Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Corn Maze, Pumpkin Patch and a Bridge

Last and finale stop on our Saturday day of fun was to go to Deere Farms for a corn maze and pumpkin picking.
I saw this place online and since I had never been, I figured we would give it a try.
Cost was $8/pp and included the 3 corn mazes they had to offer (one was for kids - we skipped), tractor ride to the pumpkin patch and a bunch of kid play areas.
Saturday was our first true day with cold weather which really made it seem fallish as we did all our fall activities at the farm.
First stop, the biggest corn maze where my mom took the lead to all the different stops for us to stamp our cards. I took the lead (most of the way) on the other corn maze. I'm not very good with directions and much prefer to follow someone else lead the way.
This was fun. I was very surprised to see the corn stalks green opposed to brown. I assume the cornstalks will turn brown shortly.  
After the corn mazes, I had to get me an apple cider slushy. YUM! I think this counts as my 'drink apple cider'. I enjoyed this tasty treat even though it made me cold. I'm sure it didn’t help that I drank it while we were riding behind a tracking pulling us to the pumpkin patch.
At the pumpkin patch, I just wanted a picture of me pretending to pick one. I already bought a pumpkin last weekend and didn’t need another one. My mom wanted to look for a gourd but had no luck. We didn’t see any until it was time to leave. Better luck next time!
On our way home from the farm, we passed a beautiful sunset. My mom snapped a really nice picture:
Sunday morning, after eating omelets and banana bread for breakfast, my mom and I crossed off another item off my Fall Bucket List - we made a crust less pumpkin pie. Although they aren't my favorite, I will be sure to eat it all. :)
We ended my mom's time here with a stop at Zappo's for shoes and a quick walk over the Ohio River.
Yep, we finally walked across the Ohio River on the pedestrian bridge.
Fun experience.
I would have enjoyed it more if it wasn't so cold. I am going to suggest to my husband how we should come here one day and watch the sun set. Knowing him, he won't be thrilled to do that. Men!

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