Friday, October 24, 2014

Because Sometimes Bullets Are Easier

  • I was just looking at my last several posts and realized I never updated you on my second round of Chlomid. Last you heard from me I had taken round 1. We did what the doctor told us to do and at days 28, 32, 35 I tested NOT PREGNANT. I was sad. Those words are not fun to see. I KNEW it would be negative, but I got my hopes up wishing and praying it would be positive. So I called the doctor's office and spoke with the nurse who talked to the doctor who ordered me round 2 of Provera and Chlomid (this time at 100mg opposed to 50mg). Round 2 ended last week and now we are in the middle of a cycle. Maybe/hopefully this will be our month! If not, I'll be sad, but we will try again and again and again.
  • I bought something I didn’t need because I saw a good deal online and couldn't resist. It's a 5 foot giraffe for my future baby's nursery. Matt thinks it looks freaky, but I don't care what he thinks of it. We will have a giraffe themed room no matter what the sex of our future child is so therefore, we needed this giraffe. He will fit in nicely with the others in my (future child's) collection.
  • I bought the giraffe from Staples online. I ordered and paid and then shortly later received an email that my order had been cancelled. Only, I didn’t see this email until after work and I wanted to know why it was cancelled. I called the 1-800 number and spoke with a very nice lady who re-ordered the item for me with no issues. She was extremely nice and helpful. How come I couldn't get asked to do a survey on that call? She deserves the recognition. Even if she hadn't been able to re-order my item, I found her to be marvelous. And kudos to Staples for having there call center in the USA opposed to outsourcing the jobs. We will continue to shop at Staples for the wonderful customer service we have been provided with this call and our last few visits to the store.
  • My friend Linda came home from her cruise recently with a gift for me. Her and her sister had bought me the Carnival Cruise shirt I had wanted on my last cruise where they didn’t have my size. And both me and Linda wore ours today. Just call us twins!
  • I have a hate/love relationship with the gym. Good thing I have Matt who practically forces me to go with him. Ha ha ha! Not true, but he does sometimes guilt me into going with him. For me, the hardest part is going there. Once I am there, I am good to stay for the hour. He wants to start staying an hour and 15 minutes... I am having a hard time forcing myself to get with it and I don’t think he have stayed that long yet. I really am trying to motivate myself.
  • Speaking of Matt, he is doing GREAT with his eating and going to the gym. I am VERY proud of him! Wish I was as motivated as him. It doesn't help that I keep buying the car cups of Juicy Fruit gum with its 72 pieces and I eat the whole thing within 3 days of work. All those carbohydrates! I need to stop buying them. I chew a piece of gum for about 5 minutes before spitting it out in order to shove another piece in my mouth. On the plus side, as of this cup, I am now only shoving in one piece at a time opposed to two.
  • Right now, when this is posted, my mom and her husband are on their way here. My mom and I have the Color Run tomorrow. I am definitely looking forward to it. The weather should be perfect for the event thankfully. I'll be sure to blog about it. :)

Thursday, October 23, 2014

My Side Of Wyatt Earp

And here's my side of the story on what Wyatt does all day...
Sometimes, Wyatt wakes one of us up to go potty in the middle of the might. Although annoying, whoever he wakes up is forced to let him out because we both know he cannot hold it in anymore. When he has to go, he has to go. No time to hesitate or he WILL pee/poop in our bed. And honestly, we can't get too upset since he is an old man.
After letting him out, we usually allow him to walk around in the kitchen to get a drink or water if needed. Usually, he does. Makes me wonder if he sometimes wakes up in the middle of the night just to drink water. We can't leave a bowl of water available in our bed though - would never work out well for anyone.
Once we get back in bed, Wyatt tries to find him a good spot. We have recently added his fleece blanket in between our pillows because this is where we want him to sleep. He likes his warm fuzzy blanket so unless he is hot, he will sleep right on it. Otherwise, he is all over the bed and sometime we accidently hit or kick him in our sleep. Although, we all know where he will end up laying, he ALWAYS has to circle the spot to find the 'perfect spot'. We laugh because sometimes, he circles the spot 3 times to the right and then does the exact same thing to the left. What a crazy guy!

Side note on his sleeping - our dog does not like sleeping long ways (up and down). He much prefers to sleep left to right which takes up more space than our less than ten pound dog needs. Constantly throughout the night, one of us will wake up and move him in the right direction. I like when he sleeps in a ball best - doesn't happen often enough.
In the morning, Matt always lets Wyatt out to pee. I'm up a little while later at 5AM and after showering and getting dressed, I let him out again. Depending on time, I'll let him out one more time before I leave the house. We give him as many opportunities as we can to ensure he doesn’t have to go potty in the morning.
After going out the first time, it's breakfast time. We have such a picky eater on our hands! He refuses to eat the same stuff as a recent prior meal. No point in thinking he likes something because he will not eat it again. For example, last night, he ate chicken nuggets and macaroni and cheese. He ate a bunch! And if you didn’t know him, you would assume he would be happy to eat this meal again. WRONG! He won't even sample it. This morning, I got him to eat 2.5 pieces of bacon and one slice of Kraft cheese. These are two items he will almost always eat. Notice I said almost. Some mornings he refuses to eat anything.
With his breakfast, I give him his heart murmur pill. Sometimes I can trick him and put it in a piece of cheese. More often than not, he now dissects his food and we are forced to put the pill in his mouth and clamp it shut until he swallows it. I feel bad about doing this, but he needs his pill to live.
Nowadays, we put Wyatt into a large kennel at the foot of our bed while we are at work. Don't worry, he sleeps all day regardless. And we leave a Tupperware container of water in there for him in case he gets thirsty during the day. If we don't lock him up, he pees all over our bedroom. This way, he only pees on his Princess Jasmine blanket. Easy enough to wash. If we are only going to be gone for a few hours, we leave him lose.
When Matt gets home from work, he lets him outside. Matt usually eats a snack and always shares with Wyatt.
Shortly after their snack time, I arrive home and it's dinnertime.
It's much easier to get Wyatt to eat if you hand him whatever it is opposed to allowing him to eat off a plate. Therefore, we eat first and then we feed him. It's a battle every night to figure out what he will eat. I'll admit, sometimes he frustrates me to the point where I just stop caring if he eats. Good thing Matt cares more than I do on those days. During dinner, he gets another heart murmur pill. And for the record, he used to LOVE these beef flavored pills. One day, he decided he no longer liked them.
I'm telling you - he is training us to be parents of a human baby!
Prior to dinner, when I first get home, I always greet Matt and then Wyatt. No matter how long I spend with Wyatt, when I go to my bedroom to change and go potty, he always follows me and begs for my attention. He also seems to know when I get home it means it is dinner time.

After dinner, we always watch TV or I read or do something.... Wyatt is ALWAYS near one of us either sleeping, begging for food, or being cuddled. He enjoys sleeping on his dog bed, on the far right cushion of the couch, or squished between me and the arm of my rocking chair. If I'm in the bathtub, he enjoys laying on the floor mat in the bathroom. If I'm reading in bed, he wants to be right up against me. Unless he is mad at me for bugging him.... then he lays all the way on the other side of the bed.
Some nights, we go to the gym and leave him home alone. Not in his kennel since we aren’t gone for long.

I like to be in bed at 9PM. Whether I go right to sleep or read is always a tossup.
Here is where we re-start the entire cycle.

And now you know the rest of the story....

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A Day in the Life of Wyatt

After work, when I am at home watching TV or reading a book or at the gym, I always have good intentions of stopping what I am doing in order to turn on my laptop and type up a blog post. But after that quick thought, I realize I have no desire to stare at a computer screen. I already do that ALL day at work and it is honestly not something I want to do when I get home. I think my iPhone (before that, my iPod) has spoiled me with quick access to the internet without feeling like I am looking at a computer screen. Even though I know I really am doing just that. I used to turn my computer on almost every evening after work prior to having my wonderful small electronic devices. Now, I barely get online even over the internet.
Side note... I watch several older television shows and wish we lived in the 1980's or 1990's. I think everyone would have a better quality of life if everything wasn’t as easily accessible and fast paced. This is just my opinion. And you are 'allowed' to not agree with me.

Hello! How are you doing?
My name is Wyatt Earp Poo Dell 'last name'. (My mom says I am not allowed to post my last name online for safety reasons.)

What's your name?
Are you dog or human?
If dog, how many humans do you have?
I have one of each. And they like to be called 'mommy' and 'daddy'.
My mom said she had nothing to blog about so therefore I could take her place today and tell you what I do all day. How awesome is that? I am very excited and thankful to have this opportunity! I even woke up early today from my excitement. My mom thinks all I do is sleep and eat when they are gone. I am going to clear up any confusion on this issue because there is much more to my day then what everyone seems to think.
This morning, I woke before either of my parents. I was excited to start today! I woke my dad up at 2:10 AM. Mom later thanked me for not waking her. I don't think he was very happy with me, but I tried explaining how big of a day today was. I even showed him how excited I was by jumping around just a little bit. And you know what he did? He took me to go outside! Can you believe that? Okay, yes, I did need to go pee, but geez! I just wanted him to know how excited I was and that I could barely sleep through the night. He could have just fed me and then brought me back to bed and then I could have rolled onto my back and he could have rubbed my belly until it was actually time to wake up. I love belly rubs! And I really think he likes to give them to me. I especially like when he finds my tickle spot and I can't stop my leg from scratching. That feels wonderful!
Besides, he shouldn't have been in a bad mood.. I actually woke at 2 AM. So really, he should be thanking me for allowing him to sleep in even though I was bubbling with excitement.
After going pee, I drank some water from my blue dog bowl. My mom is really good about changing my water every morning with fresh cold water, but she wasn't up yet therefore I had no choice except to drink day old water. Gross! Because of this, I coughed after slurping some up! So not my fault!
I was then picked up and brought to bed and told to go back to sleep with no belly rub. Say what? Dang it! Not exactly what I was wanting, but what choice did I really have in the matter?
So there I was excited with all the anticipation this day has to offer and I had to go back to sleep? Not fair! My mom and dad should want to be up with me. Rubbing my belly. Or even my back. Anywhere really. Not sleeping. They are lucky I even share my bed with them. That's how nice of a dog I am!
And how come when they do get up every morning they are always in a hurry? I don't understand what 'work' is. It seems to me like they do nothing all day except drive around. I know they drive because I have been outside when my mom opens the car doors to put something in there. And she never takes me! She knows how much I enjoy car rides! It really isn't fair!
I'm getting off track.. So there I was back in bed pretending to sleep. I must have fallen asleep from boredom because next thing I know, my dad's rectangle thing he speaks into is beeping like crazy. It always wakes him up. And me. Always. He takes me outside to pee and get a drink of water even though all I want to do is sleep in my warm bed. It's cold outside! When he brings me back to bed, I am more than happy to cuddle next to my mommy and go back to sleep.
That was until I realized I had to wait until 5AM for my mom to wake up! That was so far away! Why couldn't she wake up now?
I decided I wanted to get more comfortable since I couldn't get up and eat so I moved down by my mom's feet. I noticed if I pushed my paws back I could touch her leg. Guess what I did? I kept pushing at her. At first, I did it in hopes she would wake up and feed me. I was hungry! But then, it was so much fun I decided to make a game out of it.
Oops! I woke her up and I don't think she was very happy about it. She lifted her head to look at me and roughly patted my head as if she was warning me to knock it off.
I'm not sorry though. She should have woke up and fed me.
Finally it was time for her to wake up! I heard her box with red lights playing music.
'I'm up mom!'
Mom must not have heard me.
She went potty in the toilet. And I was left on the bed.
I like the bed, but I was hungry and I needed to make sure she didn't sneak out through the toilet. I know there is a secret door there and she is going to go on a car ride without me if I don't watch her. Sometimes I worry someone is going to take her as there mommy if I don't watch out for her. I always follow her to the toilet when she has to go potty. Always. No matter what. If I don't go in there with her, I keep a close watch of her from my Princess Jasmine blanket. Yes, I do admit I sometimes fall asleep, but that's only if I deem her to be safe. I take my job very seriously.
Back to my day though... So there I was in bed and my mommy had already went potty in the toilet, looked in the mirror and did who knows what, taken a rain shower and was now getting her clothes on.
I knew what was next.
Time for me to go outside even though I didn't have to pee. I have learned to pee anything inside of me in order to go back inside. If you don't pee, you have to stand outside being stared at while repeating I don't have to go pee. I don't think they care. Maybe I don't speak loud enough? I speak all the time and I always feel ignored. I think my parents are deaf. I have to scream (bark) to get them to pay attention to what I am saying. And even then, they only sometimes listen to me. Perhaps they speak a different language even though I understand them?
My mom always carries me back into the house and then feeds me some food.
I used to eat gross nuggets of dry food. I finally got my parents to realize that stuff is not good. Here's my tip to you... go days without eating that stuff. It works every time.
When I get sick of something, I just refuse to eat it and then they always give me something else. If they don't, I have some food safely hidden.
But sometimes, to make your humans happy, eat the food you no longer like when they melt cheese on top of it. They get very happy when you do this.
After I ate my food, I noticed my mom had finished getting ready and was about to leave me. I know this because she always makes me go outside again.
I hate when she leaves me. I like car rides too. I would love to go to whatever work is with her. I tell her all the time how much I want to go and yet she never takes me. Again, am I speaking a different language? Come on!
Instead, I now have to go to this place she calls a kennel. Yes, it's in the spot I like, but now I can't watch TV! I'm confined to this small area and it smells like pee!

With both my humans gone, I am home alone.
By myself.
In my kennel.
Where it smells like pee.
I wish I had a brother or sister.
Or even a friend to talk to.
But I don't.
That's okay though. I don't have to share my humans.
Instead, I just sleep and then before I know it, my humans are back.
I used to watch whatever I want on the TV when no one was home. Yep. My parents don't know this, but every day when they leave, I used to jump on the couch (they don't know I can do this) and turn on the TV from the remote my dad ALWAYS leaves on the couch for me. I like all sorts of TV shows!
I hate talk shows and soap operas. I don't have time for all that drama!
My favorite shows are ones that show other dogs. Those are the best.
Have you ever seen them?
You should watch them if you haven't.
When I was spending every day watching TV and napping... lets just say this was why I was still sleepy when my parents got home. I did have to be very careful at watching the clock to know when my dad gets home. He gets home first.
Once my mommy and daddy are home I like relaxing with them. I do whatever they want to do. That's my favorite way to spend my evenings. Sometimes we watch TV, lay in bed, play outside, eat, hang out in the toilet room... You name it, we probably do it.
I hope you enjoyed reading about my day.
Your friend,
Wyatt Earp


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

After A Month

I have now been at my new job for a little over a month.
Hard to believe it has already been that long.
It's not horrible, but it isn’t great. I kinda miss my old job. I mostly miss my cube with its walls and my friends (co-workers). And if it wasn't for the additional money, I would have liked to stay there. There was just no advancement available in that office. I had been there almost 4 years and I fear if I had stayed, I would still be there 4 years from now. No one ever seems to leave! Nope, I'm at the very beginning of my career and I don’t want to end there. I have big plans for my future. Unless of course owning my own business pans out.
On the plus side, next year two people claim they plan on retiring so maybe I can move back there. They are at the same pay grade as I am now. No promotion going there, but at least it would be familiar and more stuff to add to my resume since they do other tasks then what I did while in that office.
I got off course; oops! Let me get back on....
The good of my new job is the extra pay, duh! I also enjoy learning new things - makes me more marketable for future jobs. At least it will if I decide to stay in this career field. I'm still undecided on that as well. (But that's a whole other story!) I like what I do and I like helping the customers we serve.
I enjoy some of my new co-workers... I just wish I sat closer to them and they were more vocal.
Ease of using time off, taking breaks when you want and it being okay if you are a few minutes late in the morning are the same here as my last job. I would hate not having flexibility in those three aspects of my job. They are very important.
The bad of my new job is I work in a cubicle world with no cubes. Its 8 work stations in one big area (4 on each side with a walkway between them). Unless you are in the back of the area, everyone can see your computer monitors. I'm the second to the front. I did only have one person behind me on the other side. It wasn't bad at all. As of Friday, I have someone directly behind me. And not just anyone, he is someone of some authority. Not one of my bosses, but someone who is extremely close to them both since he used to sit by both of them. Meaning, I don’t know if he will 'tell on me' if I am doing something off task. Not that I do anything bad, but I enjoy emailing people back and forth and I enjoy surfing the web several times a day for short amounts of time - news stories, the library, Carnival Cruise lines, cruise forums... you know, the usual. It's not like I'm reading blogs at work! Although, how awesome would that be if I could?  
I also don’t like how quiet it is here. You can seriously hear everything said in this office. Currently, there are 3 people in charge (soon to be 4) and 8 worker bees. Yep, lots of Chiefs and not a whole lot of Indians. Maybe this is why everything/everyone seems serious here.
I used to have a very colorful workstation/cube with my wrapping paper wallpaper on my walls and I had a few toys on my desk. I took most of the stuff home and the wrapping paper has nowhere but a small strip to go. I didn’t bother putting it on the strip though. For now, it's just rolled up and put away. Maybe one day I'll bring it back out.
Again, it isn't horrible, I just miss my old work environment. And THANKFULLY it isn't like my job I had over 4 years ago when I first moved here. That place was truly a HELL HOLE! And from what I hear, it still is one.
No matter how you look at it, I am very thankful to have a job with great benefits! I'm glad I haven't changed employers. YET! :)

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Just Call Me Betty Crocker

 I actually looked up some recipes and cooked a few things this weekend. I admit, usually, I am pretty lazy in the kitchen and when I do cook, I tend to make the same few easy dishes I can make within 30 minutes. I figured I needed to step up my game in order to meet my 'Make 30 new recipes' from my '30 Before 30' list. Plus, I figure it never hurts to try and impress your husband with your culinary skills.
Friday evening I made Pioneer Woman's Pot Roast. It was good! I did add in some potatoes near the end which she says she does not do, but I felt they were better than the mashed potatoes she suggested. Even Wyatt enjoyed this dish - at least the juices and meat. He refuses to eat carrots and barely ate any potatoes.
Sunday evening I made Baked Chicken Taquitos which was YUMMY! Not even putting the fixings into the eggrolls was good all by itself. Matt mentioned how this would be tasty on a salad and I agree. We will definitely be enjoying this dish again in the near future.

Monday, I made CopyCat Chick-fil-a chicken nuggets. Although these didn’t remind me of the actual restaurant's nuggets, they were alright. They were a bit plain - I won't be making them again - I like the seasoning I make on my own better.
For dessert, I made Red Velvet Cake with cream cheese frosting. DELICIOUS! However, next time I make it, I need to add more red food coloring. I should have known it wouldn’t be red since when I was looking at the mixture while pouring it into my baking dishes, it looked very pinkish. Not sure why I thought it would get darker. The cocoa powder made it appear more brown. And the frosting... I am not a good cake froster. This is why you see so many cake crumbs. I will work on this. Maybe I press too hard? I don't know. Either way, I LOVED it! This recipe came from my friend Linda. Did you think I could lie to her and tell her the crumb look was what I was trying to achieve?
And FYI on the cake... it's in the shape of a long even tough I made 2 square cakes because one was still gooey in the middle. I had to cut that part out.
P.S. Thank you for ignoring my picture skills - I was more concerned with eating then snapping pictures.
Because Matt said I was corrupting his weight loss journey with fried chicken and cake, I ate 2 pieces (he had 1) and froze the rest in 2 person servings. I'm thinking this will be a nice treat next weekend one night. It's gonna take all my will power not to take some out of the freezer later tonight. I made sure I told Matt how many containers I froze - keeps me accountable from sneaking a container out.
Cooking wasn’t all I did over our rainy weekend.
We watched 2 movies - Blended (FUNNY!) and Million Dollar Arm (Heartwarming). I also watched a movie on Netflix - Revenge of the Bridesmaids which was girly cute. When I went to watch another movie, Netflix had somehow signed me out and I didn’t know the password to get back in. (Come to find out, I was typing the wrong email address - I had the correct password... oops!) I suppose it was a good thing since it forced me to get some other stuff done on my Monday off from work. Too bad Matt wasn't off; could have had more fun.
While home alone, I decided to take Wyatt on a short walk around the block. Ya, he didn’t even make it 1/3 way around the block before I had to carry him. He then walked the last few houses to our house. In his defense, he is a 17 year old dog with a heart murmur.
He was conked out for the rest of the afternoon. He didn’t even follow me room to room like he usually does. Poor guy.
And remember my ghetto neighbor and there ghetto fence? Well, guess what I saw on the other side of their house as I walked by? They used some rusty poles and rusty chain link fence which doesn’t reach the top of those poles and have fenced in that side of the house. OMG! Thank GOD I complained and didn’t allow them to hook there fence to mine! It looks awful! They could have at least tried to do it nicely. Regardless, I don’t see the point of either fencing since they don’t have the back of the yard fenced in. Very pointless in my opinion!
Backtracking - Saturday, as usual, consisted of Church, dinner out and shopping. Nothing worth mentioning really.
Sunday, we cleaned out our garage. We had planned on working on the house, but neither one of us could really get motivated to even begin. The garage was an easy space to tackle since it just needed to be straightened up. All that is left to do in there is for Matt to use up all the gas in the lawn mower and weed eater before Winter comes. Sadly, we still need to finish the few items in our house before it gets too cold. Our goal is to have the house ready to sell in the event of one of us gets a job in TN. I look everyday for jobs for me to apply. Matt on the other hand, I'm not sure why he seems to be dragging his feet lately. He was very gun ho at one point. He had one interview, got the job, but due to very low pay, declined the offer and he seems to thinks he is done. Or maybe he is feeling discouraged. I'm not sure. Either way, he needs to get back out there.
Here's to a four day work week! (One day already down!)

Thursday, October 9, 2014

My DIY Witch Wreath

Months ago, I kept seeing cute witch wreaths on Pinterest and I wanted one.
Badly! Like right now. Didn't matter it wasn't anywhere near Halloween. I just had to have one. Too bad you can't find Halloween merchandise in the middle of summer like you can find Christmas merchandise. Because of this, I decided to wait and make one in time for the month of October. You know, since October is really the only month acceptable to have a witch wreath on your door. Imagine what the neighbors would say if I had out during the summer?
I started it while at my mom's house with her help and then finished it once I was home. It took a lot more time and effort then I thought it would though. Story of my life. I hate that I'll have to take it apart to store and then put back together again next year. I am trying to look at it positively and think about how much better I can make it look next year.
Want to make one of your own???
Metal Wreath Form
Pipe Cleaners
Mesh Ribbon
Ribbon (Regular)
Witch Hat
Witch Legs
I started with my metal wreath form and used my own pipe cleaners to attach two rows of mesh around it. Might have been easier if I had bought the metal wreath form with the pipe cleaners already attached with the little decorative balls on the ends. But in case you didn't already know, I am WAY too frugal for that thank you very much! Because I had the pipe cleaners not attached to the form, it was easier to make this a two person job. Good thing I had my mom with me for this part.
Next, fluff out the mesh.
Attach the witch's hat and legs.
The legs were easy. The hat was more challenging. I bent the hat into the correct shape, but my mom is the one who came up with the idea to use thread, a needle and buttons to attach it to the wreath with the mesh on it. I added the hat then legs in order to purposely make sure the hat was a little tilted.
Gave my witch a little bit of a whimsical look - don't you think?
At this point, we had originally put the ribbon on the mesh first and then tried to add in the mesh ribbon. Didn't work out very well. Too bad it was time for me to go home. Meaning, no more help from my mom - I was now on my own.
I decided to remove all the ribbon so I could add the mesh ribbon first since I had 50 feet to work with opposed to 5. I wanted the actual ribbon with the cute pictures of candy corn on the top.
I think my finished product turned out lovely.
I have even named 'her' Wanda. As in - whimsical Wanda.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Bad Dental Visit

You know how they say someone who has a bad experience will tell ten people opposed to when they have a good experience and they only tell one person?
Well, I had a bad experience yesterday/three weeks ago when I was at the dentist and I would like to vent. Besides, I already told one person over the phone (family friend who is a retired dental assistant) and I have no desire to speak it all again - too long of a story. Much easier to type and tell everyone at once.
Mortenson in Hillview with Dr. Owens is (about to be WAS) my dentist.
Here's what happened -
Three weeks ago I went to the dentist for a routine teeth cleaning.
I ended up needing a crown and two cavities to be filled so I made the appointment for the very next day and paid the $800 it was going to cost after insurance.
With one of my new fillings, even the dental assistant who did the filling was unable to easily get floss to go between these two teeth. She used some sort of floss that reminds me of sandpaper and still couldn’t get between them. She told me as I chewed, it would loosen and correct itself on its own. In hindsight, I should have complained and had her correct the issue then.
As for my temporary crown, she put it on and checked my bite and told me I was good to go. Keep in mind my mouth was really numb due to having it numbed again half way through the procedure because I had feeling in it while she was drilling. If you have ever had your mouth numbed, you know I couldn’t tell how my teeth were meeting offensively.
It hurt to chew on the temporary crown side that evening but I just figured it was sore from being bothered.
The dentist office was closed for the next three days and when I called the following week - I wanted my bite checked given that my friend (who I have known since high school and is currently a dental assistant) told me this was probably the issue. I was told they would check it at my next appointment before putting in the crown. As in two weeks from when I was calling in to complain about my tooth bothering me. I DID NOT think that made sense, but what do I know. Again, in hindsight, I should have pushed a bit more to have my mouth checked immediately.
I called again at the beginning of last week to ask again about having it checked now opposed to later and was told by someone different the same thing. I even asked if I should come in early and she told me 'no'.
In the meantime, I can barely get floss between my teeth where the one tooth got a filling. The few times I was able to get floss between them, it would get stuck and I had to pull it through opposed to back up between my teeth. The other times, the floss would either break in half or the floss would break in strands between my teeth and then I wouldn't be able to get them out unless I kept trying to floss (sometimes painful). Because of this, I stopped flossing in the morning before work - too much time was being spent on this one spot.
After the stupid responses I got from my first issue (both times), I never bothered telling them about this issue over the phone.
Yesterday, I had my appointment to put on the permanent crown. I immediately told this different dental assistant my two issues. First she checked the filled tooth with the floss issue and she too couldn’t get floss through. Imagine that! She tried using the sandpaper floss with no luck. Then told me she would have the dentist look at it and see if it needed to either be completely re-done or if it could be fixed.
She took an x-ray and showed me how between the two teeth there was a 'ledge' which is what the floss kept catching on. When the x-ray was shown to the dentist, she immediately said it needed to be re-done. I am happy I can now floss between those two teeth, but I was not happy I had to have my mouth numbed AGAIN and have the filling removed before having it re-done.
As for my temporary crown, this dental assistant told me it was definitely a major bit issue. I wanted to say 'Duh!' - I didn't though. She removed it which caused me a lot of pain. Badly! Badly enough that I made moan noises out loud! She took an x-ray of this side of my mouth at some point as well. I better not be getting a bill for it either! I will complain! She then put in the permanent crown - painfully I might add. She told me it probably hurt because the tooth was aggravated because of the bad bite. When the dentist came in to look at the permanent crown in my mouth, she had to correct the bite since the current dental assistant hadn’t done it yet. Three times she took it out and put it in before telling me she would adjust it while in my mouth. I assume she could see how much discomfort this was causing me.
In the end, she decided to keep the temporary crown in my mouth for another week after having it adjusted. This is what I wanted (I just didn’t tell her - YET). I would hate to have the permanent crown put in and then need a root canal. This means I now have to go back to the dentist next week to have the permanent crown put in if the tooth no longer hurts.
Thankfully, as of now, it does not.
I told the current dental assistant I did not want to see the original lady at my next appointment. She made my appointment with herself which I am glad for seeing as she seemed nice and competent.
I was told by my dental assistant friend if I end up needing a root canal, it is probably due to the amount of stress placed on my tooth while my bite was wrong. This explains why my upper tooth directly above this tooth seemed to hurt. I had thought it was my imagination playing tricks on me. I am going to continue to monitor both the tooth with the temporary crown and the one directly above it. If my pain continues and I do end up needing a root canal, I can assure you it will not be on my dime. They will need to fix what they caused. Of course, I don’t want any more dental work and I sure the heck don’t want to lose one of my roots so I really hope all is well now. I am making a conscious effort to chew as much as I can on that side of my mouth to make sure everything feels alright.
Matt and I will be looking for a new dentist. I can't go through something like that again. And Mortenson, if you somehow found this blog post, I want you to know I haven’t decided if I am going to place a negative review online yet. (Besides this blog.) I feel I should because this office needs to work on this type of issue. Perhaps the dentist should check her dental assistant's work before letting the patients leave. They already do this after having your teeth cleaned. And really, she is paid the big bucks to make sure I, the customer, am satisfied.
After 5 years of my business, you have lost a customer (two counting my husband). After next week's visit, goodbye Mortenson Family Dental.
And because this post needs to end on a good note with a cutie, here's a recent picture of my little guy - with grass on his face:
Soon, I'll post more of his pictures from this day. Be prepared for some extra cuteness!

Corn Maze, Pumpkin Patch and a Bridge

Last and finale stop on our Saturday day of fun was to go to Deere Farms for a corn maze and pumpkin picking.
I saw this place online and since I had never been, I figured we would give it a try.
Cost was $8/pp and included the 3 corn mazes they had to offer (one was for kids - we skipped), tractor ride to the pumpkin patch and a bunch of kid play areas.
Saturday was our first true day with cold weather which really made it seem fallish as we did all our fall activities at the farm.
First stop, the biggest corn maze where my mom took the lead to all the different stops for us to stamp our cards. I took the lead (most of the way) on the other corn maze. I'm not very good with directions and much prefer to follow someone else lead the way.
This was fun. I was very surprised to see the corn stalks green opposed to brown. I assume the cornstalks will turn brown shortly.  
After the corn mazes, I had to get me an apple cider slushy. YUM! I think this counts as my 'drink apple cider'. I enjoyed this tasty treat even though it made me cold. I'm sure it didn’t help that I drank it while we were riding behind a tracking pulling us to the pumpkin patch.
At the pumpkin patch, I just wanted a picture of me pretending to pick one. I already bought a pumpkin last weekend and didn’t need another one. My mom wanted to look for a gourd but had no luck. We didn’t see any until it was time to leave. Better luck next time!
On our way home from the farm, we passed a beautiful sunset. My mom snapped a really nice picture:
Sunday morning, after eating omelets and banana bread for breakfast, my mom and I crossed off another item off my Fall Bucket List - we made a crust less pumpkin pie. Although they aren't my favorite, I will be sure to eat it all. :)
We ended my mom's time here with a stop at Zappo's for shoes and a quick walk over the Ohio River.
Yep, we finally walked across the Ohio River on the pedestrian bridge.
Fun experience.
I would have enjoyed it more if it wasn't so cold. I am going to suggest to my husband how we should come here one day and watch the sun set. Knowing him, he won't be thrilled to do that. Men!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

High Tea

Next stop on our Saturday of fun was to Buckner, KY to Sisters Tea where my mom and I had a 'tea party'.
Let me start off by saying I would never have known this place existed had I not of seen a Groupon. Never knew there were places like this. This might be because I am not fancy and have no desire to be, but this place was actually very neat.
We had a middle of the afternoon reservation and thanks to me making a detour on our route which I shouldn’t have done since I should have known we didn’t have enough time, we barely made it. Oops!
Here's our table:
We were in the pink Paris room. Hence all the pink.
I noticed another room which was teal.
When we first arrived in our room, there was one other party of two. By the time we left, there were two other tables with people at them and the originally two people were long gone.
They must purposely not have many people there at a time because I had called that morning to see if we could get a different time and the lady had claimed they were fully booked. I liked this though.
My Groupon included a 3-tiered tray for two and 2 bottomless cups of tea. I think I paid $20. Without the Groupon, it would have cost us $40. Overall, I don’t think it was worth $40. At $20, I am happy with the experience. I would have even been happy at $30.
And here's our experience and why I feel the way I do.
Our food:
All the foods are bite sized and look tasty. Good job on appearance.
Taste of food was average. I enjoyed having the opportunity to try several different things, but nothing really stuck out in my mind as 'Oh my goodness this is so yummy!'. Nothing. Several of the sweets were WAY to sweet for both of us.
I feel like I paid for a meal at $15/pp (normal price) and I only felt full from all the liquids I drank.
My favorite item of food was the butternut squash scone. The item held in the picture.
Our tea:
The tea was delicious! We were told we could have as much as we wanted and could try any kind we wanted.
We each tried 3 and tried each other's 3.
6 total for those of you keeping count.
I LOVED the sugar cubes!
As for my teas I chose:
My first one was good.
My second one was AWESOME!
My third one was good.
My mom hated her second one. Smelt delicious and I thought it tasted okay.
My only small complaint was with our waitress. She was very good on getting us our tea, but after our second pots of tea when we asked for third ones (Would have been our last pots either way), she told us she would bring us to-go cups. Who said we were ready to leave? At first, I didn’t think much of it, but it really bothered my mom. And for the record, we were only there for one hour. If we had been a group of people (aka spending more money) would we of had the same experience? I get that you have to turn the tables, however, they could at least not bother you to leave for 90 minutes.
Would I come here again? If I had another Groupon. Would I go to another 'tea party' in general? Yes. If I had people come to my house, I would buy a tea pot and tea set. However, I never have guests over so mom, please do not buy me a set.
Side note - I am always looking for a good business venture for Matt and myself. I wonder if this would be a good business back in Tennessee? I can't imagine it would be very hard especially if your food making is being outsourced. All you would really need are some sweet looking waitresses who know how to properly brew and serve tea.
I REALLY think we should look into something like this.