Friday, October 24, 2014

Because Sometimes Bullets Are Easier

  • I was just looking at my last several posts and realized I never updated you on my second round of Chlomid. Last you heard from me I had taken round 1. We did what the doctor told us to do and at days 28, 32, 35 I tested NOT PREGNANT. I was sad. Those words are not fun to see. I KNEW it would be negative, but I got my hopes up wishing and praying it would be positive. So I called the doctor's office and spoke with the nurse who talked to the doctor who ordered me round 2 of Provera and Chlomid (this time at 100mg opposed to 50mg). Round 2 ended last week and now we are in the middle of a cycle. Maybe/hopefully this will be our month! If not, I'll be sad, but we will try again and again and again.
  • I bought something I didn’t need because I saw a good deal online and couldn't resist. It's a 5 foot giraffe for my future baby's nursery. Matt thinks it looks freaky, but I don't care what he thinks of it. We will have a giraffe themed room no matter what the sex of our future child is so therefore, we needed this giraffe. He will fit in nicely with the others in my (future child's) collection.
  • I bought the giraffe from Staples online. I ordered and paid and then shortly later received an email that my order had been cancelled. Only, I didn’t see this email until after work and I wanted to know why it was cancelled. I called the 1-800 number and spoke with a very nice lady who re-ordered the item for me with no issues. She was extremely nice and helpful. How come I couldn't get asked to do a survey on that call? She deserves the recognition. Even if she hadn't been able to re-order my item, I found her to be marvelous. And kudos to Staples for having there call center in the USA opposed to outsourcing the jobs. We will continue to shop at Staples for the wonderful customer service we have been provided with this call and our last few visits to the store.
  • My friend Linda came home from her cruise recently with a gift for me. Her and her sister had bought me the Carnival Cruise shirt I had wanted on my last cruise where they didn’t have my size. And both me and Linda wore ours today. Just call us twins!
  • I have a hate/love relationship with the gym. Good thing I have Matt who practically forces me to go with him. Ha ha ha! Not true, but he does sometimes guilt me into going with him. For me, the hardest part is going there. Once I am there, I am good to stay for the hour. He wants to start staying an hour and 15 minutes... I am having a hard time forcing myself to get with it and I don’t think he have stayed that long yet. I really am trying to motivate myself.
  • Speaking of Matt, he is doing GREAT with his eating and going to the gym. I am VERY proud of him! Wish I was as motivated as him. It doesn't help that I keep buying the car cups of Juicy Fruit gum with its 72 pieces and I eat the whole thing within 3 days of work. All those carbohydrates! I need to stop buying them. I chew a piece of gum for about 5 minutes before spitting it out in order to shove another piece in my mouth. On the plus side, as of this cup, I am now only shoving in one piece at a time opposed to two.
  • Right now, when this is posted, my mom and her husband are on their way here. My mom and I have the Color Run tomorrow. I am definitely looking forward to it. The weather should be perfect for the event thankfully. I'll be sure to blog about it. :)

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