told we could have as much as we wanted and could try any kind we wanted.
We each tried 3 and tried each other's 3.
6 total for those of you keeping count.
I LOVED the sugar cubes!
As for my teas I chose:
My first one was good.
My second one was AWESOME!
My third one was good.
My mom hated her second one. Smelt delicious and I thought it tasted okay.
My only small complaint was with our waitress. She was very good on getting us our tea, but after our second pots of tea when we asked for third ones (Would have been our last pots either way), she told us she would bring us to-go cups. Who said we were ready to leave? At first, I didn’t think much of it, but it really bothered my mom. And for the record, we were only there for one hour. If we had been a group of people (aka spending more money) would we of had the same experience? I get that you have to turn the tables, however, they could at least not bother you to leave for 90 minutes.
Would I come here again? If I had another Groupon. Would I go to another 'tea party' in general? Yes. If I had people come to my house, I would buy a tea pot and tea set. However, I never have guests over so mom, please do not buy me a set.
Side note - I am always looking for a good business venture for Matt and myself. I wonder if this would be a good business back in Tennessee? I can't imagine it would be very hard especially if your food making is being outsourced. All you would really need are some sweet looking waitresses who know how to properly brew and serve tea.
I REALLY think we should look into something like this.


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