Friday, September 26, 2014


If I could have typed that in GIANT letters and screamed it from the top of my lungs, I would have done it. I have never been so glad for a work week to be over. Okay, okay.... maybe I am exaggerating a bit. It has just been a bit of an adjustment for me though. Meaning, it has been a long week and I am thankful it is over and now I have 2 days of no plans where I can stay up as late as I desire and sleep in as long as I want (or as Wyatt wants if Matt doesn’t wake with him).
Overall, please know I'm not complaining... I am VERY happy and thankfully to have gotten a new job with a little higher pay. This perk has me over the moon. Honestly.
On the other hand, here's how my work week went down:
Monday I arrived with a small bundle of nerves in my belly and hope in my heart(?). I went to my new supervisor who gave me Clorox wipes to clean my desk, moved my stuff from my old desk down to my new desk and then went to start my processing into my new department. I started filling out a form to get it done, but when I told the guy doing my paperwok that I didn’t save all the files from my computer to disks, he told me to wait and have IT do this first before my old account was deleted and my new account was created. Evidently you lose all your files. Annoying problem/issue #1. 
Side note - Why do they need to delete and then re-add me? I literally just moved downstairs in my same building with the same main employer. The only thing that changed was my division. Talk about a waste of money and resources. Of course, that's a whole other issue you don't want to get me started on. 
Even though I called IT Monday morning, they didn’t show up till Tuesday morning. No big deal...I was able to work all day Monday like normal.
After IT saved all my stuff, I went back to process in - meaning, I had to stop in 3 different offices for 3 different signatures. Annoying, but easy enough. I then turned in my paperwork and sat there with the guy while he typed all my information into the computer. I was told I would not have access to a computer until my old account was deleted and the new one was activated (we all have accounts/codes to log into the computer to do anything).
Annoying problem/issue #2.

Back to my new office I go. I tell my new bosses. They cannot believe this either, but not much they can do about it. In the meantime, my new department is telling me I didn't fully out process my old department so all day Monday and Tuesday I was forced to go back and forth between a few different offices to get it all straightened out. Long story short - the lady who should have out processed me from my old department is either lazy or an idiot. The department over my whole building ended up fixing my issue after that guy's boss got involved. They both seemed to think that lady was lazy and and an idiot just as I had thought.
Annoying problem/issue #3.

Back to#2... since I couldn't even log onto my computer to surf the web, I decided to read my book. Hardly read 10 pages when one of my new bosses called me to him and had someone print off rules and regulations for me to read since 'I had nothing else to do' - his words, not mine. Message received. No reading in my new office. Major bummer since I enjoy reading at my desk when I have a break. Guess I won't be doing that anymore. *Sigh*
Annoying problem/issue #4.

Long story short for #2 and #4, I wasn’t able to access my computer until lunch time on Wednesday. I was SO bored! I read those rules and regulations, then went back and highlighted the important information and then even started writing some of it out on notebook paper. Can you tell how bored I was just sitting there starring at stupid rules and regulations I already know? Again - I just moved departments to (for now) do the same job I was already doing until I am trained on additional duties.
I got to work for about an hour before the system went down.
Annoying problem/issue #5.
Yep, now I couldn't work because the program we use to research wasn’t working. Great. Back to pretending to read rules and regulations and surfing the web. At least I had access to the web. Too bad one of my new bosses seems to walk around a lot.
And guess what? That program stayed down until around 9AM this morning.
Keep in mind, my new office is smaller then my old office and I only sit near 2 other people who are both very quiet. Time passes too slowly when you have nothing worthwhile to read and no one to talk to.
As of now, I miss my old office. I know getting a new job is an adjustment and I also know I'll get used to this new place. Just takes a little time. Assuming I can work all next week, it should go better for me.

I am thankful I still get to eat lunch with my friend Linda. She keeps me sane at work. What am I going to do when she is gone for 10 work days while on her cruise (starting on Thursday)?

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